Aliens – Nerima Hive

Ranma ½ belongs To Rumiko Takahashi, Viz video and others. Aliens belongs to a host of movie companies, etcetera. Any other works belong to their respective people as well. I don't own any of this so just sit back and enjoy the tale, oh and don't sue me please that would be bad.

Authors Notes: This story is set just before the very end of the Ranma1/2 manga continuity and so it may contain spoilers of that content. It is also loosely based on the events that occurred in the Aliens vs. Predator movie also titled AvP.


Deep under the artic water the large black alien queen was alive. It could feel its primal motivation to seek out a breeding area impending upon it. It bestial intelligence sought purchase on the dark ocean floor and it began to walk. The creature walked and walked one horrible step after the next it moved with only one purpose to find hosts and propagate its young and perhaps, just perhaps a minor feeling of vengeance in its mind. Vengeance upon the entire human race.

The Alien Queen finished walking and found a spot, one that was thriving with life and hosts. Perhaps it was a new found respect for the dangers of humanity or instead a need to protect her soon to be newborn young, but the Queen did not prey on humanity on the first night that it landed. Instead she found some stray dogs and then dragged them to her the perfect spot, one where she could be safe and lay her eggs.

In the quiet of the night the alien queen encased the six live dogs into sticky web like substances and began building her new nest. The nest where her new brood would be born and thrive, right in the middle of the Nerima sewers.

Later on, Ranma Saotome was having what would almost be considered a good day. He hadn't been attacked and he hadn't been maletted, in fact he was walking to school with his fiancée and not a single insult was coming from his mouth. Plus, his mother's house would be fixed in a few weeks. Life was rather good that day. Ranma arrived at school and performed his regular scholarly activities for the day and was untroubled by anything at all. Perhaps it was just the universal yin and yang balancing out; because that was the last good day he had for quite some time…