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Nicole slammed the door of her car in the parking lot. It was very quiet, so quiet it was scary. All that was heard was the sound of her heals tapping against the floor as she quickly walked towards the elevator. Suddenly out of nowhere Nicole heard a SLAM and a BEEP, she violently spun around.

"Hey, Nic", said Jess out of nowhere just as she locked her car.

"Oh, it's just you", Nicole responded relieved, her heart still racing out of shock.

"Yeah, sorry to disappoint you", Jess answered

"No, it's just 'Mondrick Case' still leaves me a little paranoid, I guess I'm just tired, I'll get over it", Nicole assured her as they stepped into the elevator.

"That case wiped us all out", said Jess.

"But there's nothing that can make a girl feel better than a night with her man. What's up with you and Colin anyway?" Nicole wondered.

"It's going great but he's going away again" Jess told her.

"When?" asked Nicole

"Tonight", Jess added. They finally reached their floor and both got out of the elevator. They headed straight for some coffee where they saw Antonio pouring himself a cup too. They greeted each other with a bunch of 'hey's. There wasn't much time to discuss anyone's personal life further because Pollock had just walked towards them.

"Happy hour is over agents, it's time to get to work." Pollock announced "follow me". The agents did as they were told. Pollock lightly tossed two folders on the table, a picture of a woman on each one. "Sandra Manice, 33, Emily Diller, 21 both kidnapped, as of early this morning, probably by the same person, the cases seem to be interconnected. I need details." He said to them. He suddenly stared at Jess.

"Umm … sir what are you doing?" asked Jess

"Waiting for a vision, Mastriani." Pollock responded.

"Listen, sir, I have already explained," she tried to keep calm, "that's not exactly how it wor-" Suddenly Jess was thrown into a vision …

A hand wearing a black glove holding a crown covered in jewels. A balcony came into view. The crown was dropped off the balcony. The crown shattered and turned into blood. Three women watch terrified. One woman disappears, the second one starts to run and the third just stands there horrified!

"That's not exactly how what, Mastriani?" asked Pollock still staring at Jess but now with a little grin. Jess just stood there puzzled, trying to readapt to the real world.

"Jess, wadja' see?" Nicole wondered.