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Lucas felt the warmth of the stiff orange plastic beneath his fingers, the familiar tingle that shot through his hands as he dribbled the ball rhythmically across the court. The steady pounding of the ball against the shiny court surface and the screams and cheers from the crowd filled his ears as sweat poured from his flushed face. His body was so tired, each limb like lead as he dribbled furiously towards the goal. His heart was pounding, blood rushing in his ears, each rhythm sending shooting pains through his tight, constricting chest. With Each second that slowly passed his chest became tighter and tighter, his breaths coming in shallow gasps. He looked up ahead, sweat dripping into his eyes as his limbs grew heavier and his chest more painful, ahead was two defenders coming towards him. He turned to find Nathan standing to the side waving his arms and shouting his name his face still twisted in a satisfying smirk as he called for the ball. Lucas looked back and forth between them, the screaming around him growing louder, the ball still pounding up and down on the floor. He struggled to draw another breath his throat closing as his heart pounded, each beat full of agony. He raised the ball to throw it to Nathan when the pain sharpened sending waves of dizziness crashing over him, he stumbled his lead like legs giving way as he slipped downwards his vision greying, his heart still pounding until the court darkened in front of him. He faltered his legs crumpling beneath him as he fell to the shiny wooden floor, his head hit the floor with a dull thud and the screaming stopped. Silence fell over the court as the ball rolled slowly across the floor, stopping at Nathan's feet. Then the screaming started again…

Nathan watched as Lucas dribbled quickly up the court, skilfully. At least he wasn't playing like he did in practise, he thought as he followed him up the court watching at sweat poured from him but he continued onwards. He wasn't going to let this feud between him and Lucas stop him winning. He caught up with him easily, his path was blocked by two defenders, he needed to pass. Keeping his eyes on Lucas whose energy seemed to be fading fast he manoeuvred into a space and shouted for the ball. He scowled at his brother as their gazes locked and he could see something was wrong. Lucas prepared to throw the ball but he was stumbling, Nathan noticed for the first time how pale he was, the sweat pouring from him, the pain written across his face, the next thing he knew Lucas's eyes rolled back into his head, he stumbled back, legs giving way and collapsed the floor in a heap. Nathan watched, stunned, as the ball rolled slowly over to him stopping at his feet. He looked back up from the ball and over to his brother who was lying still on the floor, eyes closed. The cheers and shouts had died down to a hush and Whitey had run from the bleachers over to the court followed by Haley, Karen, Peyton and Brooke…Nathan swallowed hard looking around him, he couldn't stop replaying that conversation over and over…

Why don't you just drop dead?

He started to walk slowly forward numbly, his mind almost separated from his body as his legs carried him slowly forward. His head spinning and his heart hammering he broke into a run. He barged through the small crowd forming around the fallen teen and made his way to the front where Whitey and Karen were kneeling, Karen with Lucas' head between her legs, crying softly and Whitey leaning near Lucas' mouth listening for any breath sounds…there was an agonising few seconds in which Nathan didn't a hear a word spoken only fuzzy muffled sounds as he kept his gaze fixated on Lucas, the words replaying over and over, getting louder and louder..


"He's not breathing." Whitey said in a hushed voice…

Nathan looked down at his brother again and swallowed…he needed to take it back, he wasn't going to let him die on him now.

"Somebody call 911…"

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