I wrote this story in my free time, and it turned out better than I thought it would. I've had this idea in my head for a really long time, so I'm quite pleased that I finally have it written down. I have the first six chapters written out, working on the seventh.

This story takes place four years after the Titans have disbanded and after a certain accident has happened. The main character is a 19 year old Beast Boy, though his name is never really mentioned except for in flashbacks. It's a lot of angst mixed with romance, one of my favorite kind of fics! I'm not really into introducing new characters, but I've made my own, coming up in the third chapter. So read and review!

A crystal clear teardrop plunged into the dark water below. Another dropped onto a nearby stone and slid to the ground, only to be washed away by the slow, dreary tide. The producer of the tears looked out at the sea, out to the city which was one great, now fallen to the darkness of evil. Slowly, the memories crawled back into his mind. He tried to stop them, but they were too powerful to forget.


"Raven!" the changeling called, running through the corridors of the T-shaped tower. "Oh, Raven!" he called in a humorous manner. He was looking for her, racing through the tower. He abruptly bumped into something.

"Ow," the empath mumbled, rubbing her head.

"Raven! Heh, heh, whoops . . . I've been looking for you!" the green boy grinned.

"I know," she grumbled in false anger. "What do you want?"

"Uh, well, heh, um, uh, er, duh . . ."

"What?" she growled in fake annoyance.

"I wanted to tell you something . . ."

"Okay . . . what is it then?"

"It's been on my mind . . ."


"Well, this is really hard to say . . ."

"Just say it already!"

"Raven, I think I lo—" He saw something flicker across her eyes. The alarm sounded.

-End Flashback-

Painfully, he slammed back into reality. No, he thought, bring me back. Leave me in my memories. More tears escaped from his devastated green eyes. Please, he begged, don't let me stay in reality. Back in his memories, he was safe, away from all the pain and agony in the world. That day, the day it happened, he never got to finish his sentence. He never told her that he —— but it didn't matter now. Nothing mattered now.

But it did matter. What had flickered across her eyes that day? Could it have been emotion? Sadness? Pity? Sympathy? Could it have been love?

He would never know. So much raging emotion had gone through him that day, he remained numb ever since. Why! he screamed in his mind, and let himself slip into another memory.


"What's the trouble?" the half-robot asked quickly as he ran into the main room, followed by a flying alien, a half demon, and a green changeling. The Boy Wonder looked up from the computer.

"It's Red X."

-End Flashback-

No, no! he screamed in his thoughts. No . . .

No matter what, the pain always returned. No matter what, he always found himself back in reality, his cold, harsh, distant companion.

It had been four years since he began feeling this way, looking for any way to escape the pain. Four long, agonizing years, with so many more to come. He didn't believe he could continue with a life without ––– there was just no hope left. Nothingness had become his closest friend, all he had left.

A life without love was unbearable, and a life without her was impossible.

His long green hair fell into his eyes as he gritted his teeth, trying to fight back another memory.


"Titans, GO!"

The green boy morphed into a tiger as the empath summoned forth her inner strength: "Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" The alien fired up her powerful green energy balls while the half robot fired up the sonic cannon built directly into him. The leader pulled a handful of weapons out of his belt and readied for battle.

The masked criminal dropped from a tree.

"Well, well. Very impressive."

-End Flashback-

He tried to hold back his angry tears, but he was far from control. Silently, his salty tears mixed with the salty ocean water. Why? . . . . he thought numbly. It was the same question he'd been asking for four years. Four years! he screamed silently. Ever since that day, everything had changed. Everything.

He didn't want to think about it. No, he wouldn't think about it. He refused. But no matter all his mind tried to convince him that those terrible thoughts and dreadful memories would no longer invade him, he knew they would return. They would always return.

He clenched his fists and glared angrily at his reflection in the water. He splashed at it in rage. Yes, destroy the bad boy. Yes, yes, YES! his thoughts said maliciously. He furiously began hitting his reflection in a mad manner. But nonetheless, he stopped and hot tears stung once more in the corners of his eyes and he watched the tears drop slowly into the dead water beneath him.

He looked up at the wreck he used to call home. Glass was shattered; grime covered what was left of the windows. The plant life around it was withered and dead, and the sea around that no longer had a blue sparkle, but instead it was a black lull of water. How he used to love that lovely blue, seemingly stretching on forever and for all eternity. It seemed impossible, yet so believable when he used to gaze at the vastness of its eternal beauty.

There was only one other thing that had eternal beauty.

His tears came more rapidly now, the memories had returned. No, he pleaded, please, leave me alone. He closed his eyes tightly. Let me forget. Don't allow me to remember and suffer any longer.

But his pleas were not abided.


The masked criminal chuckled slyly. "The Teen Titans. What a surprise," he mused sarcastically. His absolute nonchalance began eating away at the five teens' insides. How they despised him.

"Well, what are you waiting for? I'm right here," the villain taunted, as if waving food in front of a starving dog. The leader gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

"Titans, attack!"

-End Flashback-

He stared to nowhere, his green eyes having lost their glitter, now dead and cold. He was lean, but not because he was watching his diet, but because he did not feel like eating, and only did when he felt that there was no point not to.

He remembered a time long ago when he used to stuff his face with tofu with his best friend, a half-robot. Such distant memories . . . so far away . . . .

His surroundings were bleak, lacking of color or happiness. All of the happiness had been drained a long time ago . . . so long ago . . . .

How he hated his life.

He had lost everything. Anything that was ever close to him was gone.

His parents had been murdered. His first friend deserted him. His closest friends abandoned him.

And the one he loved most had been killed.

Staring out at the fog gathering over the water, all he could do was sit there, listening to mournful whisper of the wind and feeling the cold tears trickle down his cheeks.

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