Surrogate Angel – Part 2

Author: Alexandra Lucier

Disclaimer: All the angels in this story belong to Martha Williamson

Chapter 1

"Good morning, Andrew." Gloria greeted with a friendly smile as she strode through the kitchen doorway of their temporary apartment on assignment. Her friend Andrew stood over the stove, clearly struggling to make a simple, bacon-and-eggs breakfast. "Morning." He returned without looking up as he flipped a dish towel over one shoulder and removed some sizzling bacon from the frying pan onto a plate.

See, these two were actually angels, sent to earth by God to help people in need. To be specific, Gloria was what they call a caseworker, which meant she met and helped people with life-typical problems. Andrew, on the other hand, was an Angel of Death, which basically meant he helped with the transition between life and death for humans. He really enjoyed his job, but right now he had a different one.

"So, where's Monica?" Gloria inquired, referring to the third of the angelic trio, as she snatched a steaming piece of bacon for herself before placing the plate down on the kitchen table. Monica was Gloria's supervisor. She was also a caseworker and, right now, she was on a very special assignment. She was pregnant with the child of a young couple who lived just down the road. The Tuckers could never have children of their own and Monica had been assigned to be their surrogate mother for the time being.

Andrew sighed in an irritable manner and motioned to the bathroom with a slight roll of his eyes. His meaning was clear enough. Monica had been throwing up for days now with a serious case of morning sickness. Gloria nodded in understanding and sighed as well as if agreeing with him.

Andrew then dropped the dishtowel on the counter and moved over to the closed bathroom door. Raising a gentle fist to it, he knocked to check on his friend. "Monica? You okay in there?" He questioned with a knowing smirk in Gloria's direction. Inside, Monica stood leaning over the sink, a sickening feeling in her stomach assuring her that any minute now, she could easily loose her dinner from the night before. Oh, the joys of human form. She mused to herself as she placed a single hand on her five-months-pregnant belly. She was already showing a good deal, though it wasn't terribly obvious. Her stomach was swollen enough for anyone who already knew to see it easily.

"Yes, I'll be right out." She called back to her caring friend on the other side of the door, though a touch of illness still resided in the tone of her distinct, Irish lilt. Andrew nodded, even though he knew his friend couldn't see him through the door and turned back to Gloria with a helpless shrug. She shrugged as well in return and popped another piece of bacon in her mouth as she seated herself at the kitchen table with the rest of the food.

Just then, the bathroom door swung open and Monica stepped out again and headed straight for the table, where she sat next to her charge and dropped the weight of her head into her hands. She just felt horrible. But she knew that it would pass, as it always did after a little while. She was getting used to it. Sometimes she didn't even feel it anymore.

"Can I get you something?" Andrew ventured in a tender loving voice as he eyes his pregnant friend from where he still stood in the kitchen. She turned to him and flipped her long, auburn hair over her shoulder so she could see properly. "Yeah, coffee please." She replied in a voice so low that Andrew almost didn't hear her, but when he heard her request, he was quick to correct her on the matter. "Decaf." He conditioned as he reached over to grasp the coffee pot and poured her a cup. But this pushed Monica's buttons more than a little, as she then swiveled around in her chair to glare over at Andrew in the kitchen. "You want to live to see this baby?" She snapped irritably as she gestured to her growing belly meaningfully. Normally Andrew would have taken this personally, but his friend's raging hormones had been getting the better of her for weeks now. He simply rolled his eyes and ignored her outburst as he poured the coffee and carried it over to the table, where he then seated himself next to her, although he was sure to leave a decent distance between them.

"Oh, Monica don't forget, you have that doctor's appointment later this morning." Andrew reminded his friend as he scooped himself a slap of scrambled eggs. Monica nodded briefly as if he had been helpful, but he saw her roll her eyes when she thought he wasn't looking. But Gloria seemed interested, as she raised her eyebrows over her glasses in clear attention as she sipped her orange juice. "Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?" She ventured curiously as she placed her juice glass back down on the table in front of her and started on her own eggs.

But Monica shook her head. "No, Abby and Mike said they don't want to know until the baby's born." She replied before taking a bite of her bacon. Andrew was about to make some smart remark when Monica answered Gloria in a friendly manner instead of biting her head off like she did to him all the time, but he quickly thought better of it when he realized what that might bring up. "Well, do you want me to go with you?" He inquired instead, forcing his voice to stay at a calm, almost-loving tone. Monica glanced up from her plate and opened her mouth to retort sharply again, but Gloria was quick to save Andrew the blow.

"Um, no Andrew. You'd better stay here with me. Tess and Adam are coming over later, remember?" She recalled quickly and Andrew wasted no time in nodding in understanding until Monica looked away and then he mouthed a 'thank you' in Gloria's direction. She nodded and continued with her breakfast.

Tess and Adam were also angels and Monica's good friends. Tess was Monica's old supervisor and Adam was also an Angel of Death. As she thought on this, Monica suddenly realized that she hadn't told Adam she was pregnant yet and she would have to when he came over…she would also have to try a little harder to control her temper around Tess.