Sonic X: Visions of Love, Secrets, and Betrayal

A new guy appears in the Sonic gang only to be 'falling in love' with Amy Rose. She herself finds love in him and Sonic feels something when he sees this. Was it jealousy and heartbroken? Also, the new guy held a few secrets, and one of them was to take away Amy's soul and her heart. Can Sonic save her or will she perish?

No I don't own Sega. If I was, then I would make probably better games then them.

Chapter 1 Things Change

There you are... my beauty... walking on the ground of Hell... You don't belong there... yet you don't know about it... Soon you will and come with me, where you really belong, and be in bless with me away from this pitiful planet. You bring everything into their full potential... but you bring me strength and love... When I find the right time... You will be with me Amy, no matter what...

"Are you sure she's around here? He might be wrong you know!" A little blood red hedgehog, no more then 8, with yellow eyes walked around a city with wonder and carelessness placing his arms behind his head.

"Patience, Shallow. Let's just admire the view of this place and we'll go... this place looks so bright, but some needs a few repairs..." A deep calm voice replied. A black tall hedgehog with blue eyes no more then 19 walked next to the younger hedgehog. Fangs pop out of his mouth as he talked. The little hedgehog jumped up and down in excitement. "OHH! Can I do it, Shao? Can I? Can I?" The older hedgehog grinned showing his fangs and charged an energy ball hitting a huge building, coming down to ruins, making people run and scream as a result. "Aw... I wanted to destroy that thing..."

Shao turned to the boy who pouted, "We don't have time to play Shallow, we have to keep looking for the girl, and the Master needs her"

"What do you mean 'he needs her'? To marry her or something?"

"We don't have time for this so let's go... but first..."

Shallow widen his eyes as Shao blasted the whole city, with nothing in sight. "I have to finish my cleaning chores" The two hedgehogs laughed as they continued their mission from their Master who we have not yet known.

"Tails will be so happy that I brought his favorites with me, he'll probably eat the whole thing!" Amy Rose giggled to herself as she walked to her destination at Tails' workshop. She walked along the grassy plains holding a basket full of treats she made herself.

Amy has grown to a mature hedgehog. She still has her usual tough girl attitude and her strong grip to lift her hammer. The young hedgehog has been growing rapidly over the years. Two years in fact. Amy Rose has grown into a beautiful young lady with longer quills a bit longer then her shoulders, with her bangs still on her forehead showing her cuteness the same. She grew a bit taller but still short then the guys older then her. Amy also grew a few curves, making her a very attractive figure and became a attract magnet to guys around her passing by. Some asked her out on dates, but she doesn't offer it knowing that they were guys who just want her for her looks. Along with that, she doesn't like them. She doesn't like guys like that and since she was 12 and 13, not many asked her on dates. With those issues coming to her, she always had her hammer along with her to get rid of them. She does and as a result, she sees the guys leave and heard the guys saying that she's crazy. It hurts her. She thinks she isn't attractive at all, but the way she wants to be attractive was to be loved. Real love. To kiss her and hold her in her dream guy's arms, never to let go.

But when she thought of it, Amy remembered that it may not come true. She got tired of thinking about the issue and sighed. She got over a certain someone and never bothered to talk to him as much as she always does anymore. Even after those times of clues showing that they like each other. 15 years old now, she shook it off.

The vision of Tails' workshop was shown into view as Amy came close. She began to run up to his door and knocked with politeness, knowing that she'll never lose her manners when coming to a place. Footsteps were heard from the inside and Amy stood seeing the door open, showing Tails smile to her. "Hi Amy!"

"Hi Tails"

"So how are you?" Amy turned to Tails who was happily chewing on the vanilla flavored cake, with strawberries surrounding the sides. They sat outside at the back of Tails' workshop where the beach is held place behind it. Amy looked down at the table and smiled, "It's great, thanks for asking," She turned to him, "How 'bout you?" Tails stopped chewing and licked his mouth, loving the taste of his treat. "Pretty great, you know how I'm always doing," He grinned childishly, "Fixing things and tinker around the workshop" Amy giggled. Tails laughed. He is now an eleven year old fox, cuter enough for girls to awe, by his three hairs on his forehead now a bit longer along with his tails.

Tails looked over to Amy, "Had any guy troubles?" Amy stopped laughing and looked at him. "No" Tails raised a brow, a bit unsure. "Are you sure Amy?"

"Hi! How may I help you?" Amy greeted in her hot pink dress as something to wear at her flower shop job. A green hedgehog with red flaring eyes and spiked quills rested his arms on the desk counter, lowering his eyes on the girl seductively, "Hey pinky... how 'bout you and me go out somewhere and have fun together at my place?" Amy folded her arms.

"No thanks buddy, why won't you just leave?"

The boy leaned forward on the desk towards Amy, reaching his arms to her wrist. Amy backed off and the boy jumped across the desk and grabbed her. Amy screamed and tried to escape, but the boy tried to kiss her. Amy couldn't take it anymore as the boy reached her bottom and with her strength she pushed him away and reached out her hammer out of nowhere. The male hedgehog rubbed his head and looked up at Amy holding her hammer and made her way to him. He backed up a bit, with a stuttered face.

"Never mind" He stood up and ran out of the flower shop. Amy lowered her anger and looked where he left. She sighed and sat on a chair, "I hate it when that happens," She looked down to her hammer and made it disappear, "why me?" She held her face in her hands and huffed.

"Yeah I'm sure," She turned to Tails who had on a blink expression with his mouth full of cake. "I'm sure!" Tails sighed and ate the remaining pieces in his mouth. "Okay, if you say so" Amy reached her pocket and took out her cell phone opening it to find a picture of her, Tails, Cream, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Rouge, Shadow and of course, Sonic. All in a group smiling except Shadow who couldn't stand being with everyone else and being dragged with Sonic and Knuckles trying to make him smile. Amy giggled at the sight and looked at the time.

5:45 in the afternoon.

Amy closed her cell and turned to Tails, "Sorry Tails, but I have to go. Cream's waiting for me to visit her. I had a great time. See ya later! And I'm sure I'll stay longer!" Tails frowned that she has to go but smiled. "That's alright Amy! Thanks for the cake. They were delicious!" Amy laughed and hugged Tails, then handed him another cake. Tails rubbed his hands together to eat it, but Amy stopped him. He looked up and grinned nervously. Amy winked and smiled. "This may be another one, but it's also for Sonic and Knuckles whenever they come. Don't worry it's also for you, but don't eat it all!" Tails chuckled nervously, "Okay"

Amy turned and waved, "See ya!"

"See ya later Amy!"

'Sigh... too many things happen to me... but I should just shake it off...' Amy looked up and closed her eyes. The wind blew around her hot pink mini skirt along with her long quills. She smiled to herself and walked along the flowery and grassy path to Cream's house.

She hummed to herself cheerfully as she walked until something crashed into her and fell to the ground, with her bags shattered everywhere around her.

"Ouch, watch it..." Amy mumbled.

"Oh! Sorry Amy!"

The pink hedgehog rubbed her bottom and opened her eyes to see the blue hedgehog rubbing the back of his head. "Oh! Hi Sonic," Amy began but as soon as she turned her head around, she gasped to see her stuff on the ground, "awe...". Not too away from her, Amy got on her knees to pick up her stuff. As she was about to pick an item, Sonic already picked them all up for her before she could get them and placed them neatly inside the bags. Amy blushed lightly as Sonic handed them to her. "Sorry that I bumped into you, it's my fault" Amy took the bags from him and giggled, "It's not your fault, Sonic. Besides you couldn't even stop running" Sonic chuckled and smiled as he stood up, extending his hand to her.


Amy grabbed his hand with hers as Sonic helped her up. Both dusted the dust off of them and looked at each other. Sonic was the first to talk.

"Where you headed?"

Amy smoothed her skirt. "To Cream's house"

"Oh" Sonic replied. He watched her smoothing her skirt and he couldn't help but stare. He felt something funny inside him while watching her and he couldn't place what. It happened ever since after they escaped from an incident during the war with the Metarex.

Amy finished dusting off her clothes and looked at Sonic noticing him staring at her. She tilted her head to the side. "What?"

Snapping out of it, Sonic backed up and shook his head. "N-nothing" Amy sighed and smiled, waving her hand and walked past him. "I'll see you later"

Sonic watched as the pink hedgehog walked from afar.

"Yeah... see you later" He said softly. He turned the opposite way ready to run, but he turned back where Amy left. Sighing, he turned again, posing to run and left leaving the trees whoosh from the wind.

"Hello Amy! How are you?" Cream greeted Amy after opening her house door. Amy smiled, "I'm fine thanks! Oh and I bought something for you and Cheese" Cream jumped happily and Cheese hanged on her huge ears swinging them happily. "What is it?" Amy held the bag in front of the eight year old and inserted her hand to reach the gift. Taking out a cute little pink glittery dress along with shoes matching the color, Cream squealed in delight. "Thank you Amy! I love it!" Amy smiled warmly and looked down at Cheese, who was trying to get inside the bag. Amy and Cream giggled as Amy picked Cheese up, "Awe Cheese, I brought something for you too" Cheese smiled, "Chao!" Amy reached the bag and took out a play set of toys for Chao and along with it, a tiny blue shirt with a picture of a blue hedgehog. Cheese flew around happily.

"Wow, that shirt has a picture of Sonic" Cream said looking at the shirt Cheese was now wearing. She smiled and turned to Amy, who looked unhappy. She frowned and sat next to Amy on the couch. "Amy, are you okay?" She asked in her soft voice.

Amy laid her hands on her lap, not looking at the young rabbit. "Sorry if I'm worrying you... I'm just feeling depressed"

"Of what?" The rabbit asked in her soft tone.

"Oh well hello there Amy!" Cream and Amy looked up to see Vanilla holding a tray of fresh baked cookies. Vanilla smiled, "How have you been doing dear?" Amy smiled while Vanilla placed the tray on the table in front of the couch. "I'm fine Vanilla, thanks" Vanilla poured tea on a cup and handled it to the girl. "I'm glad everything's fine, how's your job?" Amy thought back of her job. She loved working there, except that there were a few guy problems asking her out. "It was great" Vanilla held her cup and looked at Amy, "I'm glad you don't have a problem. Cream and I will be coming over to see you while we're buying a few flowers" Amy cupped her hands and sat up, "Thank you!" Amy looked over at the clock. It was getting late almost to nighttime. "I'm sorry if I'm in a rush, but I have to go!" Cream, Cheese and Vanilla looked at her.

"Okay Amy. Thank you for the gifts. Cheese and I love it!" Amy smiled with her eyes gleaming. Vanilla sat up and walked to Amy, holding a box of cookies. "Here's a dozen only for you, enjoy them" Vanilla hand Amy the box and bowed, "Come back anytime" Amy held the box and waved, "Bye you three, thank you!"

"You're welcome, bye Amy!" Cream and Vanilla said in unison. Cheese waved his little arm still wearing the Sonic t-shirt.

Meanwhile in the workshop, Tails was cleaning up his Cyclone. He smiled while cleaning it up, for it is his treasure. "Whew... after I'm done with you, I'm going to bed. I know it's early but I'm tired"

A knock was heard on the door.

Tails sighed heavily. "Coming"

He opened the door to see Sonic standing by the doorway. Tails smiled and greeted him. "Hey Sonic!" Sonic raised his head to face Tails and smiled weakly.

"Hey buddy"

Tails noticed this and folded his arms. Letting the hedgehog in and closing the door, the two sat on a sofa and a chair. Tails wondered what's wrong with Sonic, who was resting on the sofa, arms behind his head and looking up. "Sonic, is something the matter?" Sonic beamed his head and shook his head. "No, Tails! Nothing's wrong! Why'd you ask?" Tails sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Just asking"

Silence filled the room until Tails remembered something.

"Oh yeah! Amy came by and gave us some cake!" Sonic glanced at the fox with his face asking 'when?'

"She came an hour ago. Want some?" Sonic stayed silent and nodded, answering, "Sure why not?"

Tails went in his kitchen and took the cake on a plate, bringing it to the living room giving Sonic a slice, smiling. "It's really good, you should try some of her stuff" Sonic lowered his eyes and took a piece of the dessert. He chewed for a while and suddenly smiled. Tails eyes widen as his smile grew bigger.

"Whoa! This is good!" Sonic yelled out, now eating the whole cake in one bite. Tails yawned and looked at Sonic. "I'm going to bed okay Sonic?" Sonic ate more as he turned to Tails. "Alright buddy. Good night!"

Tails went to his room and closed the door slowly behind him. He sighed heavily and walked to the window to see his pot with a plant almost growing into a rose. He let a few tears run from his eyes and stared at its precious yet almost full grown red petals.

'Cosmo... it has been a while since we lost you'

In the living room, Sonic ate the whole cake. "Man, now THAT is good" He rested on the sofa once again and stared at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts.

"See you later..."

Amy arrived at her house after leaving Cream's. She took a warm shower and changed into her blue nightgown.

"I feel so much better now" She said feeling herself fresh. She took a glance of herself in the mirror and played with her hair like quills. She got out of the restroom and prepared her bed. Once she finished, Amy walked to the window, staring at the stars that are sparkling. "Tomorrow's a new day..." She turned to head to her bed and rested her form into a heavenly sleep...

I'll soon see you Amy... soon.

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