Wedding Bell Greens

Chapter 1: Something Old…

By: NoDrogs

This is a Kim Possible / Shego romance story, Fourth in the 'Small Possibilities' series. Kim Possible, Shego, and associated characters are property of the Walt Disney corporation and are used without permission for non-profit reasons. Kasy Ann Possible and Sheki Go Possible are my own creations, permission is given for people to use them in their own artwork and stories, as long as I get a mention.

The photo Kim has is based on a picture by Rina Cat.

Shego climbed off the plane, into the warm Florida sunshine. She was dressed appropriately; a bright green tank top helped cover and support her firm chest, while a black pair of shorts covered her lower down. On her feet were a pair of low-healed green shoes, and Shego carried her green gym bag slung easily over one shoulder. Inside the bag, disguised as a first aid kit and a small, household tool kit were Shego's 'Special Tools'… lock picks, security system detectors, and more. Shego had actually been amused when the bag was sent through an explosives detector; thanks to the meteorite, Shego had no need to carry explosives. Shego didn't plan to use any of those tools or her explosive powers on this trip, but one should always be prepared. A lesson a certain ex-cheerleader following her should have remembered.

"Gah… it's so hot!" complained Kim, following Shego. She was carrying a much smaller gym bag, one that was a bright red. Tucked inside were a few emergency supplies and a book on child care she had been reading on the plane ('Logical Child Raising, by Spock'). Kim was dressed for Middleton, in a long sleeve shirt and her trademark loose-fit pants.

"Should have dressed appropriately." said Shego, smirking and enjoying the looks people were giving her.

"It's FALL." said Kim. "You know, when it gets cold? At least, in normal places."

"Welcome to South Florida." said Shego. "And remember, this trip was your idea."

"Well, Dad had said there was no way HE was going to tell her. And you did volunteer." said Kim.

Shego chuckled. "Come on, it could have been worse."

"Yeah, I could be wearing a wool sweater." grumbled Kim.

"Tell you what." said Shego. "Let's get the luggage, and check into a hotel so we can go change."

"Please and thank you." said Kim.


"Whe' mommy? Whe' mom?" demanded Kasy Ann Possible, glaring angrily at Ron.

Ron sighed, and explained for what seemed like the hundredth time (an exaggeration. It had only been thirty-four). "Mommy and Mom had to go down to South Florida to see your mom's… mommy's… um… Monique? Which one is Kim? Mommy or Mom?"

"Mommy." called Monique, from the kitchen area. "Mom is Shego, Mommy is Kimmy."

"Right." said Ron. "Your mommy and mom went to see mommy's daddy's mommy and tell her that she and mom are getting married."

Kasy's one year old mind tried to understand that, but soon gave up. "Whe' mommy? Whe' mom?" she demanded again.

Sheki, in the mean while, was playing with Rufus and a chew ring. To be exact, Sheki was throwing the plastic ring like a Frisbee, then Rufus was going over to where it lay down and pulling it back to Sheki. The naked mole rat, used to riding around in Ron's pocket, was getting very tired.

"Monique! You got lunch ready yet?" called Ron, noticing his best non-human friend's exhaustion.

"Got it." said Monique, coming out of the kitchen and carrying a tray. Balanced on it was two sandwiches and a bowl of chips… her and Ron's lunch… and two bowls of apple sauce with little cookies surrounding them. "You wouldn't BELIEVE where Shego had the cookies hidden."

"Well, these ARE her and Kim's kids." pointed out Ron. "Probably worried about them trying to sneak into the cookies."

"Right." said Monique. "And that's why 'Not for Ron or Rufus' written on the side of the box?"

"Well…" said Ron.

"In Kim's handwriting?" continued Monique.

Ron chose not to answer. Instead, he turned to Kasy. "Lunch time!"

The two pale-skinned girls were soon using their cookies to scoop up and eat the applesauce. Ron and Monique, the designated babysitters, were sitting and eating on Shego's oversized couch. The couch reminded Ron of something. "Oh, Monique… do you want the bed or the couch tonight?"

Monique blinked. "Wait a minute… I thought this was a three bedroom apartment. Since Kasy and Sheki share a room, shouldn't there be two beds free?"

Ron raised an eyebrow. "Have you SEEN the spare bedroom?"

"No bed?" guessed Monique.

"No bed, no table stand, no bookcase…" said Ron, as if reciting off a list.

"No furniture?" said Monique, summing up the list.

"None at all." confirmed Ron. "Just a bunch of padded mats on the walls and floor, and a heavy punching bag in the middle of the room."

"Sparring room?" said Monique.

Sheki looked up. "Dojo." said the raven-haired girl, obviously concentrating hard to say the word correctly.

Monique, curious, got up and walked over to the door. The room was much as Ron had described it: The walls, floor, and even the ceiling covered in some yellow, padded material. The punching bag, dangling from the middle of the room, was covered in the same material. On one wall, opposite the door, someone had used black paint to draw a set of circles, and then a humanoid outline; obviously targets.

"What's with the color?" said Monique, frowning at all the yellow. She had expected either white and pink (Kim's usual decorating colors) or green and black (Shego's).

"Wade said that's the only color the fabric comes in." said Ron. "It's some sort of new military material… doesn't burn, doesn't scorch, and is almost totally indestructible."

"Plasma target practice?" said Monique, after a moment's thought.

"Pwactice time?" asked Kasy, waddling over clumsily after having finished her lunch. Her hands were already starting to glow.

Monique glanced at Ron. Ron shrugged. "Hey, why not…" said Ron. "It'll make sure they sleep well during their nap."

Monique was a little surprised that the girls not only had a practice routine, but actually followed it. First was range/accuracy. Despite their youth, the two girls were already developing radically different styles. Kasy favored a two hand approach, aiming at the target with one hand, then the other. Sheki, on the other hand, clutched her hands together, with her two pointer fingers pointing out at the target. Kasy's blasts came faster, the green glow balls she threw easily filling the smallest ring of the target. Sheki's blasts were much more compact and better aimed… while Kasy occasionally missed the center of the target, Sheki always hit exactly where she was aiming. Next was strength tests, with both girls 'blasting' at the punching bag. Kasy used both hands, and fired a blast powerful enough that it knocked the red-haired girl back onto her bottom and actually got the bag swinging back and forth a little. Sheki, on the other hand, used a series of 'shots', trying to time them to get the bag to rock back and forth like a swing.

The practice wore both girls out, and by the time it was over they were both yawning. Monique carried Sheki to the nursery, while Ron carried Kasy. Monique noticed that the bottom of the crib was lined with a yellow blanket, the same material in the training room.

"I'm surprised Shego has them training, considering how young they are." said Monique.

Ron shrugged. "I got the impression it was Kim's idea… apparently, if Shego or one of the twins goes too long without discharging, the energy 'builds up' and starts triggering even when they don't want to use it. Since Shego and the girls were having to use their powers anyway, Kim decided they might as well be practicing using them better."

"Shego practices in there also?" asked Monique, curious.

"I've seen her plasma punching the bag a few times." admitted Ron. "But when she needs range practice, she goes outdoors somewhere… with her experience, shooting a plasma bolt across a room to hit a target just isn't much of a challenge."

"Wonder what the girl DOES consider a challenge." muttered Monique.


"Why am I doing this again?" muttered Shego.

"Nana's family, she needs to be told, and you offered to tell her." said Kim. "I offered to tell your grandmother."

Shego grumbled. "Some of us don't WANT to be reminded of who we're related to. This is going to be so embarrassing. 'Hi there! Me and your grand daughter are shagging, big time! And let me tell you, she's a…'"

"SHEGO!" Kim said, blushing hard. "Anyway, you're one to talk about embarrassing. You proposed to me in the middle of a busy airport."

"I wanted to propose to you as soon as I knew my brothers had been told, AND with your family present." said Shego. "That just happened to be the airport."

A grumbling Shego and a still blushing Kim entered the Golden Gun Girls retirement home.

Kim knocked on the door of Nana's room.

Nana Possible opened the door. "Oh! Kimmy… I'm sorry, I was just talking to my friend and lost track of the time."

Kim and Shego looked through the doorway to see, sitting at the table and sipping a cup of tea…

"MRS. LIPSKY?" said Kim and Shego at the same time.

Mrs. Lipsky look up. "Oh! It's that nice Shego girl. And… um… Kim Possible, right? How did the treatment work?"

"Treatment?" said Kim. "Oh, that… Um, fine… Actually, Dr. Drakken kind of helped me with something else, which is why Shego and I are here…"

Shego frowned. "You expect me to tell them both?"

"Well, they ARE both here…" said Kim.

"Is this a family thing?" said Mrs. Lipsky. "Because I can leave…"

"No no no…" said Kim. "I definitely think you should stay and hear this."

Shego growled softly to Kim, "I'm going to get you for this, Possible…"

Kim Possible, Shego, Mrs. Lipsky, and Nana Possible were soon sitting around Nana's kitchen table, a freshly baked pan of lemon bars resting on the table.

"You know, " commented Mrs. Lipsky said to Shego. "You're not getting any younger. You really ought to think about finding a good man, getting married, and having some kids."

"Oh, I'm all set for those last two." said Shego. "Um… Kimmy, you want to get the ball rolling on this?"

Kim cleared her throat. "Um, Mrs. Lipsky, your son Drakken… I mean Drew… Do you know where he is right now?"

"Of course I do, dear." said Mrs. Lipsky. "He's in that nice Prison 13 place after one of his schemes for world domination failed."

"You KNOW about that?" said Shego, shocked.

"Please!" said Mrs. Lipsky. "I am that boy's mother. What type of mother would I be if I didn't know he was a megalomaniac scientist who is constantly dreaming up mad schemes to conquer the planet?"

"But he IS brilliant." said Nana Possible. "You should be very proud."

"Um, Nana… Super villain…" pointed out Kim.

"Wait a minute…" said Shego. "How come you went with that whole 'radio doctor' thing?"

"Had to build up my boy's confidence." said Mrs. Lipsky. "If Drew knew he couldn't fool his mother, his poor little ego would be crushed."

"You see, Kim, it's very hard for a child to keep secrets from his or her mother, or even grandmother." said Nana.

"Oh, you might be surprised…" said Kim.

"Is this about my new great grandchildren?" asked Nana.

"Yes, it… WAIT!" Kim frowned. "Dad said he didn't tell you anything about that!"

"Like I said, it's hard for a child to keep secrets from his mother." said Nana. "He didn't mention it, but I knew he as worried about something involving you… so I called up that nice Mrs. Director."

"You know Doctor Director?" said Kim.

"Doctor Director? Oh, you mean Betty. No, I was talking about Bertha Director… she's little Betty's mom." said Nana.

"Huh, and I thought Wade had connections." said Shego. She frowned. "Wait… if you knew Drakken was evil, then that means…"

"I knew you were a sidekick." said Mrs. Lipsky. "Still, Bertha says you've reformed… I just hope my little Drew can find someone else to help him with his little hobby."

"Trying to take over the world isn't a hobby." said Kim. "It's… it's… an obsession."

"Ok, so Drew can get a little focused." said Mrs. Lipsky. "I still remember when he tried to make a Snowman Hank model… vowed it was going to be the biggest and best model ever, even if he had to stay home from the college fraternity rush to build it."

"Awk-weird." muttered Kim.

"Very." agreed Shego, softly. "Um… can we get back on topic? Which is me and Kim?"

"Yes, dears?" said Nana. "Here, have another lemon bar, while they're warm."

"Drakken mixed up this… retrovirus." said Shego, even as she took a lemon bar.

"Retrovirus?" said Nana. "Oh, you mean that short lived genetic and hormonal resequenced synthetic-viral infector?"

Shego blinked. "Um, yeah… you heard about it?"

"Oh, I was just telling her about that." said Mrs. Lipsky. "In his last letter to me, I had asked little Drew-poo…"

"Drew-poo?" said Kim.

"Hey, it's not as bad as little bubble butt." said Shego.

Mrs. Lipsky went on, ignoring the byplay. "…when he was planning to have children, and he started ranting about whatever he was working on before he decided to take a nice, long vacation in Prison 13."

"Ah, that…" said Shego. "Apparently…. He used my DNA in that viral thingie in order to impregnate Kimmy and we're going to get married.". Shego said the last sentence in a rush.

"Oh dear…" said Mrs. Lipsky. "So, you're SURE they're not Drew's?"

"Positive." said Kim. She pulled out a photo of the twins, taken just a few days ago. Sheki was absolutely adorable in a pink dress, but Kasy had refused to wear a dress and was instead just wearing a pair of shorts and a blue t-shirt. It didn't help that Kasy had, somewhere between the Middleton Haute D'Style shop and the photographer, gotten her hair totally mussed up. "See? Greenish skin, not blue."

"Oh, green has always been my favorite color." said Nana. She looked at the picture. "Oh, Kimmy! They have your eyes."

"Um, and your ok with this?" said Kim, nervously.

"Well, dear, I do wish you had made sure to get married BEFORE getting pregnant." said Nana. She sighed. "Still, I suppose kids these days have to rush everywhere."

"Hello?" said Kim. "Have you noticed that Shego is female?"

"Well, of course she is." said Nana. "While I was deeply in love with your grandfather, Kimmy, I'll admit I experimented a bit while in the Navy Underwater Demolition Team…"

"Too much info, Nana!" said Kim.

"Huh, both sides of your family are into experimentation." said Shego.


"Seriously, Kim." said Nana. "When you've watched as much Jerry Springer as me, the thought of your granddaughter being a lesbian doesn't seem as shocking.". She frowned, then looked at Shego. "You are a female, right? Not just a guy pretending to be female?"

"She's female." said Kim. "I've checked…". Kim felt herself blushing at what she had just said.

"Female through and through." said Shego, grinning at seeing her Kimmy blush again. "Anyway, Kim and I came here to invite you to the wedding.". Shego considered for a moment. "Um, would you like to come also, Mrs. Lipsky?"

"Of course, I'd be delighted." said Mrs. Lipsky. "Just as long as it's not on a Tuesday."

"What's on Tuesday?" said Kim.

"Bingo night." said Nana Possible and Mrs. Lipsky together.


"Let me get this straight." said the blonde haired woman, talking to Dr. Drakken through a thick layer of bullet proof glass, in the Prison 13's visiting area. "You don't WANT to break out of this place?"

"Last time I saw her, Shego seemed a little upset with me." said Dr. Drakken. "Apparently, she thinks my little impregnator infector broke our 'No Cloning' agreement. I figured this is the safest place available."

"Well, she and Kim are definitely getting it on." the woman said, frowning in envy.

"Anyway." said Dr. Drakken, waving a hand. "The prison has a very well stocked electronics area, to encourage us prisoners to learn a legitimate trade and to reform. I have access to all the parts I need, thanks to the In-terror-net server hidden here I have full communications with my counterparts in the world of evil, and there's no way Kim Possible can foil my plans this time."

"And why is that exactly?" asked the blonde.

"Look, it's simple." said Dr. Drakken. "Every time I tried to defeat Kim Possible, she'd break into my lair and I'd have to run away, or I'd get thrown in prison. But now that I'm IN prison, there's nothing she can do to me! I'm safe! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

"Ok…" said the blonde woman. "Fr-EAKY. But let's focus here."

"Yes." said Dr. Drakken, calming down. "I've decided to take the long term view to world domination…"

"Twenty years to life will do that to a guy." commented the blonde.

Dr. Drakken, having plenty of experience ignoring cutting remarks from his time with Shego, just went on. "Obviously, if we have this Keki and Shasy…"

"Sheki and Kasy." said the woman.

"Whatever." said Dr. Drakken. "If we have them, we can raise them into being into super generals of EVIL! And with them leading my army of robots, I'll be unstoppable!"


"I mean, " said Dr. Drakken, correcting himself hastily, "We'll be unstoppable."

"And I…" said Adrena Lynn, "Will finally have what I want from Kim Possible! Wild, passionate se… Er, I mean, respect!"