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Neji held Tenten in the nurses office as she cried her heart out sobbing "I'm sry! I'm sry! I'm SO sry!"

Neji held on, not knowing what to say. Outside the office Sakura sat quietly. She had never been so truly hated before. Why did Saya do what she did? Why'd didn't Tenten think to ask? She shook her head, she had thought that coming back home would be a good thing but, so far it was only causing pain. She hung her head low, sadness crept through her.

Sasuke watched Sakura next to Naruto who was doing the same thing. They stared like dummies, not knowing what to do.

Naruto walked over slowly, as if scared. "Sakura?" His hearts kipped a beat as she looked up at him with her wet green eyes. He swallowed. Since he could remember she had always had his heart. At first it was just a brotherly type love but then when he found out she was leaving all those yrs ago, he realized that he had truly loved her.


"Naruto? We'll always be best friends right?" Little Sakura asked shyly.

Naruto's head shot up. He looked at like she was crazy. Of course they'd always be best friends! He couldn't imagine it any other way. He watched as she looked up at him sadly. "Naruto… promise you won't forget me?" His eyes widened. Was she….? Was she going to…. No she wouldn't… she couldn't leave… right?

She walked up to their group and tears for the first time since he had known her spilled from her eyes. "I'm sorry everyone.. but.. my mommy says that it's not healthy for me to stay here. The doctor told her I nee to go away or stay here and be hospitalized. I'm sorry…. That my health is no so good but I'll do my best! The doctor says that if I'm a good girl I can come back in 10 yrs or less!"

Naruto was the first to speak, and for the first time ever his voice shook and his body trembled. "So… your.. leaving?"

Sakura nodded. Immediately people began to cry or fall apart. Hinata and Ino cried the loudest. Gaara and Naruto for the first time let out silent tears. Sasuke walked out the room with Neji, they both got sick at the new and was really dizzy. Lord Hyuuga and Lord Uchiha went really pale. Everyon else went stoic and looked around sadly. Most had some tears in their eyes while other went stoic and numb. Temari was the only one who fainted.

Naruto watched his first friend, his best friend prepare to leave him. His heart began to hurt and one night he just couldn't take it. Like any little kid would he ran to his adopted papa Iruka. He crawled into Iruka's lap and leaned his head onto Iruka's shoulder. His little body shaking.

Iruka heald onto him, cooing him and patting him. He hugged Naruto back

Naruto looked at Iruka. His face contorted in confusion and pain. "Iruka papa I don't know whats wrong but… it hurts… it hurts a lot right here." His fist clenched against his chest. Clutching his shirt over his heart. "I don't want Sakura to go….. I want her to stay.. I want her to stay.." He began to rock back and forth. Iruka rocked him and sighed sadly.

"It's alright.. I was afraid this would happen…" He said nothing after that. Naruto spent the night cuddled in his papa's arms, his little body would jerk and shake once in a while.

In the morning he watched Sakura go. He fell to his knees, his chest hurt. He wanted to yell, "COME BACK!" But he couldn't. He knew she wouldn't be able to live long if she stayed there. And that's when he realized it. His shock made him go pale. Once when he had asked Papa what true love was his papa had answered "It's when you truly care about something. When you would let them go or give them up if it would make them happy even if it hurt them. Like your parents Naruto."

Naruto bit his lip as he recalled those words. He loved Sakura. He wanted her to be happy and healthy even though it was killing him to see her go. "Sakura.."


Naruto stared, he bent down and hugged her. He let her lean on him as he comforted her. He felt himself smile.

Behind him he never noticed a pair of red Sharigan eyes watching them with longing, hurt, and anger.

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