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"Its locked!" Lucas said pulling at the doorknob to Professor Zs office. "Its NOT locked Lucas, Professor Z doesn't even know how to lock this door," Josie snapped, rolling her eyes. She placed the project that they were TRYING to hand in on the ground and put her hand on the knob, pushing it open, "Push, Lucas, not pull." All lights were off as the pair walked in. "That's odd..." Lucas said, "He's not here."

"Lucas," Josie sighed, " What have we learned about your power of observation? He said he would be here." The pair walked in further, looking around. "Maybe he's in the library?"

"Why would he be there, Josie HONESTLY," Lucas said, imitating his friend, "OW!OW!" Josie punched him in the arm and head, grabbing him by the wrist into the abandoned hall and towards the library.

Josie stared in awe at the library. The two levels were connected by a rickety staircase, and the second floor wrapped halfway around the room. A huge fireplace covered a piece of the wall, while everything around it was books, old and new. "Woah," Josie said, flopping down in one of the plush chairs that sat in the library, "I had no idea we even HAD a library."

"Please," Lucas laughed, walking over to the fireplace, touching the carved mantle piece, " An old historic place like Black Hole?"

"Well he's not here," Josie said getting up and tapping Lucas on the head, "Lets go." She stopped halfway through the doors. A closet caught her attention and it was weird because its like something was pulling her toward it. "Josie? Josie? Josie!" Lucas said following her.

"I am getting a vibe. A weird one. I'm serious," Josie said shakily, opening the door. They were hit by a wall of dust.

"Seeeee, nothing, no one," Lucas said. Without warning, in a blink of white light, the two dissapeared.

Proffesor Z hopped out from behind a desk on the second floor, "Boo!". He looked around the empty library. "Uhhhhh… Josie? Lucas? Guys?"

End Chapter 1

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