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Sam, Jack and Daniel walked into the infermary and found Teal'c and General Hammond waiting for them with Janet and when Sam made eye contact with her friend, she didn't know if she liked the look on her face.

"What's up Doc?" Jack asked, unintntionaly doing an impersonation of Bugs Bunny.

"Well Sirs, it seems that Sam's brain is working over time." Janet said showing everyone the results of the tests that she had done, "Her Temporal Lobe, which in a normal human brain is in charge of associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech, has a small magnetic feild around it."

"What does that mean?" Sam asked.

"I'm not exactly sure what it means, Sam." Janet said, "To tell the truth, what I'm about to say sounds alittle crazy."

"I think we can handel crazy, Doctor." Daniel said "I mean look at our lives."

"True." Janet said.

"Out with it Doctor." General Hammond said.

"Sirs, I think Sam is telepathic." Janet said, "I believe that this magnetic field around this part of her brain in enhancing her sences and is allowing her to read the thougts of others."

Sam had heared everything Janet had said but she stopped listening after that for her head began to pound harder than before. She was standing next to Jack and when she began to loose her balance he caught her and set her back on her feet.

"Carter, you ok?" He asked holding on to her shoulders firmly until he knew that she was all right.

"Yea, I think I just need to sit down for a sec." Sam said as Jack and Janet lead her to a bed she could sit on. Once she sat down her hands went straight to her head.

"What' wrong Sam?" Janett said as she began checking Sam.

"My head hurts like hell!" Sam said and suddenly she began to hear thoughts from everyone around her but they were coming at her so fast and loud that she couldn't hear herself think yet alone try and conentrate and make out the incoming thoughts."Get out of my head!" Sam screemed at the "voices" that were causing her this pain.

Janett, seeing that her friend was in a lot of pain as she laid down on the bed, rolling back and forth trying to deal with the pain, sudated Sam and then faced the others for the questions that they may have.

"What happened?" Jack asked looking at Sam.

"My guess is as good as anyones but since she has this new power, my guess is that she was loosing control."

"How long with this telepathy last, Doctor?" General Hammond said.

"Its temporary. Nothing about this is perminate.The field is beginning to break down but not at a fast rate. Sam will need a secluded place where she can go to relax and not be bothered by other people's thoughts."

"Doc, Sam said she couldn't read my mind." Jack said informing Janett, "Any idea why?"

"Well maybe its because of the gene that you carry." Daniel said.

"The gene?" Jack asked confused but not about what the gene was. No he knew that much. He just didn't know why the gene would affect stuff like this.

"Yeah, why not." Daniel asked. "I mean because of the gene your able to activate stuff created by the ancients. Why not be immune to something too."

"Colonel it is possable." Janett said, "But why do you bring that up?"

"I was thinking..."

"You think?"

"Shut up Daniel." Jack said and then turned to Janett and continued, "If she can't read my mind,and she needs some place to relax, why don't I take her down to my cabin." Jack then looked at General Hammond and said, "If that is all right with you sir."

"Yes, that's fine Colonel. SG-1 is due for some R and R. So go ahead. You leave as soon as Dr. Frasier gives you the go." General Hammond said leaving the infermary.

Jack told Janett to tell him when Sam woke up and she said she would and so when he and, Daniel and Teal'c left after the General did, Teal'c looked at Jack and said, "Would you care to join us as we continue with the movies?"

"Sure, Teal'c." Jack replied, "Which one are you on?"

"Revenge of the sith." Daniel replied.

"Goodie."Jack said.

The rest of the way was silent as they all thought about the day.

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