Hiya everyone! This is a strange little oneshot that I came up with after finishing my maths christmas test. (That test has since been burned, it was evil I tell you. Evil!) OK, it's a Kira/Athrun oneshot. (see what I mean about the maths test? Maths tests shouldn't make you feel romantic!) Anyway, here's the story.

I'm Sorry

Your attacks are brutal, and your voice, once so soft, is now harsh and pained. Why are you so bent on destroying me? Will it heal the wounds I've torn in your heart? Will it bring your friend back to you? Did I make you think that it will? If so, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, for every time I denied your offer to fight with you. I'm sorry that I always threw your words right back in your face. Why couldn't you understand, I had people to protect?

Now, will you kill me, or will I kill you? You've killed my friend, you've killed Tolle. Why? Do you want me to feel what you're going through now? Do you want me to hate you? Was your friend really worth this? Did he mean as much to you as I once did?

Do you remember those days? Do you remember what things were like when we were kids? I do. I remember how innocent you were back then. You once told me that you hated war. Look at you now, a soldier, a warrior. You act so strong. But I've seen it in your eyes. The child inside you is lost and crying. I hate seeing you broken like this, and I hate knowing that it's me and the army that I fight for that has shattered you so badly.

Even if you want me to hate you, I won't. Even though we're fighting to end each others lives, I can't hate you. I only wish I could've explained, I wish you would've listened. I wish I hadn't killed your friend. I wish I could stop you hurting. I can't blame you for killing me. Deep down, I know it's my fault. I've hurt you so much, I've sent you over the edge.

As I watch you fly away, my heart breaks. Even though it's by your hand I die, I wish I could've told you. I love you...and goodbye.