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"Felix!" Debra laughed as she gave him a slight push on his shoulder. He and everyone, sitting around the table, joined in the laughter. "That didn't really happen, did it?"

"Sure did," Felix slyly grinned at her. "I know it wasn't funny at the time, but the empty metal box really did fly back-and-forth in the wind tunnel like a yo-yo. Motor Ed was hit a few times in the head. Looking back at that mission with Kim and Ron, I can't help but laugh at the vision of Motor Ed being slapped silly." Debra giggled.

Kim, sitting on Monique's right, smiled at the memories. "That was a mission to remember. I was surprised later to find out Ed and Drakken were cousins." She frowned in thought. "I wonder what happened to Ed."

George leaned forward, elbows on the table. "Maybe he'd decided to toe the line and open a mechanic's shop," he smirked.

Scoffing, Kim waved away such a possibility, yet she amusedly smirked. "Get real. Ed? Toe the line? Seriously, he'll just say, 'Me? Toe the line? Seriously, Red, I'm not going to retire! Seriously!'" Everyone laughed at the image.

"Debbie!" a female voice attracted everyone's attention, and they saw Loretta approaching their table with two women just behind her. One was a tall blond wearing a light blue spaghetti-strap dress with a knee-length hem, and the other was an African-American wearing a simple green dress with her short black hair in cornwalls.

"Loretta!" Debra welcomed just before her dorm roommate stopped just besides her chair and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Suzie, Jasmine, hi!" she said to the other two women, who returned Debra's greeting.

Loretta beamed down at Debra. "I thought I'd stop by, Debbie! My team and I are sitting on a table on the other side of the dance floor. I'd saw you come in an hour ago, yet I figured I'd wait until you finished eating first before we came by."

Looking around the table, Loretta realized the others were looking at her pointedly. "Oh, introductions are called for." She grinned and turned to her companions. "Everyone, this is Suzie Monroe," she gestured to the blonde, "and Jasmine Steel," gesturing to the African-American.

Debra's roommate turned back to the table. "Suzie, Jasmine, this is Kim Possible," her finger pointed to Kim. "Monique Williams," pointing to Monique next. "You know Debra," patting Debra's shoulder. "This is Felix Renton," her hand waved to Felix. "The ponytail guy is George Castle," her finger pointing at George, "and the little mole rat is Rufus," she finished with a finger at Rufus.

Everyone exchanged polite greetings, before George spoke up. "You said 'team', Loretta. Since you've mentioned it, you, Suzie, and Jasmine reminded me something." His eyes went wide before snapping his fingers and pointing to Loretta. "Now I remember! You're on the girls' basketball team!"

"That's right," Suzie said with a grin.

Grinning, Loretta shook her head at the group. "When I first met you guys and gals through Debbie, I thought you would have recognized me. Took you this long to figure it out, eh?"

"Well, you can't expect everyone to identify you right off the starting gate, girlfriend," Monique called out. Her index finger aimed at Felix and George as her lips curled into a teasing lopsided grin. "These two and Ron are the sports freaks, not Kim and I."

"Hey!" Felix cried out, a bit perturbed, causing Kim and Monique to chuckled. "You can't expect us to remember every face in every sports team in Upperton U!" He faced Debra, who was grinning. "I'm surprised Debra didn't even tell us."

Debra shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I didn't think it was important. Besides," she narrowed her eyes and stabbed a finger into Felix's chest, "I thought you would recognize her, given how much you knew about the football team." She withdrew her finger and triumphantly smirked at her escort.

"Not entirely," Felix admitted with a sheepish grin.

Kim rose and walked over to stand between Monique and Debra. "Well, the important thing is that least we now know Loretta is a member of the basketball team."

Just then, George spotted something behind Kim that made him grin. Felix did the same, and when Monique and Debra saw what the guys saw, they too grinned slyly.

Kim didn't turn to see what her friends saw. She knew immediately whom it was coming up behind her before a large male hand went around the right side of her waist and another went up to hold her bare left shoulder. Her left hand went up to clasp the hand on her shoulder, and afterward, her lips curled into a warm, loving grin as her twinkling green eyes, without turning her head, rolled to the left to gaze into brown, loving eyes leaning slightly over her shoulder.

"Hi, beautiful," Ron whispered, his face looking like a man mesmerized.

"Hi there yourself, handsome," Kim softly spoke back. She could barely make out Ron's black suit with white shirt and black, bow tie. In response, Ron softly kissed her skin at the base of her neck and shoulder.

George smiled widely at the two lovebirds. "Do you two have any shame?" he ribbed

Turning her head to face her lover while maintaining eye contact, Kim replied. "Don't expect us to strip naked before you, Castle." Everyone laughed, while Kim and Ron chuckled before their lips connected for a quick smooch.

Sensing another person on her other side, Kim swiveled her head to find Ivy there. Ron's female friend was wearing a simple, long-sleeved black dress with a wide ankle-length skirt and black slipper shoes. Her short hair was nicely pinned up.

"Hi, Ivy," Kim acknowledged with a grin as she lowered her left hand and placed it over Ron's right hand on her waist.

Ivy looked up at the couple with an endearing grin. "Well, Ron found his steady date. I have to find mine."

Kim nodded toward the front of the ballroom. "Paul is with his friends at the front of the room, Ivy."

"Thanks, Kim," Ivy said with a grin. "I'll see you two on the dance floor." She strolled away toward the front of the room.

It was perfect timing that at that moment the speaker system blared with fast-pace, rock music.

Releasing his girlfriend before taking her right hand into his left, Ron gently pulled Kim toward the dance floor. "The Ron promised his hot girlfriend their first dance together for the evening, and he always keeps his promises."

Kim giggled, for this was Her Ron. "You got it, boyfriend of mine."

George waved a hand at Monique to follow him. "Come on, Monique! We can't just let Kim and Ron have all the fun alone!" he smiled. With that said, he rose from his seat and went onto the dance floor.

Monique stood up and went after George. "You better dance better than you did at DDR, Castle!"

Feeling the excitement, Debra bounded up and grabbed Felix's arm with both of hers. "Let's go, Felix!"

"What?" Felix said, feeling nervous. "No, no," he dismissed Debra with a wave. "I can't dance, Debra."

"Felix!" Debra was surprised at his refusal. "Just because you can't move your legs, doesn't mean you can't have any fun on the dance floor."

"She's right, Felix," Loretta chimed in.

Jasmine took a step to stand just behind the wheel-chaired man. "I know of a guy in my Chicago high school who was in a wheelchair. It didn't stop him from having fun on the dance floor. He'd do wheelies and other tricks with his wheelchair."

Loretta continued. "I bet you can do more interesting moves with this mechanized chair of yours than you could in a regular chair."

"Come on, Felix. Please," Debra pleaded. "I want to have my first dance of the ball with my escort." She could see Kim, Ron, George, and Monique were already dancing on the dance floor.

Looking up into Debra's gorgeous blue eyes, Felix's lips slowly turned into a grin. "Okay."

Gleefully pleased, Debra quickly kissed him on the cheek, just as Rufus leaped onto his lap. After that, he handled the joystick controller to slightly back-up the chair before rolling it forward toward the dance floor. As Debra tagged after him, she looked back to the other three girls. "Are you three joining us?"

Loretta broadly grinned as strolled/danced after her. "I'm with you, Debbie girl! Time to show you the Brown dance moves!"

Jasmine gladly joined them as well, while Suzie went back to the girls' basketball team's table to get the other members of the team to join in on the fun. Soon everyone was dancing together to beat of the music.

Many minutes later, after two more fast-pace songs and one slow song, Kim let Ivy have her time with Ron during a slow dance number. During the previous slow song, Kim and Ron had slow danced quite close, yet Ron and Ivy danced respectfully with one set of hands clasped together and her other hand on his shoulder and his other on her waist.

With the others taking a break from dancing for a moment, Kim danced alone besides Debra and Felix, who were slow dancing in lazy circles with her arms wrapped around his chest from behind as she bent over him. The petite gymnastic star occasionally glanced over at Ron and Ivy. What surprised her was when Ivy placed her head on his shoulder and Kim didn't even look peeved.

"Kim?" Debra asked quietly as Felix continued to dance them around. "I'm amazed you're okay with Ron dancing like that with other girls." Felix raised an eyebrow on this.

The redhead just grinned. "Debra, Ron and I trust each other. We both know we love each other and no one will ever get in the way of that. You think just because we're intimate means we can't dance or enjoy the company of other people we call friends?" Kim softly chuckled. "No. He can dance with other women and I with other men as long as we know we have each other."

Debra gave a soft grin. Kim and Ron truly did love and trust each other completely, knowing they could spend time with other people of the opposite sex without worrying about ruining their relationship. They knew they had plenty of time for themselves.

"So, if I dance with Ron, you're okay with it?" Debra's lips became impish.

Kim gently laughed yet waved a scolding finger at her. "Yes, you can dance with him, as long as you have no intentions to take him from me, you little minx." Debra winked back.

"What about me?" Felix asked, his tone obvious meant he was teasing.

"Oh, I'm sure you can dance with Kim," Debra responded as she leaned close to his head. "Monique? Loretta?" Her eyes sparkled as her lips drew closer to his ear to whisper softly that not even Kim could hear her. "Besides, I want to slow dance with you later… Just you and me."

Felix slightly turned his head to look into those sparkling blue eyes with his. "I look forward to it, Miss Tsuda."

"Likewise," Debra grinned before closing her eyes. She placed her cheek on the topside of his head and tightened her arms a bit. Felix grinned, enjoying her intimate embrace.

Kim smiled when Debra had drawn closer to Felix. It seemed that Debra might have a boyfriend before the Christmas Ball was over.

After their dance was over, Debra said she needed to go to the bathroom. Given Kim also wanted to head to the ladies' room, saying something about making sure her hair was okay, she accompanied Debra along with Monique. With Kim leading the way, the three ladies exited the ballroom through one of the side double-doors and headed toward the rear of the building. Once they reached the carpeted lobby-like hallway just behind the ballroom, Kim explained about this part of the building to the inexperienced Debra.

"The women's restroom is on this corner," she pointed to the lit sign showing the women's restroom in front of them, "while the men's restroom is on the other corner," her finger pointed to the corner at the other end of the rear hall. "In between is the elevator that goes down to the lower level and the entrance to the kitchen and service areas." Kim pointed to the closed double-doors.

Debra nodded in understanding. "This convention hall is quite remarkable. Very stylish and grand."

"Yep," Monique smiled at Debra's words. "It would have been magnificent if Middleton High had our," she gestured to Kim and herself, "senior prom here."

Kim chuckled. "Yeah, it would have made that night even more magical for Ron and I if the prom was held here." She smirked. "Just too bad this place is tad expensive for even Middleton High to afford renting for one night."

"Yeah, too bad," Monique agreed before strolling toward the entrance of the women's restroom as other women were entering and leaving it. "Come on you two. Let's freshen ourselves up so we can spend the rest of the night without worrying about toilet necessaries." Smiling, Kim and Debra followed the black girl, knowing she was right.

Several minutes later, being relieved and making sure their hair and make-up were okay, the three women emerged from the restroom. It was then that the lights, from the ceiling chandeliers and the wall-mounted lamps, were dimmed to a romantic soft glow.

"Ho, ho!" Monique exclaimed, being quite pleased. "It was about time they turned down the lights for the amorous atmosphere setting!"

"Really?" Debra questioned with amazement.

Kim's hand came to rest on Debra's arm as she delightfully clarified the sitch. "They do this every year. Sometime near 10 o'clock, they dim the lights to give a soft, romantic, holiday-feeling setting for the rest of the night." She pulled her friend's arm to follow her toward the ballroom's side doors, which they had exited earlier, with a merry Monique on their tails.

Debra drew in an astonished breath upon seeing the ballroom now. With the dimmer luminosity, the entire room did have a semi-romantic appearance now. The Christmas tree's lights were more noticeable as well as the tinsel and decorations lit by the lights. All the tables glowed from the candles. The new look certainly did have a holiday feel in it.

"I'm definitely going to enjoy the rest of the night,"Debra thought as her lips curled into an enchanting smile.

"Enjoying the party, Debbie?" Loretta asked as she walked up to Debra, who was chewing on a brownie at the buffet table. Hours after the start of the ball, there were still some desserts and punch left to snack on.

Debra smiled and nodded at her friend. "Hai! I'm definitely going to come to this ball every year until I graduate! It's quite fun!"

Loretta held up a hand and grinned. "You get no argument from me, Debbie. I too will try to attend all the Christmas Balls up until I graduate." She chuckled. "This ball is one of the main events of the school year, and after seeing it for the first time tonight, it's no wonder tickets for it go by fast once they are on sale."

Giving a snort/laugh, Debra held up a hand herself. "I believe it."

Eyeing the petite, nimble woman, the native New Yorker's lips quirked. "So why are you here at the dessert table and not out there," she thumbed toward the dance floor, "with your date?"

Head turning toward dance floor, Debra watched Felix moving around on his wheelchair with Monique sitting on his lap. Kim was dancing with George, while Ron was sitting at their table.

Debra slightly shrugged. "Well, we can't be together all the time, Loretta. Surely even you know it's nice to spend time with other people instead of being occupied every minute with one person. Besides…" Her lips devilishly grinned as her eyes once more focused on her friend. "I get to spend time with Felix alone later."

"Woo hoo!" Loretta excitedly said. "Go for it, Debbie girl!" Debra slightly blushed, for she was tickled at the thought.

Call on your angels
Come down to the city
Crowd around the big tree
All you strangers who know me
Bring your compassion
Your understanding
Lord how we need it
On this New York City Christmas

Loretta gave a fond grin upon hearing the lyrics, her head turning to watch the dancers move slowly to the music. "I'll always love this song," she whispered.

Titling her head sideways a bit, Debra paid attention to the lyrics, scrunching her face a bit. "New York Christmas?"

"Yep," the sophomore student answered, her grin still on her face. "I will always love my hometown, Deb. No matter where I go, I will always consider myself a New Yorker." She turned to face her roommate. "The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. The tree and decorations at Lincoln Center." Debra warmly grinned. "The shopping plazas and malls spruced to the nine with holiday decorations and such." Loretta nodded. "Oh yes, New York City has its own unique holiday spirit at this time of year." Her grin broadened. "And to top it, the lowering of the New Year ball at Times Square! Woo! Every year it's a grand party!"

After taking a bite of brownie, Debra raised an eyebrow. "If you love your hometown that much, Loretta, why didn't you attend any of the universities there? I read that New York City has some of the finest universities and colleges in the country."

"True," Loretta admitted. "I could have easily attended Cornell or even the New York State University of New York City." She shrugged and gave a small grin. "I'd wanted to check out life outside New York for a change. Spread my wings and fly." She pointed a finger at Debra. "Yet as I said, I will always be a New Yorker no matter where I go." Debra grinned and nodded in understanding.

Catching her attention, Debra peered around Loretta to look at something, and Loretta twisted her torso to see what caught her roomie's interest. Ron Stoppable had walked up to the DJ and spoke to him, and after a moment, the DJ grinned and spoke back, making Ron grin and give two thumbs up.

"What he's doing?" Debra curiously asked.

"Looks like he asked for a song request, Deb," Loretta replied as they watched Ron returne to their group's table. "Given what we've seen, we'll know soon enough what's the song he requested. The DJ usually will play a request a song or two down the line from the current selection being played."

Finishing her brownie, Debra heard the last notes of "New York Christmas" fade away and the dancers on the dance floor paused a bit. She saw as Monique got up from Felix's lap, said a few words to him, and went back to their table. Seeing he was now free, Debra turned to Loretta.

"I'm going to claim my date now," she grinned before heading toward the dance floor.

"I'm going to join you, Deb," Loretta said as she strolled after her.

On the dance floor, a slow-paced song was starting when Debra drew near her wheel-chaired escort. His face lit up upon seeing her. "Hi, there," she grinned at him. "You don't mind sharing this dance with me?"

Felix shook his head, still grinning. "Not at all."

He was pleasantly surprised when Debra sat on his lap and placed both legs over his left thigh before wrapping her arms around his neck. She placed her left cheek on his right shoulder and sighed. Soon she felt the chair moving around in lazy circles as the romantic melody lured her to close her eyes.

After awhile, her blue eyes opened to see Felix was watching her with a soft, warm expression. As the wheelchair moved about, Debra saw George was now dancing with Loretta and Kim was with Ron. Kim grinned and winked over Ron's shoulder at Debra, making the gymnastic athlete close her eyes again and smile contently at being this close with Felix.

She wished the song would last, but it wasn't long before it ended. Afterward, Debra opened her eyes and smiled up at Felix, who smiled back.

The opening notes of the next song made Debra realized it was a Christmas carol. She knew its lyrics well, and when the first words of the carol came out of the speakers, Debra sang along with it with joy.

Said the night wind to the little lamb,
"Do you see what I see?
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
Do you see what I see?
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite,
With a tail as big as a kite."

Felix's eyes went wide at first when Debra began singing, as she had said she wouldn't sing in public. The last time she sang fully was at the memorial service weeks ago. Yet here she was joyfully singing, and soon he was grinning in wonder at her, for her voice was beautiful.

Debra raised her head to fully look into Felix's eyes as she continued singing in synch with the lyrics.

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
"Do you hear what I hear?
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
Do you hear what I hear?
A song, a song high above the trees
With a voice as big as the the sea,
With a voice as big as the the sea."

Everyone on the dance floor as well as the entire room stopped in their tracks, for Debra's musical tones were spellbinding. The dance floor's occupants parted to allow Felix to glide into the center under the huge chandelier. Her heart swelling, Kim gripped Ron's hand and both smiled as they watched and listened to Debra. Grinning, George and Loretta stood side-by-side as they too watched and listened. Rufus and Monique, at the table, both sighed with warm grins. The same went for everyone else, for there wasn't a soul in the room Debra's voice hadn't touched.

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
"Do you know what I know?
In your palace warm, mighty king,
Do you know what I know?
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold-
Let us bring him silver and gold,
Let us bring him silver and gold."

Debra was aware that everyone was watching, but she didn't care. Her spirits soaring, she kept her focus on Felix, and she felt she was singing just for him.

Said the king to the people everywhere,
"Listen to what I say!
Pray for peace, people, everywhere,
Listen to what I say!
The Child, the Child sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light,
He will bring us goodness and light."

As her voice died down and the song ended, the entire room broke out in applause. It was thunderous. Some even whistled, while others hooted. Debra even saw Loretta clapping and nearly shouting, "Wooooo! Way to go, Debbie!"

Smiling, she returned her gaze to the man whose lap she was sitting on. Felix smiled and leaned over to whisper for her ears only. "That was very beautiful, Debra."

Feeling her cheeks blushing, Debra leaned forward to whisper back. "Thank you," she smiled.

Kim and Ron strolled up to them, hands still clasping, while George and Loretta approached Debra and Felix from behind.

"That was absolutely fabulous, Debra!" Kim beamed down at her younger friend.

"I say!" Loretta agreed. She placed a hand on Debra's left shoulder. "Deb, what made you decide to break your vow?"

Debra knew what she was asking. Giving a wisp of a grin, Debra slightly shrugged. "I just felt like singing in the spirit of the holidays. It felt…" Her lips slowly rose into a warm grin. "It felt right." Everyone grinned, and Debra felt Loretta squeeze her shoulder in support. It indeed felt right.

At that moment, the opening notes of the next song have started, and Ron perked up upon hearing it. Turning to his girlfriend, Ron gave a devil of a grin. "How about you and I give an encore performance to Debra's singing?"

Hearing the music, Kim's face lit up, and soon her lips curled into a sly grin of her own. "Let's, Mr. Stoppable." With that said, the pair faced each other, her right arm around his back, his left arm around her waist, and their other hands clasped together.

George immediately knew what the couple was going to do, so he gestured to Loretta, Felix, and Debra to back up. "Oh, this is going to be good!" he grinned. "Believe me, I've seen this last year, and I know they will need room."

There were no lyrics with the music being played, and it took a few moments for everyone to realize it was tango music – smooth tango music. On a particular note, Kim and Ron started their dance, feet and bodies superbly in synch with one another as they performed the tango. It wasn't long before everyone on the dance floor parted to the sides to give the dancing couple the room they needed. Like it was with Debra, everyone was captivated by what they saw.

At one point, Ron dipped Kim with his right leg bent and his left leg spread out. His left arm supported her weight as her head tilted over, her right hand holding on his left arm as her right leg stretched along his left leg and her left leg bent to help support her weight as she was dipped over. It was a quite a maneuver.

Blinking, Debra, Felix, and Loretta were stunned, while George smirked, his arms crossed as they watched Kim and Ron dance the tango smoothly without flaws under the large chandelier.

"Wow," Felix said at one point, too numb to say anything more, never taking his eyes off the dancing couple.

"You can say that again," Debra murmured, her right hand on her escort's chest. She too couldn't take her eyes off Kim and Ron.

"Wow," Felix said again.

As they danced together, Kim and Ron shared sensual looks with each other. Kim loved feeling her body pressed against his, and Ron in turn loved feeling her this way as well. The tango could allow them to be intimate in a way no other dance could.

Reaching a particular part of the dance, Kim slid her left leg up Ron's right leg and hooked her calf over his thigh as he dipped her slightly, holding onto her waist. Her right leg leaned down as Ron leaned down his left leg along side hers. Her emerald eyes held onto his chocolate eyes as he dipped her, and they both felt the electricity of the moment, and not only them, but also the audience felt it as well.

Nothing short of brilliance could describe Kim and Ron's dance. Just like their hearts, their bodies were perfectly in tune with one another. Total perfection.

Their tango ended as the last musical notes faded away, and the room broke out in applause once more. It wasn't huge compared to Debra's ovation, but it came a close second. Kim and Ron smiled and held hands together as they bowed and Ron gave a 'Booyah!' cheer, making his girlfriend laugh.

When the clapping died down, Kim and Ron walked over to their friends, where Debra nearly jumped off Felix's lap to give Kim a hug. "That was remarkable!" Debra exclaimed to Kim after breaking the hug. "You didn't say anything you two learning to dance the tango."

"I say," Felix said, looking up at Ron with admiration. "Ron man, you certainly have bon-diggity moves to the max!"

Ron wrapped an arm around Kim's waist. "You got it! The Ron and the Kim definitely have the moves!"

Giggling, Kim elbowed him lightly, yet he still kept on his Ron smile, feeling pleased and proud. Shaking her head at his antics, which were part of what she loved about him, Kim focused on Debra once more. "Well, Deb, as you know Ron and I took dance lessons between our freshman and sophomore years. A couple weeks before we returned to Upperton U, we opted to take tango lessons, and we found it was quite fun."

George cut in with a wicked grin on his face. "Oh, I'm sure it was quite fun for you two, particular how close you have to be with your partner physically." He pretended to cough behind his hand to drive home the point.

Ron's smile broadened. "That too, my roomie friend. That too. Oof!" The breath left him suddenly when Kim elbowed him a bit more forcefully than before.

"Ron!" Kim chided with a mock-irritated face, yet her green eyes twinkled. "Let's not go broadcasting our love life to the entire room now." Debra, Felix, Loretta, and George chuckled.

With his right index finger pointing at her, the blonde man smiled at her reassuringly, even though he knew she wasn't mad at him. "Will do, KP."

Seeing they were standing on the dance floor as other dancers were trying to dance around them, Felix gestured toward their table. "Maybe we should get off the dance floor and continue this conversation at our table? We're crowding the dance floor, and we're not dancing."

"Good idea, Felix," Kim agreed. "Let's go."

So they all left the dance floor and returned to their table, where an enthusiastic Monique welcomed Kim with a hug and gushed how much she enjoyed seeing them do the tango together. They all sat down around the table and talked away.

Yawning, a pink naked mole rat curled up on several sheets of paper napkins, before he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Yet two hands gently picked him up, disturbing him. "Sorry, Rufus," George softly spoke as he gently placed the little guy in the warm confines of the front breast pocket of his winter jacket, which he now wore. "Ron no doubt wants to spend the remainder of the ball alone with Kim, so since I'm heading back to the dorm, I'll take you back." Rufus didn't complain, for he just snuggled into the pocket and went to sleep.

George turned to the two African-American ladies, who also wore their winter coats and have their purses in hands. "Ready, ladies?" he asked with a small grin.

"You bet, Castle," Monique answered. "Let's leave this joint."

Loretta nodded with a grin. "I'm ready. Let's go."

As the ladies turned to face the front of the ballroom, George turned to dance floor one last time to watch Kim and Ron leisurely dancing together, her head on his shoulder and his face in her hair. The sight made him smile.

After Kim and Ron's spectacular tango dance, the gang had talked for some time, yet occasionally they had returned to the dance floor where they all boogied and slow danced to various songs. By the time midnight arrived, every person in the group had danced with every other. Debra had danced with Ron and George, both slow and fast paced. Loretta had gotten to dance with all the guys. Next to Kim, Monique was almost as great a dance partner with Ron, and she even came to enjoy dancing with George and Felix. Kim even slow danced with George and Felix, whom she sat on his lap.

It had been sometime close to midnight when the ballroom started to empty of attendees. Now it was close to 12:30 AM, and there were very few people left, mostly steady couples, for the DJ was playing mostly romantic, unhurried songs and music. Kim and Ron happened to be one of the couples as well as Ivy and her boyfriend Paul, and there was no doubt they would stay until the ball was officially closed at 1:00 AM.

Giving one final look at the loving couple, George turned and walked to catch up with Monique and Loretta. They strode pass many empty tables, some littered with napkins, empty plates, and cups. The convention hall's clean-up crew later in the day would have plenty of work to get the this room looking elegant again.

As the three reached the front-central double-doors, Monique looked outside into the lobby and frowned. "They're not out here either."

George was a bit puzzled. "Who's not out here?"

Monique turned to him. "Debbie and Felix. Remember, George, when we were on the dance floor minutes ago and when we turned back to our table, they were gone?"

The ponytail-haired man shrugged his shoulders. "I presumed they left. I see nothing wrong with that."

Loretta gave a devious grin. "Or maybe they just want to be alone together." Both Monique and George turned to her with wide eyes.

"Whoa!" George raised a finger in disbelief. "You mean Debra and Felix are…?" He trailed off, yet Loretta nodded in confirmation, still sporting that crafty grin. George's lips slowly grew into an amused grin and chuckled. "That lucky dog! I'm going to drill him for details."

"When?" Monique asked, still stunned, for this was first-time news for her.

The native New Yorker raised a hand to forestall any more questions. "All I know is this. According to Deb, this morning…" She chuckled and shook her head. "Or I should say yesterday morning, Felix had asked her whether she has an escort to the ball. Since she didn't, he'd offered to be her escort and she accepted." Her grin broadened. "So far as I know, tonight has been their first official date." With that said, Loretta strolled away toward the staircase, which would lead down to the building's front entrance.

Still chuckling, George followed Loretta's lead. "That lucky dog!" he muttered as he walked along.

Monique, still dazed, finally got her brain somewhat out of the fog to get her body to move. She trailed George, wondering when Felix and Debra ever thought of becoming boyfriend/girlfriend.

Back in the ballroom, Kim, watching over Ron's shoulder, saw Monique leave. Even from the distance, the redhead knew her best friend was thrown into a loop. Softly chuckling, Kim returned to place her cheek on her beau's shoulder as they continued moving together on the dance floor.

"What?" Ron softly asked upon hearing her laugh.

Kim whispered back. "It's Monique. She left in quite a shock. I saw Loretta say something to her and George. Both were shock, but George recovered and started laughing. I'm only guessing Loretta told them about Debra and Felix."

Ron softly chortled. Unlike George, Monique, and Loretta, Kim and Ron saw where Debra and Felix had went. It didn't take much to guess something was developing between the wheel-chaired engineer and the gymnastic athlete.

Hearing and feeling his gentle laugh, Kim smiled. "Well, I, for one, couldn't be happier for those two. Each has been alone for so long. I wish them the best in their relationship, Ron."

"Same here," Ron said before kissing the top of her head through her hair. "I hope they can find the love we have." He raised his head off her head, prompting Kim to do the same.

Gazing to each other's luminous eyes, they once again, as many times before, saw friendship, trust, and deep love in each other. Their eyes half closed as their heads drew closer, and once their lips closed over one another open-mouthed, they closed their eyes completely and just let their feelings go. They kissed with love and passion like there was no tomorrow.

After a couple of minutes, their lips parted, and they lovingly gazed at each other with warm smiles. Kim and Ron, their hearts full, softly smooched lips before resuming their dance, their heads returning to their previous positions. They, as well as the few other couples on the dance floor, were not aware of anything else.

Out in the right-side lobby hallway, not far from the entrance to the girl's restroom, two people sat alone, for there was not another soul around. They had taken their coats with them when they'd left the ballroom, and now the winter coats were hung over the back of his wheelchair. In the time since they left the ballroom, they sat together with her on his lap, cuddling and watching the night sky through one of the cathedral high windows. Despite the glow of the city lights and the moon, they could able to see some of the stars shining high above.

With her right arm around his neck, left hand on his chest, and her head laying on his left shoulder, Debra felt content and at peace. The soft music from the overhead speakers added to the tranquility, and she had welcomed his arms around her waist when she'd sat on his lap minutes ago.

Turning his head slightly from sky gazing, Felix looked at Debra and saw the small happy grin on her face as her blue eyes surveyed the night sky. He was pleased that she was so at ease being with him.

"Debra?" Felix spoke gently.

"Hmmm?" Debra hummed just as quietly while her eyes moved to lock onto his blue eyes.

"I'm just curious," Felix began, his left hand rubbing her stomach lightly. "What made you decide to become an astronomer? Even I know that the city lights in Japan would have swamped out the light of the stars."

Her lips curled into a warm smile as the memories came to the forefront of her mind. "You're right that the city lights in Japan would block the stars. There's hardly a place in Japan where one could see the stars clearly anymore.

"Roughly three years ago, after the end of the school year, my parents wanted us to take a vacation, so they'd decided to visit Hawaii. It was the first time I ever had visited Hawaii, and I enjoyed myself tremendously." Felix smiled at this.

"Well," she continued, "one place we went was to the top of Mauna Kae. It is the highest mountain peak in the entire Pacific, and home to one of the world's best astronomical observatories. It so happened we'd went in the afternoon, so we stayed to watch the sun set and the stars come out." Her eyes lowered as she sighed blissfully. "It was gorgeous! I'd never seen so many stars before until that night, and it was the first time I'd seen the band of the Milky Way across the sky." A giggle escaped her lips. "I was hooked." Felix chuckled, making her chuckle again in return. "After that night, I wanted to know more. Lucky for me, we had only one more day of our vacation before we returned to Japan. After we'd returned, I researched almost every piece of information I could get my hands on, from books, TV documentaries, online sources, etc., and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know. It wasn't long until I knew I wanted to be an astronomer."

Felix grinned. "I'm sure you're going to discover many interesting things out there in the universe, Debra."

"Thanks, Felix," Debra beamed. "I'm sure you will invent all kinds of fascinating stuff."

Giving a tiny shrug, Felix squeezed her waist a bit. "I like to follow in my mother's footsteps." With that said, they returned to the peaceful silence they had before while watching the sky.

A few minutes later, the opening musical notes of a recognizable carol started to play, and Debra, as she done a few hours ago in the ballroom, decided to sing along.

Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child.
Holy infant so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.

When she began to sing, Felix once more was taken by surprise, but it was only momentarily. Looking at her beautiful face, his heart was contracting in a way he not felt before, for hearing Debra's harmonious voice was always a joy. She raised her head from his shoulder to look into his eyes when she began the next verse.

Silent night, holy night,
Shepherds quake at the sight,
Glories stream from heaven afar,
Heavenly hosts sing alleluia;
Christ the Savior, is born!
Christ the Savior, is born!

At this moment, Debra really didn't care for anything else. All she wanted was to sing for this man's ears only as well as for herself.

Silent night, holy night,
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face,
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.
Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.

Drawing out the last word at the end of the song, Debra finished it in perfect tune with the music, leaving Felix grinning broadly in admiration as the final notes faded away. "You sing lovely, Debra," he whispered. "I think I will always love to hear you sing."

Feeling her cheeks blushing, Debra, lips in a wide grin, leaned over to touch her forehead to his and gazed into those tender sapphire eyes. "Flatterer," she faintly said, deeply pleased at his words.

As they look into each other's eyes, the couple gradually saw something that made them slowly drop their smiles and continue to gaze at each with hearts starting to race as they parted their foreheads. They couldn't take their eyes off each other, for they didn't want to.

"Debra?" Felix whispered, unsure if he was reading her expression correctly for what it was.

"Felix?" Debra replied just as softly, her heart beating and contracting in a way she hadn't felt before. She lowered her head halfway toward his shoulder, while still maintaining eye contact.

Lowering his head toward hers, he saw she wasn't pulling away, and as his eyes narrowed, so did hers. Their hearts beating rapidly, his lips were so close to hers when he stopped. He wanted to see if this was what she really wanted, yet when he saw her eyes for a second looking at his lips, he was convinced.

With their eyes slightly opened, Felix closed the remaining distance and gently kissed her. They exchanged small tender kisses, keeping their eyes glued to each other as their hearts raced. Stopping, they looked at each other and knew they really wanted it.

Opening their mouths, they closed their eyes and kissed each other fully. Hearts bursting, Felix tightened his arms around her waist, while she swung her left arm around his neck to hold him in place as their lips continued to press together. They moaned together, each didn't want to let go.

For Felix, he never felt anything like this before in his life. The feeling of her lips to his was consuming his mind, for he couldn't think of anything else but her.

For Debra, her mind reeled as she melted into him. His lips felt so good and right, that she felt like just sitting here with his lips on hers forever.

Even though it seemed like an eternity for the couple, only two minutes passed before their lips parted and they opened their eyes. Mouths opened, they breathed a bit heavily for a few moments, before their lips slowly curled up into full smiles as they gazed at each other.

"That was bon-diggity great," Felix whispered, leering at her.

Debra softly laughed as she lowered the back of her head onto his shoulder, keeping her eyes on his. "Oh, yes," she quietly said, eyes half-closed. "It was indeed great…" She moved her left hand around his neck to cup his right cheek and stroke it affectionately. "My boyfriend."

Felix felt like whooping in elation. He lowered his head closer to hers again as his face became sly. "Well, if I'm your boyfriend now, does this mean I can kiss you, as we had done, more often?"

"Oh, yes, Mr. Renton," Debra replied, her expression matching his. "I expect it once in a while." Her left hand moved behind his neck. "Like now," she softly purred before pulling his lips to hers.

As Debra and Felix kissed open-mouthed once again, quite passionately and enthusiastically, they blocked out everything else in the world and focused only on each other.

Through the window, high above the enthralled kissing couple, a star twinkled in the night sky, making it look fitting with the present feelings running around lately. It was, after all, the holiday season. 'Tis the season for joy, friendship, and even love.

Peace on Earth has come to all at Upperton University. Joy and peace to all, and to all, a good night.

The End

After-story A/Ns:

1) I truly enjoyed writing this one up! I'd spent every day for two weeks just adding more and more to it, and by the time I'd reached the ending, I had written up my second longest story, thus far, next to "Secrets Reveal". Woo! I certainly wanted the ending to be romantic and fluffy, and it felt wonderfully in tune with the joys and loves of the Holiday Season. :)

2) For anyone's information, 'kami' is Japanese for 'god', if the way Debra said it didn't give you the hint that is. ;p

3) As anyone may have guessed, Ron and Kim's formal, evening clothes were taken off Ivymae457's KP art "Thanks for the 20K" over at DeviantArt. Kim's make-up and hair also matches Ivy's art. When I was thinking of what Kim's evening gown would look like, I'd immediately thought of Ivy's art and I said, "Yes! That will fit!" :D

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So if you haven't read any of MrDrP's stories, I recommend them. He's currently writing a fantastic KP and Star Trek: The Next Generation story titled "Kim Possible: The Next Generation". I also recommend "It's a Ronderful Life" - MrDrP's KPtake of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life."Check out all his stories here at FF-dot-net. :) (MrDP is listed as one of my favorite authors in my Favorite Authors list, so go see my Favorite Authors list for a link to MrDrP's author profile and his stories.)

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So if anyone knew what the tango dance is and can picture it as Kim and Ron danced, good! Least you know what they were doing. I wanted Kim and Ron doing the tango, given it's the only dance that I know that looks sensual without being dirty. And sorry, I don't think 'Dirty Dancing' would fit for them to dance at a holiday ball. ;p :D

BTW, I placed a picture, of one dancing tango couple, in my digital art cover for "'Tis the Season" over at my DeviantArt page. So if you want to see what Kim and Ron were doing at one point in their tango dance, check out my cover art to see the dancing tango couple pic. Link to my DeviantArt page can be found in my author profile. :)

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So for those who have not recognized the Christmas songs played throughout this story, here they are in order of their appearance:

"Deck the Halls", "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" (choir singing), "Jingle Bell Rock", "Silver Bells", "Holly Jolly Christmas", "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", "New York Christmas" (song by Matchbox20), "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (Debra singing), and "Silent Night" (Debra singing).

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