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Beads and Lace

By: The Deviant

Chapter One

Harry Potter sighed as he strode through the halls of Hogwarts High with his current girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, clinging to his arm. Everyday was the same. Same halls, same girl, same people side-stepping him or trying like hell to get his attention. Same evil glares from the 'freaks'.

He'd never, ever admit it out loud, but Harry silent wished he was one of them. It was a school-wide fact that there was never a dull moment with the FS (freak squad), as they were commonly called. Sure, they took a lot of shit, but they took it in stride. Snide comments didn't break them, like they did Ginny or Hermoine, or anyone else Harry knew. Instead, they just drove them, gave them 'more fuel for their fires', as the guidance councilor often says.

"Harry? Harry, are you okay?" Ginny asked, tugging on his arm. Harry shook his head a little before gazing down at her.

"Hm? Yeah, I'm fine." That was a lie. Ginny still looked at him oddly. "Look, I'm fine. I just have a bit on my mind, that's all." He leaned down and gave her a light, chaste kiss. A smile spread across her freckled face as she nodded, and turned to go to class. As soon as she turned into a nearby classroom, his smile faded into a deep frown. He was definitely not fine. He needed a change.

Harry sigh once more as he sat down at his desk, his head buried in his hands.

"You alright, mate?" Harry lifted his head and came face to face with another mass of freckles. Ron Weasley grinned down his best friend, leaning against his desk. "You look like one of those emo kids on their worst day."

"I'm fine, just a bit tired."

"I figured as much. You and Ginny were up pretty late last night." the two laughed jovially. That was the good thing about having Ron as a best mate. You could fuck his sister and he wouldn't think twice about it. Probably because he would be having at his girlfriend, Hermoine, at the same time.

"Yeah, like you have room to talk, pervy." before the two could continue their talk, the teacher, a grim, gloomy man known simply as Snape, strode in, silencing the class.

"Today, I'm going to split you all up into pairs for your first extended project. In which, you will all be monitoring the patterns of bacteria through a microscope, recording your findings, and creating both a graph and a diagram. Be forewarned that you won't be given time to work on this in class, so I suggest that you make plans with you partners to meet. Now, as for your partners…" He flipped open his black leather attendance book, not taking his eyes off of the class. "Mr. Weasley…you will be with….Miss Parkinson." Pansy, who seemed to be the only female in the FS, sucked her teeth angrily, and Ron didn't look too pleased himself. The redhead got up and trudged over to where Pansy sat, grumbling darkly to himself. Harry only hoped he would be paired up with some loser as well. "Mr. Potter and…Mr. Malfoy." Well, there goes that plan, he thought as he strode over to the other boy. Harry sat down and began ripping out sheets of paper, avoiding his partner's gaze.

To say Draco Malfoy was…well, different, was a world-class understatement. He often wore women's clothing; frilly skirts, tight jeans and tops, and, on rare occasions, light makeup. And today was no exception. Chancing a peek, Harry glanced at Draco's ensemble, a tight purple top with slightly puffy sleeves and that covered only half of his flat stomach, a long, flowing black skirt that rested low on his hips, and black flip-flops decorated with shiny black beads.

"Something you want, Potter?" Draco asked insipidly. Harry noticed that he had taken the time to line his silver eyes with storm grey liner.

"No…nothing." Harry replied, already jotting down notes as Snape began to write them on the board.


"I feel bad for you, mate. I mean, getting paired with Parkinson is bad, but Malfoy?" Ron mused, chuckling to himself. Harry just smirked and held Ginny tighter. They, including Hermoine, were all relaxing in Ron's basement, or the Burrow, as they liked to call it, as they always did after school.

"Malfoy? As in Draco Malfoy?" Before Harry could affirm, Ginny exploded in laughter, nearly falling off her boyfriend's lap. "Oh, my God, Harry. I'm sorry, baby, but that's the funniest thing I've ever heard."

"What's so funny about it?" the raven-haired young man asked, smiling.

"It's just…he's more female then I am! I bet he spends more time primping than me and Hermoine put together." she giggled, earning a laugh from the other three. "I wonder if he's gay…" the three laughed harder, this time at the young girls expense.

"Ginny, you didn't just ask that!" Hermoine wailed.

"Well, maybe he just likes Victoria's Secret! Hell, maybe he is Victoria's Secret."

"Then perhaps she should've kept it to herself." Ron mumbled cheekily. Ginny shook her head.

"Look, I'm going to find out if he likes dick or not, and I'm going to do it tomorrow. Watch!" Harry laughed, but inside he was slightly scared for Draco. Mainly because he knew just what an evil person Ginny could be. He laid back and stretched out on the couch, Ginny straddling him. She smiled slyly and moved her hips a little, her grin widening as Harry recoiled slightly and grinned lopsidedly before bringing his girlfriend's lips to his.

"Oh, God! Not again, will you two get a room?" Ron yelled, throwing a pillow at the two and managing the head. The two smiled at him before Ginny jumped up, took Harry's hand, and raced up the stairs and to her bedroom.

"You got paired with Potter! That means he's gonna be, like, in your house and stuff. Maybe even in this very bedroom!" Pansy was practically bouncing with excitement. Draco sighed pitifully as he rummaged through his closet.


"Yeah, well, I'd rather be with Potter than that freckly asshole, Ron Weasley." there was a pause. "You know what would be funny? If, by some crazed twist of fate, you and Weasley hooked up." Pansy shrieked and threw a pillow at her blond friend, who narrowly escaped the fluffy projectile that, instead, bounced of the large vanity.

"Don't ever say that!" she cried as Draco laughed heartily. Pansy simply sat there glaring until a tiny twinkle of silver on Draco's chest. "Drac, when'd you get pierced?" Silver eyes looked at her curiously.

"Pans, I've been pierced." He motioned to the silver hoop in his belly button. Pansy just shook her head.

"No, jackass, I mean your nipple. When'd you get I done?"

"I don't know, maybe a week or so ago." Draco found himself dodging another pillow. "Hey! What was that for?"

"Because, asshole! Why didn't you tell me? I would've went with you!" the girl exclaimed. Draco rolled his eyes.

"I didn't tell you because I figured Blaise would have. He's the one who did it. Besides, you only wanted to go to get your bits pierced or something." there was another pause. "Oh, Pansy, no!"

"What? I was only thinking about it…" Draco shook his head wearily before plopping down on his plush bed with a sigh.

"And anyway, I wouldn't even joke about Ron bedding me, you know your going to be the one moaning Potter's name in about a week, so…" To this, Draco couldn't respond.

-The next day…-

Harry was silently dreading lunch, which he shared with Draco and the rest of the FS. He found out, not too long before, that Ginny planned on staying true to her word when she said she was going to find out if Draco was gay or not. At this very moment, the red-headed girl was calmly striding over to the group, a triumphant smile on her face. Harry watched idly, forcing a smile as not to look suspicious as the whole scene played out. At first, Draco didn't look to upset at the question. In fact, he simply smiled and nodded. Harry nearly laughed when he saw Ginny tense up, but then she placed her hand on her hip, much like she did when she was saying something evil to someone. Draco's smile soon faltered as Ginny stuck her finger in his face, but it didn't last long as the blond began to smirk and mutter something. Again, Ginny stiffened before shaking her head, whipping around, and storming back to the table she came an plopping herself into the seat next to Harry.

"So, how'd it go?" Hermoine asked, smirking. Ginny was red in the face and pouting, so Harry decided to place an arm around her.

"You wouldn't even believe it. At first he was cool about it, saying 'Oh, why yes, I am gay, thank you!' So then I told him how freaky it was, that it was unnatural, you know, the truth! Then he was like, 'Oh, well, you would say that seeing as your boyfriend's gonna be over my house all week.' Then he tried to say how he was prettier than me and how he could have Harry in a heartbeat. Ha! As if!" Ginny stopped her tirade and took a swig of orange juice.

"Well, Ginny, he just may-"

"Ronald Arthur Weasley, I swear to God!" Ron instantly shut up, earning a laugh from Harry and Hermoine, and a few others sitting near-by.


"You should have hit her, Draco. Really, trying to embarrass someone like that." Blaise commented with a smile. He never liked the Weasley girl, ever since their rocky break-up last year. Draco was simply smirking.

"Don't worry, Blaise. That freckle-faced bitch will get hers." Blaise and Pansy crowded closer to him.

"Ohh, diabolical scheme! What is it this time, Draco?" Pansy chirped quietly, as not to draw unwanted attention.

"Simply, my dear." Draco smirked when he saw Harry, alone, at his locker. Pansy and Blaise watched in earnest as the blond strode ahead, his hips swaying lightly. They admired the their friend leaned against the neighboring locker, smirking at the taller, raven haired boy as he spoke. Harry blushed at whatever it was that was said, but nodded and ran a hand through his hair. Draco's smirk then turned into a sweet smile. He pulled gently on the taller boy's sleeve, as though begging him for something, and in the end, he got whatever it was. Harry chuckled and gently removed the blonde's hand before he walked away with a wave.

"What was that all about?" Blaise asked as Draco rejoined the group.

"Blaise, I wasn't lying when I said that Potter would be with me this week. I'll show that bitch what happens to little girls that try to play with the big kids.