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The whole castle was filled with excitement upon hearing that Tumnus was going to be just fine. Lucy had announced what had happened with such love and spirit that soon everyone who was listening felt overjoyed.

"Shall we have a dance in honor of our dear friend, Tumnus and our merry hearts?" Peter spoke boldly, sounding more and more like a King.

Everyone cheered excitedly as Cair Paravel's Musicians began a light-hearted tune. Animals, creatures and humans alike danced around with delight. The children often ran dances for special occasions, and on such a glorious Christmas morning, including the faun's miraculous recovery, it seemed like the perfect thing to do.

Lucy quietly slipped away and returned to Tumnus' room. Dances were one of her most favorite events, but there was something or rather someone who was far more wonderful, and she did not like the idea of him being alone while everyone else was engaging in fun.

"They're having a jolly good time down there." Lucy giggled as she entered the room. Tumnus, who of course was still in bed, lit up to see the little queen glowing with happiness. "I've told them everything about last night! Peter's started a ball of sorts."

Tumnus smiled and began to prop himself up against the headboard as best he could.

"And may I ask, my little queen, why are you not down there with them enjoying yourself as well?"

Lucy grinned at his comment and jumped up on the bed. "Well…because than I wouldn't get to be here with my best friend. He would've been awful lonesome." She replied.

Tumnus chuckled, "Oh, I'm sure your friend will be just fine alone for a little while."

Lucy smiled brightly, following along with Tumnus' little game.

"No." She started, shaking her head. "He just tries to cover up his loneliness to make sure I'm happy." She shook her finger, slightly imitating how her mother used to scold.

Tumnus blushed and scratched his head. "Perhaps…Perhaps." he said with a bashful smile.

"Silly faun!" Lucy teased as she threw her arms around him. Tumnus was quite caught of guard, but quickly returned the hug soon after. "My dear one, you are to good to me." he said softly before Lucy pulled away.

"What ever do you mean, Mr. Tumnus?" She questioned in confusion. "Don't talk in such a way."

The faun looked down sheepishly, suddenly finding the sheets fascinating. "I'm sorry…" He stammered.

Lucy felt an awkward moment pass between them so she changed the subject. There was no need to ask him to many questions all at once.

"You'll always be the most wonderful friend I'll ever have." She started, causing Tumnus to look up again. "Maybe if this castle ever gets to boring to me, I'll come live with you!" She added, causing Tumnus to go into a relapse of coughing fits. After his initial shock of her words, he chuckled lightly and patted her head. "No….No ,dear one. When you grow up, I'm sure they'll be many young suitors at your door, and they'll all be eager to get to know Queen Lucy the Valiant...after that you'll find that I'm just a boring old goat and one of them will live with you here." He replied.

It was odd…there was a sense of sadness as he spoke the words. Perhaps it was a realization that in the later years to come he would not see his dear little friend as often as now…for whatever the reason, it lingered a bit on his heart.

Lucy wrinkled her nose up in disgust. She did not take to any body…at least not like that. She could always remember in school that the boys were mean, dirty little blighters that chased little girls like her around on the playground.

"I don't think so, Mr.Tumnus." She stated simply, causing the faun to smile.

"Why don't we discuss some other things." Lucy started, wanting to talk about anything but courting and suitors. "Like, what would you like to eat?"

Tumnus nodded. "Now that is a splendid idea!" He replied.

And so, the rest of the afternoon was spent drinking tea and eating scrumptious plates of sardines, toast, and warm hot chocolate, and talking about what they would do once Tumnus was fully healed. Lucy could now be perfectly content in knowing that she could grow up and have such a wonderful friend to help her along the way.

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