The lady looked down, fiddling her fingers. She was dead, she knew it. There she was babysitting the sons and Daughters of the most powerful people in the world and what happened? The Kazekage of Sand's youngest son, Gaara, was missing. The little heiress of the Hyuuga clan, Hintata, was crying again. The young master Chouji was off eating all the kids lunches. And the rest of the kids were either fighting, sleeping, or being to shy to even move. This was bad, these kids were dropped off here to have fun and be watched, and here they were all miserable. She was dead.

While the lady was lost in thought, a little girl with pink hair cut to her shoulders came in with her parents. "Um, excuse me, Mrs.?" The lady jumped up. "Eh? Oh excuse me…I'm sorry." "No problem, we're here to drop off out daughter, Haruno Sakura." The lady looked down to see the pretty little girl. "Hello.." The lady said softly. The little girl waved and smiled. "Hi!" The lady immediately perked up. She just might be saved! This girl didn't look shy or feisty at all, this little girl just might be her hero! "Hello, why don't you come with me and you can play here with the other kids." The little girl nodded and took the lady's hand. They stopped into the back yard, where the playground was at. "Excuse me, everyone! We have a new person with us." The kids ignored her. "Um yea…. Anyway why don't you introduce your self?" The little girl wasn't listening either. The lady threw up her hands. The situation WAS hopeless!

Sakura stared straight ahead. On one of the swings was boy with blond spiky hair, he looked sad. She hated it when people looked sad. She ran straight up to him. "Can I sit here?" He turned his head and just stared. "Please? I promise not to talk to you if you don't want me to.." H looked up sharply, "Do you even eant me to…I mean talk to me?" She gave him a confused look and stared. Why wouldn't she want to talk to him? Understanding the look he answered, "Most people ignore me and hate me. My adopted daddy, Iruka, says that it's because I'm special but I dunno." She looked at him closely, studying him. The she smiled, "But you are special!" The boy's eyes widened. "I am?" Sakura giggled, "Yup!" The boy giggled too, "Cool!" She looked at him and they both started to laugh.

A pair of eyes watched them from the shadows.

"My names Naruto, whats your?" She blushed a little. "My names Sakura" He held out his hand. "Nive to meet ya! Friend?" She looked at his hand, then his face, she smiled. "Yea!" He giggled, then he ran to a ball and through it. "Catch?" She nodded, "Sure!" They giggled and ran around until finally the ball landed in the shadows. A red geaded little boy peeked out and shyly grasped the ball. Sakura stared at him, he looked scared, she didn't like that. Suddenly she got an idea. What if she asked him to play too! "Hey! Why don't you come throw the ball at us?" He looked down, seeming a little sad. He threw the ball. She picked it up, "You comin?" He looked up, "I c- can play?" She nodded, smiling. Naruto grinned like an idiot, "Sure you can play! Welcome to the group!" The red head looked up startled, "A group? I- I'm I one?" Sakura nodded, "Yea, ours! But under one condition!" The red head nodded and leaned in closely to listen. "You have to be our friend! So… you wanns be our friend?" The red head stared for a moment in disbelief. Friend? They wanted to be HIS friend? "Aren't you scared of me?" Naruto and Sakura looked at each other. "Should we be?" Gaara nodded with tears. Sakura looked at Naruto and then the red head, "Well, we're NOT!" Gaara, smiled, "Naruto and Sakura, right? Well if Gaara." Naruto laughed "Cool name! So you wanna be friends?" Gaara nodded happily. So they laughed and played and then split lunch, since Chouji ate most of every ones, and just plainly had fun. Until they heard the sound of crying and laughter. "What that?" Naruto and Gaara shrugged then ran over to investigate. Hinata was on the floor crying as to boys danced around her yelling things like "THE HYUUGA WEAKLINK!" or "STUTTER GIRL". This really pissed off Sakura, Gaara and Naruto so they ran over. "Knock it off!" The guys turned, "Oh it's the new girl and the freaks!" Gaara and Naruto hung their head down, but Sakura was beyond pissed. "THEY ARE NOT FREAKS BUT MAYBE YOU GUYS ARE! PFFT, PICKING ON A GIRL! PUH- LEZ!" The guyz trembled in fury. "Shut the hell up you big forheaded bitch!" The guys sneered. Sakura tilted her head, a little confused. What is a b-bitch? (she's 5 yrs old) She didn't knoiw what it was but it must not have been good cuz she could here Naruto and Gaara growling behind her. "What are you doing with my cousin!" The guys turned around slowly, sit it wa the Hyuuga that everone said would be the perfect shinobi when h wad older. Hell, he was already a good fighter and he was only 6! He was protective of his family, especially his cousin, he would rip them to piece; they knew he could do it. So they did the only sensible thing. Run. Hinata came to Sakura shyly, "Thank you for saving me…" Sakura smiled, "Happy to help!" Hianta looked down blushing madly, "Um.. well…could you…" Sakura looked at the girl, "Eh, What is it?" Hinata kept her eyes on the ground, "Would y-you……" Her eyes went in every direction. "Would y- you… please… BE MY FRIEND TOO?" Sakura's eyes widened to saucers. Neji stared, he really hoped that the pink haired girl would say yes, if she did she would be the 1st friend Hinata ever had. "yea, sure. And you could even be Naruto and Gaara's friend too! They're nice." Hinata looked up with tears and hugged Sakura. A friend! A real friend! Neji looked at the 2, feeling like hugging the pink haired girl too. "Thank you" He whispered.

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