Hey, here is a story based around Christmas time. It is mostly a future-fic, except for the prolong, which is boring really. This is also a little AU, basically what if Logan come home early in "Let us here the Bailiakaks (SP?) Ringing out." It is also Lit-ish, but it mainly focuses on Jess. I LOVE JESS!...


It was a perfect day for a wedding. It was a cool winter day where the first snow had fallen. The sky was a rich baby blue with a few sprinklings of cotton clouds. She stood their, in a flowing sun-yellow dress with daises in her hair, looking across the church of the wedding. There he stood uncomfortably in his tux. She had to tell him, because she couldn't tell anyone else, and he had the right to know…and he was the only one that could help her.

The wedding ceremony went by in a blur. She supposed she should feel guilty for ignoring her mother's wedding, but she had bigger things on her mind. She watched serenely as her mother and step-father danced on the floor. She eyes moved over the crowd until she found him again.

She walked slowly around the outer rim of the party as not to catch attention, eyes locked on him the whole time. As she neared him, he must have felt her presence and looked up, their gaze meeting.

"Hello Jess," she said quietly.

"Rory," he responded, inclining his head.

She looked down, as though ashamed, before tasking his hand and putting it to her stomach. Through the dress he could fell that it was slightly rounded. This could only mean…

"It yours," she said solemnly, quietly.

"What?" he said, not understanding her words, or not wanting to.

"From that night," she answered.

He knew which night she meant. The night that he came back to see her, to show her that book, or more like the night after. The night they went out to diner, to talk, but things went too far. They had drank too much and said things they didn't mean, and things they did. He remembered waking up the next morning with a killer hangover and her not their. He recalled how he wanted to kill himself for his stupidity, for doing what he knew he did, with her.

She recalled that night also. She recalled the way he made her feel and waking up in the morning next to him and the memories of what they did flooding into her mind. She recalled how she left without waking him and crying as she drove home. Then getting into a fight with her grandmother and moving out, going to her true home and breaking up with Logan because he did not deserve a girlfriend that cheated on him. She recalled mostly waking up one morning a month later and releasing she was late and knowing that it was his. She remembered easily, because she was still doing it, hiding her pregnancy from everyone, even her mother, her best friend, the one person in the world who was most likely to understand.

She had hid it well, changing slowly from tight clothes to loose clothes. It helped that her pregnancy was mostly in the cold season, late fall, winter, and early spring. It was no surprise then to wear baggy sweaters, hoodies, and large coats. Plus, she had moved out her mom's house and into an apartment near Yale, so it was easier to hide.

It had looked as though she had put on some weight and nobody thought that was strange. Stress of college and a job did that to people, especially with eating habits like Rory's. When she became too visible, she stopped going home, knowing Lorelai would figure it out. She claimed she was too busy with work or homework or the school newspaper. She claimed to be sick or tired or that the roads were really bad and it was too dangerous to drive. She continued to call and write e-mails, but always found a reason to be busy on the weekends.

A week before her due date she took off work and college, begging friends from different classes to let her borrow their notes when she got back. She told Lorelai it was a business trip. Not long after she found herself on the doorstep of Jess's apartment in Philadelphia. He knew she was coming.

That whole week, Jess held her as she cried and ran to stores at ungodly hours to satisfy her cravings. He was in the delivery room with her. And he was the one that took the baby girl home afterwards, but she, she was the one who left with only a note claiming her once presence.

It read, "Jess, I'm sorry I'm leaving you with this. I'm so sorry for leaving, but I just cannot do this. I'm not sure why, but, please, can we keep this between us? Thank you. Rory."

She cried the whole way back to her apartment, the whole drive from Philadelphia to Yale. It was unlike the cry she had when she drove away from that night with Jess that had lead to all of this. Those tears had been for herself, for pain, but these were for something completely different. These tears were for the two she left behind and the people she had lied to along the way.

'It's ironic,'she thought, 'Out of the two of us, who'da thunk I'd be the one to walk away.'


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