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Later that night Rick returned as promised. He explained that Angela left him for some other guy she was cheating with and thought Evy and her could spend the rest of their life together. The whole time Evy thought about what Jonathan had said, this was all a dream. She hadn't seen him since noon and that told her she was definitely dreaming because now that his purpose had been served he had no right to be around.

This whole dream was nothing, but a way for Evy to finally realize hoe good her life was and how much everything meant to her.

"Rick take a seat, we need to talk." Rick sat and looked at her confused. Slowly bit by bit she explained everything, but no matter how hard she tried he wouldn't understand, finally Evy just apologized to Rick, but because he didn't understand it meant nothing to him.

After another 4 hours Rick finally got it and as Evy was begging for him to forgive her everything around her went black, and she was speeding through time. Evy closed her eyes for fear all the speeding would make her sick.

When everything stood still she opened her eyes to see Jonathan sitting in a chair across the room sleeping, to her side Rick was sleeping as well, the moonlight from outside streaming in on him and tears were in his eyes.

Was she out? Was the dream over? Evy tried to move her arm, but found it useless because something was on it. Curious, she turned her head and looked over to see Alex fast asleep on her arm, but no Destiny anywhere.

Evy maneuvered her arm out from under Alex's head and sat up in bed.

"You've been crying all night." A voice said

"He heard you saying you were sorry all night too." Another said. Alex got up from the bed and hugged his mom, that was the first voice, then who had the second.

"He said he was sorry, too, that he didn't mean the horrible things." This voice was definitely Destiny's, but where was she, Evy scanned the room looking for her.

"That was the only time I'd ever seen dad cry before." Alex said looking over to his father, "he thought you were dead because Dest said you weren't moving or breathing, neither of us have left your side."

"Daddy wanted to hold you through your dreams, but he was scared because he didn't want to hurt your head more." Destiny spoke.

"Destiny O'Connell, where are you?" Evy asked frustrated at the fact that she couldn't find her.

"Right here under Alex's big butt." She said kicking Alex in the side.

"Ow, you brat." The two started arguing and never had it sounded so beautiful to listen to. Rick opened his eyes and was going to quiet the kids when he saw Evy wake and up.

"Evy?" he asked shocked

"Yes?" she said tears in her eyes,

"Are you ok?"

"Perfect, Rick, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean what I said." She said through tears.

Rick pulled her close and hugged her kissing her every so often, "I know, I'm sorry too. I didn't mean what I said."

They pulled away and kissed, only to be separated by a pillow hitting them in the heads and little cries of, "oh, please."

They looked to both children, but didn't see a pillow in anyone's possession, they stood there wondering where it had come from when again it came, they turned to see Jonathan raising it high above his head and that's how the biggest O'Connell family pillow fight got started.

They were up for hours fighting; finally falling asleep at 5 in the morning, thank god the next day was a Sunday. Evy and Rick were fast asleep next to each other, Destiny was asleep in her mother's chest and Alex on Rick's, and Jonathan had somehow managed to get himself comfy at the foot of the bed.

Never in all her life had Evy been so happy to be home.

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