A/N: This story idea came from ReganX , who gave a challenge called the Telepathic Challenge on a Stargate SG-1 forum and I took it. This story was entierly ReganX's idea, I am simply bringing it to life with words. I hope you enjoy.

Time period: Season 4 (where Jack and Sam knows about each other's feelings)


Chapter one

SG-1 arrives on a planet, designated P5X352, with lush forests, grass and plenty of plant life but no humans ,or aliens for that matter, anywhere to be found. the team moved out in search of any life and after walking through tall grass and being hit in the fave by tree branches he did nt see, Jack saw a building that looked like a pyramid, so he ordered his team to get down, incase it was a Gou'ld ship.

"Daniel, you see that?" Jack asked whispering trying to get the archeologest's attention.

"Yes, Jack. It's a Zygeret, not a pyrimad, or a Gou'd ship for that matter. Who ever built it probably made it look like a gou'ld mothership for protection."

"Like camafloge. Sam said getting in on the conversation.

"Basically, yeah." Daniel said looking at the Zygeret and not seeing anyone. "Jack, this place is deserted. No one has been to this temple in a long, long time." Daniel said as he and Teal'c stood to their feet.

"I agree with DanielJackson, O'neill. Now that I look at it, it does not appere to be a Gou'ld mothership."

"To whom?" Jack asked, confusing not only Daniel but Sam and Teal'c as well.

"To whom what?" Daniel asked wanting to get an answer out of the Colonel.

"You said this pyramed..."

"Zygeret." Daniel corrected interupting Jack

"Whatever. You said this thing was a temple. Whose temple is it?" Jack asked as he and Carter stood to their feet. Jack was now convinced that it wasn't a mothership but it didn't hurt to be on the safe side.

"Well, I don't know Jack. I'm to a pshyic and to find out whose temple it is, I'd have to get a closer look." Daniel replyed to Jack as he turned and walked towrds the building, with Teal'c behind him.

"Well, then by all means, Dr. Jackson, get a closer look." Jack said as he motioned for Cater to go ahead and he followed in close behind and then said in a low voice, "I hate it when he does things like this."

"What prove you wrong, sir?" Sam asked in an equally low whisper with a smile on her face.

"Well, that and the way he goes off by himself to get a closer look." Jack said and was going to say somethign else but they were now at the mouth of the Zygeret and Daniel looked surprised when he saw the door open.

"Daniel is there a problem?" Jack asked when he saw Daniel's face.

"No, it's just that this door should be shut."

"It apperes there was a battle here, DanielJackson." Teal'c said pointing out how the pieces of the door looked like they were hit with staff weapons.

Jack armed himself with his P-90 and Sam did the same as they went in, followed by Teal'c with his Staff weapon and Daniel with his berreta. Once the room was cleared, which took all of three minutes becuase it wasn't very big, Daniel went to the walls where he was attracted by the writting on the wall and a machine of some sort attracted Sam's attention in the opposet direction.

"well, Teal'c I think they've found something." Jack said as he walked over to Sam, who was all ready on her knees looking at the outside of the device.

"Why'd you find Carter?"

"I don't know Sir." Sam replyed not taking her eys off of the device. It was about three feet high, blue in color and cylander in shape. On top it had flat blades that looked like they were able to spin around the cylander device.

"Jack, Maybe there markings will tell us what that device is. Often, markings are left behind to tell future generations what the techonlogy is or was and what it did or was suppose to do."

"Can you translate it DanielJackson?" Teal'c asked from his position by the doorway.

"Maybe, but it might take awhile."

"All right Teal'c you stay with Daniel, Carter you come with me to radio in to General Hammond." Jack said as he stood up but Sam stopped him.

"Sir, maybe I should stay here and try to figure out what this thing is. Maybe I can help Daniel move quicker."

Jack thought a moment and then said, "Fine, you stay with Daniel and Teal'c comes with me but if anything weird happens radio me."

"What's you're definition of weird?" Daniel asked not looking away from the wrttings on the wall.

"Hit him for me will you?" Jack asked sam, who had a smile on her face as she said, "Will do sir." and then Jack and Teal'c walked away.

"You think you know what that is?" Daniel asked.

"no, haven't any idea but it looks really cool. I wonder what would happen if I do this." Sam said as she flipped a switch on the left side of the cylinder and pushed a square marching into the cylinder. Suddenly the flat blades began to spin, slowly at first but pretty soon they picked up speed and the cylinder changed colors from blue, to red to green.

"You figure anythign out yet Sam?" Daniel asked a few minutes after she had said she didn't know what it was. A second later Daniel heard a thump on the ground and when he turned around he found Sam lying on the ground, unconcous and the device activated. Daniel ran to Sam, pulled her body away from the device and hurriedly flipped the switch on the left hand side. The flat blades that had been spinning quickly, slowed down until they finally stopped.

Daniel walked back over to Sam, checked her pulse and found she was alive which he was thankful for but all the same he radioed Jack.

A/N: Okay here is the first chapter to Telepathic. I hope you've enjoyed it. Reviews are accepted and wanted but please no flames. Sorry to end it like that but I couldn't think of how else to end it.