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Ok, well this is a vampire fanfic. So if you dont like vampiers dont read this story )


Chapter Title

Save Me

It was Midnight, as the moon was in the sky and shadows played in the dark. A 18 year old Sakura was standing by the window

wating for him to come. "Where the hell is he" Sakura said as she tapped her foot on the ground. Sakura left the window

and walked over to her bed, she layed down to rest, after all it was 12pm at night. As she was laying down to rest she drifted

into a dream/flashback

"Mommy, Daddy are we their yet" asked a 6 year old Sakura Haruno. She was sitting in the back seat

of a car, with her parents in the front seat. "No hunny bee, were not their yet" said sakuras father. they

were driving back from a birthday party, it was around 8:00pm at night. They were driving on the road,

coming up to an inter section ( 4 way road ) they were just about to go through the inter section to the

other side when a 4x4 (truck) slamed into the side of the car . The mother was killed instintly. The car

went rolling, it stoped when it hit a tellphone poll. The car was crushed, the father died next after the mother.

Sakura ducked down, and covered her head. Sakura could here sirens in the distance. (by the way the car is upside

down) She tilted her head to look out the window and , saw a boy around her age runnig over to the car. When the

boy got over to the car he bent down to see if anyone was alive. He noticed a girl in the back seat. He gave her

a hand " take my hand" Sakura did what she was told and took his hand, which was quite cold. He pulled her out of

the car. "Please get my parents out of the car, please" she said. The boy looked at her with sadden eyes " your parents."

he said just above a wisper. she nodded "Their no longer with us" he said it in a sad way. She looked at him in

disbelief, shakeing her head vilontly crying at the same time. The boy pulled her into a hug, even he didnt no her

his parents died too so he new exactly how she felt. As he was holding her, Sakura was in so much shock, she fainted

in the boys arms. He looked down at her and thought 'I guess i cant leave her here. I no ill take her to that old castle'

he thought he heared the sirens getting closer. The boy picked her up bridel style and stood up, His wings came out

on his back ( hes a vampier) and he flew into the midnight sky.

Sakura woke up shaking with tears ready to fall and the tears did fall. Sasuke finaly got there and slid the window open and went into her

room. Sasuke looked over at her and saw that she was shaking , wait not only shaking but crying also. 'she must of had that dream again

he thought. he walked over to the bed side and sat down. He lifted his hand and put it on her shoulder. "hey did you have that dream again?"

Sasuke asked, she nodded. Sasuke was debating to hold her or not to

you morron get over there and hold her, she needs it right now

no, why would I do that its not like me, and who the HELL are you to tell me what to do morron

It will be like you when Im done with you , and if you dont go over their ill make you, morron

fine, fine dont be so pushy

He was just about to bring her in an embrace, when Sakura turned around and flung her self at Sasuke. Sakuras arms around Sasukes neck.

Sasuke stayed still in shock but after the shock he wraped his arms around her small fragile waist. Sakuras face pushed into his chest.

Ha, she did it first I didnt lose my reputaion

I cant belive im your in your fucking mind, why o why do I have to be with you, your so selfish, you wouldnt lose your reputaion for Sakura

mabey, whatever

Sakura stoped crying and pulled away from Sasuke. Sasuke was a bit sad with her out of the embrace and the lost of warmth.

"Sorry" Sakura said wiping the rest of her tears away "whatever" Sasuke said mono tone. Sakura friendly punched him in the gut.

"Shut-up baka" Sakura said giggling. Sasuke always new how to make a sitchewation better (i dont no how to spell sitchewation could some one help?)

Sakura looked at Sasuke "can I come with you to your headquarters? Please, pretty pretty please" Sakura wined "No" was his answer "No? why

Im here all alone at the castle and only see you at night, so you better give me a good reason" Sakura demaned "fine you can come, but when

we go through the gates tonight stay quite, Ill tell the boss tomorrow. Go get your bag" Sasuke said. Sakura squealed, Sasuke sighed. Sakura got up

throwing stuff in to a bag. 5 min. later, Sasuke was on the bed with his eyes closed. "ready" Sakura said. "Hn" Sasuke got up off the bed

and walked over to her. Sasuke picked her up bridel style just like when they were 6. Sakura squeked as he this. Sasuke walked over to the window

and opened it. Sasuke jumped out. Sakura screamed. "what are ya screaming for " Sasuke said a little confused Sakura bonked him on the head.

"Whatever" Sasuke said looking away form Sakura to see where he was flying to. Sakura fell asleep in Sasukes arms, head against his chest.

Sasuke looked down at the sleeping form in his arms and smirked.

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