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A/N: Okay, this is a poem I wrote a LONG time ago about a true, personal event. As you will be able to tell once reading it, it struck me pretty hard. And thus, I wrote a poem about it. And I discovered once finishing it that it sounded a lot like BB writing to Raven. So there.

Some of you may actuallyrecognize thispoem, as I posted it about three months ago. However, I took it down due to emotional reasons. I finally decided to repost it for you guys to read after getting a number of e-mails asking me to do so. So, here you go. My sad, emotional, loving poem, "Too Late".


Too Late

Too late, I realized that I would miss you

Too late, I knew just what it meant

Too late, I found myself lost and afraid

With no one to guide my way

Too late, I found what I meant to you

Too late, you found what you meant to me

To you, I was love incarnate

To me, you were the entire world over

Now it is too late for us both

It seemed by fate, we two were betrothed

And yet it was not fate that ripped us apart

But the sorrow and weakness

Of my bleeding heart

We were as the yin and the yang

So different, and yet still the same

The sun and the moon used to describe us

Together forever, till one failed to rise

Too late, I realized what I had done

Too late, I caused the moon to crash down

And thus caused no rise of the sun

Destroying your hopes and your dreams

So different, and yet so alike

I was the joker, the optimist

You were the dark, quiet and withdrawn

And yet we were the same in more ways than one

Too late, I realize the pain you felt

Too late, I feel the suffering and sorrow

I wanted to always be there,

I wanted to heal the wounds that you bear

And yet it was I that forced us apart

I was the one who said good-bye

I was the one who broke your heart

and you died right then and there

You were always there for me,

to help me when I was down

You were always there for me,

To fix my broken frown

And I wanted to always be there for you,

To show you the world, pure and true

I wanted to be the light, leading your way,

Guiding you to never go astray

Too late, I realized what this meant for us

We are separate, and our feelings are dust

Too late, I realized what I had done

I destroyed our love, and now you are gone

So many things are left unsaid

I wish I could have a second chance

I never expressed my true feelings for you

I never even got to say good-bye

I saw more of your emotions

Than you thought you showed

But I learned more from the ones I DIDN'T see,

than from the ones that I did

Too late, I thought about us broken

Never together, never to be

Alone in a world without any light

Only darkness surrounds us, only the night

The pain cannot end, nor will it ever

Until the day we are once again together

But until that day I wish to say

I love you, Raven. And I always will.

Too late, I realized the most important lesson of all

The lesson that leads so many to fall

The lesson that leaves so many to long:

You don't know what you have, till it's gone. . .

I will always love you, Raven.

A/N: Well, hope you liked it. Also hoping it didn't make you cry! Consider yourselves lucky that I actually re-posted this.

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