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"You're safe now" Amy opened her eyes and looked up to hear that the deep voice belongs to the face of a cute male dark mixed black/blue hedgehog, looking down at her. He looks like a bit older looking than Sonic. His fur was the color of deep mixture of black and blue, so clean. His hair was similar to Tails' but has four of them with one short, one longer, another one longer and the one near his eyes the shortest. Sunset yellow was the color of his eyes. His body looked strong and it made her shake while being in his arms.


"Wow, thanks a lot for your help" Chris said.

"You really beat it up good in one shot!" Knuckles exclaimed. The hedgehog placed Amy down and stayed put.

Amy looked to her savor, who took a glance of her and turned. He grinned towards the others, a grin that can make any girl faint with one glance. Sonic walked up to him, fists on his sides. "Who are you?"

The hedgehog took a minute of silence and raised his head. "Who am I you ask? I'm someone who saves the innocent of Earth, protect the people and destroy the darkness... I travel anywhere in the galaxy for my purpose and that is to find the evil who conquers anything on any planet... need I say more?"

Sonic's eyes widen along with the others who were speechless from the speech of the hedgehog. Amy's eyes stick to the boy.

"Thanks for the little long speech you got there, but would you mind telling us who you are by your NAME?" Knuckles growled with a hint of annoyance.

The hedgehog frowned as he said his name. "My name's Vision. Vision the Hedgehog"

"Well nice to meet you Vision, I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sonic smiled in triumph as he always do introducing himself.

"Yes, I heard of you... Sonic, the hero of Station Square back on Earth, saving a Chaos monster from destroying the city and saving the Space Colony ARK from the Biolizard with Shadow, fighting with your super form and destroyed it... and Dark Oak, I must say that that was an interesting fight there... but not much" Vision said with not much of an exciting tone. Sonic narrowed his eyes.

"How'd you know that?"

"Rumors... or maybe a lucky guess"

"Hey there, Vision! I'm Tails and this is Knuckles, Cream, and Chris" Vision smiled to the others. "Hi there" Tails pointed over to Amy. "And the one next to you is Amy" Vision made a small gasp and looked over to Amy. Amy snapped her eyes closed quickly and a flush of pink crawl over her cheeks. Vision smiled. "Hi Amy, nice to meet you" Amy opened her eyes and smiled shyly,

"You too, and thanks for saving me"

Vision winked. "No problem" Sonic cleared his throat and everyone turned to him. He stepped between them. "Hey, why won't we all go back to Tails' place and make a little welcome party for this guy?" Chris nodded, "I agree, we could use a little help and a new member of the group" Vision leaned forward with a glance of confusion, "Uh, what group?" Sonic folded his arms and grinned, "Our group, not to just fight Eggman but a new friend as well!" Vision's eyes wonder to everyone face to face.

"A friend? You mean friends who always look after each other?" Tails nodded, "Yeah! You seem like a very fun person to hang out with. Wanna join us?" Vision took a step back, "Well I-"

"Come on! It'll be fun to hang out! We can teach each other some new moves!" Knuckles said raising his fists.

"Hold on-"

"You seem strong, that you can help us so much easier" Cream said cupping her hands together, excited.

"Uh, wai-"

"So is that a yes?" Sonic butting in.







"Cut it out you four!" Chris exclaimed. He walked over to Vision and looked down at him, "Whatever Vision wants is what he wants and is his decision. So Vision, what's your decision?"

Vision made a questioning look and looked over to Amy who smiled, waiting patiently. Tails and Cream moved forward to hear and Sonic and Knuckles grunted. Vision closed his eyes, thinking for a minute and opened them making his decision. "Fine, I'm in" Everyone cheered.

"Great choice, Vision" Tails said happily.

"Now we have a new friend!" Cream exclaimed.

"You're going to have a lot of things to fun for" Knuckles replied.

"Another fun day and a new friend" Sonic said giving his official thumbs up.

Vision smiled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Thanks" Amy giggled making Vision shot up his quills. "It'll be so exciting with you always with us!" Vision chuckled nervously.

"So team, party?" Chris asked rising a fist. Everyone nodded and also rose up their fists, along with Vision, who looked a bit confused.



"So we have to start the Chaos Emerald hunting all over again..." Knuckles said, folding his arms.

"That's right" Sonic replied.

"Well, we already have one from Eggman... so, that means we have to find the rest of them," Tails said holding up six fingers, "before that guy you were talking about finds them"

"That wouldn't be so hard" Vision remarked. Sonic stood up. "Then let's call the others and start another emerald hunting!"

Chapter 5 New Sparks

Here was Chapter 4. Finally after three long chapters Vision makes his official introduction. The little speech he made before he introduced himself may be a little annoying, doncha think? He's now with the group and you could also see that Amy's a bit nervous around this guy... hmmm... And Sonic might not get along with this guy either, even if he was acting a bit kind to him. We'll see.