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Christmas time was coming around in the lands Narnia once again. It had been over a year now since Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan had been crowned in Cair Paravel.

The ground was blanketed in white, soft snow and winter seemed so much more innocent than it had been when the White Witch dominated the country.

So one day, while Lucy was preparing to decorate the halls with everyone, she decided she'd like to take a break and have a walk with Mr. Tumnus. She found that over the year, she did not spend enough time with her dearest friend, so whenever the opportunity came, she took it in an instant.

She picked up her skirts (so as not to trip on them) and she ran around the castle looking for him.

After searching in every possible room she finally spotted him in the kitchen area.

He was chatting with Mr. Beaver and they were helping the others with a fine banquet.

"Mr. Tumnus!" Lucy cried happily, running over to embrace him.

The faun laughed and returned the hug. "Hello, my little queen!" he replied. "How are you today on this wonderful snowy evening?" he asked, taking her hands and squeezing them lightly. Lucy grinned. "I came to ask if you'd like to take a walk with me out in the snow." She replied, with eyes hopeful.

A slight disappointed expression came to the faun's face. "Oh, Lucy, I'd want nothing more…but I have to finish with-"

"Nothing. You don't have to finish anything." Mr. Beaver interjected with a chuckle.

Mr. Tumnus smiled. "Really? Are you sure?"

"If the queen wants a walk, my dear friend, you had better do as you're told." He said with a laugh.

Lucy giggled and smiled up at the faun. "Well, I guess its settled then." Tumnus replied.

Then with a joking smile he stated. "Will you take my arm, Daughter of Eve?"

The pair had been walking for some time a few miles away from the castle. They were having a wonderful time, talking about the past year and telling jokes.

"Mr. Tumnus?"


"Have you ever had a snowball fight?" The young girl asked suddenly.

Tumnus' brow furrowed in confusion. "Snowball fight?…What is tha-"

Suddenly he felt snow pelt him in the side and he let out a little shriek.

Lucy laughed at his reaction.

"Oh, I see!" the faun replied, his tone filled with mirth.

He picked up a pile of snow and did his best to make his first snowball.

And so, for awhile, the two friends played the game, having such fun.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere there came a distant sound of pitter pattering in the snow.

"What's that noise?" Lucy asked, stopping their playing and listening intently to her surroundings. Tumnus stopped his laughing and his ears suddenly flickered , much like a deer does when it knows it's in danger.

He instinctively held Lucy's hand, ready to protect her if need be.

The little girl looked up at him in slight fear as her heart began to pound against her chest. "Mr. Tumnus? What is it?" She stared in concern at his tense posture and noticed that whatever the noise was, it was coming closer.

Suddenly, not two yards away, a pair of wolves came bounding through the trees. Their eyes reflected the light of the moon and they bared their teeth and snarled.

"Lucy! Run!" Tumnus cried.

The little queen did as she was told, pure panic began to settle in her nerves.

"Kill her!" She heard one of them growl.

One of them was gaining on her quickly and she made the mistake of looking back, only to see it was right behind her.

She screamed in fright. Just one pounce and she would be done for.

Then, to her misfortune, she came to a ravine in the forest. Even if she tried to turn around, the wolf would surely take her.

She met the wolf face to face. It bared its yellow fangs and saliva dripped from its mouth.

"How does it feel to stare evil in the eye, Daughter of Eve?" It barked.

Lucy turned back to the ravine in fear. With no where else to go, she had to think of something fast.

"I promise to make your death quick…and almost painless, your majesty." the wolf mocked. Time seemed to slow down as the beast made to kill her. Lucy fell down to the ground on instinct and the wolf flew over her and caught her dress with its claws. It began to fall in the gaping hole of the forest, taking Lucy down with it.

Lucy grabbed a nearby root with one hand and held on for dear life.

Using all of her strength, she managed to pull herself up. Her dress began tearing and the wolf's eyes widened. As the last threads broke, the wolf gave a howl and plummeted to his death.

Lucy breathed heavily, not taking in what had just happened. She had nearly been-

"Mr. Tumnus." She whispered. The hair rose on her neck as the events that just took place played back in her mind. She got up immediately and retraced her steps while sprinting.

Fear for her best friend began to take over any logical thoughts. There had been another wolf. That's all she could think about.

"Mr. Tumnus!" she screamed.

She ran around the wood, calling his name repeatedly, beginning to feel exhausted.

Then, suddenly, to her horror, she spotted him.

He lay in the snow, unmoving and silent.

"No…No…"Lucy cried, tears welling up in her eyes. She ran to his broken form and gasped at the extent of his injuries.

His chest and neck had been torn and his legs were crimson and the once pure snow was now scarlet with his blood.

"No…Mr. Tumnus." Lucy choked. Tears flooded her eyes and she moved to touch his pale face, fearing he was dead.

"You can't die. You can't die!" She broke down, feeling as if her heart had been shattered.

She laid her head on the faun's chest and shook him hard.

"I need you!" She wept.

"Lucy…dear heart…are you alright?"

The little girl looked up in surprise to see Mr. Tumnus staring weakly up at her. She found she had no words to speak and she could only stare down at him and sob more.

'The cordial' The thought suddenly struck her. She wiped her nose with her sleeve and reached into her pocket. Whatever hope was left in her soul was instantly drained for the bottle was nowhere to be found. She realized it was still back at the castle.

"Oh, Mr. Tumnus, the cordial is at Cair Paravel." She cried, more tears began falling down her face.

"Lucy…" It was increasingly difficult for Tumnus to speak. "The castle's not...not a mile away. If-"

"No! I don't want to leave you." Lucy interjected, hugging him close and clutching his scarf to her face.

"It's the …only way, love." Tumnus breathed.

"You…have to be…brave."

Lucy only cried harder, unable to break her hold on the faun. She had to be brave. The thought screamed in her mind. If she ran non-stop-

"I'll be right back, Mr. Tumnus." She promised, kissing his forehead, lightly.

"Good girl." Tumnus replied, glad that she was listening to him.

With one last hug, Lucy ran with every ounce of strength she had, knowing that Tumnus' life depended on it.

The faun felt hot tears slide down his face as he lay on the ground in pain. He knew that he'd never see the dear sweet face of Lucy again. He had sent her on an impossible mission in hopes of not dying in front of her; for he knew it would be to much for the little child to bare.


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