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Summary: Sam and Dean join a group of hikers as they venture into the merciless mountains of Colorado in search of a treacherous big-foot. The job seems like a simple one, until the big-foot injures one of the brothers and the group of hikers get snowed in a tiny house at the summit of the mountain, a house with no electricity, heat, or anyway to contact someone for help.

First fanfic, be gentle!

Opening scene:

The Implanta driving down a road that goes through thick woods. We are in Colorado and it is night time. There is snow everywhere and you can tell it is cold.

Inside the Implanta. Sam is driving, Dean is sleeping. Both have dark circles under their eyes. Sam is obviously exhausted and his head starts to bob as he nods off. His hands start to slip off the steering wheel, but the car goes over a bump and he is up and alert again. He shaking himself awake when he sees a large brown mass jump on to the road ahead of them, blocking there way. It is about ten feet tall and as wide as the lane itself.

Sam slams on the breaks and yells, but it is icy out and the car slips and slides why Sam tries madly to keep it on the road. Dean, wide awake by now, curses and yells. At the last possible second the large furry animal jumps out of the way of the car. Finally, Sam gets the car under control and pulls it to the side of the road, letting his and Dean's fear slowly ebb away. After ten minutes of sheer silence ticked past, Sam spoke.

"Maybe we should pull over for the night."

Dean let out a small, harsh laugh at how obvious his brother's statement was.


"Sam, word of advice: don't slam on your brakes when you are going 75 mph on top of a road as slick as Elvis' hair." Dean said inspecting his brake pads and seeing that they had big black marks on them from the sudden stop.

(ok, cheesy line, I know, sorry)

"Well, it was either that or slam into frosty." When Dean's face didn't soften, Sam continued. "Look, I'm sorry I messed up your breaks, I really didn't mean to."

Dean looked over at his baby brother. He had the same face on that he did when he was younger and had done something to upset Dean. It was a sincere look, with a slight bit of guilt. Immediately, Dean forgave his little brother, any anger that he had felt towards his brother mere seconds ago had evaporated.

"Just be happy Sammy's ok," a little voice inside Dean's head said.

"Whatever, I can get new brake pads. But you're paying for half of it."

Sam smirked, relived that his brother wasn't mad at him. "What do you think that thing was?"

"Either a big-foot or a yeti, big-foot most likely."

Sam's ears perked up at this and the hair on the back of his next. Big-foots were dangerous. They were strong, fast, and amazing hunters. "So… are we going to go after it?"

"Umm… duh…" Dean was surprised by Sam's question. He looked over at his little brother and could see the fear in his eyes. "You ok, Sammy?"

"Yeah, fine. It's just… aren't big-foots really dangerous?"

"Not if you know how to deal with it. Salt gun shot to the heart should do the job." Sam still looked unsure, but Dean was tired and he didn't want deal with that right now.

"Come on, let's go to find a motel. We'll do some research in the morning and go out and look for it," Dean said taking one final look at his car.

"Ok." Sam shrugged, but he still had this bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.


Dean woke to that sound of his brother's fingers lightly pitter-pattering on the keys of his laptop. He sat up and looked at his little brother, what he saw did not please him. Sam was leaning back against the back of the bed. His body had a sluggish, exhausted look to it. His arms were limp and only his fingers moved. But his eyes, his eyes were different. They had a frantic, feverish look to them, and it appeared he hadn't shut them for weeks.

"Hey, Sammy. Get any sleep last night?"

"Umm… no." Sam decided not to lie to his brother. He didn't have enough energy to argue.

"Sam, this isn't good. You need to get some sleep or your body is going to shut down on you."

"Dean, I'm fine, I promise. But, that isn't important right now. Look what I found. Strange sightings and deaths in the last couple of months. All the bodies were found tattered, left in a bloody mess. 3 bodies found at the same time every month. The police are calling them grizzly attacks, but I think our giant friend has something to do with it."

"Looks like it is that time of the month for the big-foot. They sure do get cranky."

"Another weird thing is that they are found in the same place every time. Uh oh, yeah, we got a small problem," Sam said scanning the articles.

"What, what's wrong?"

"The bodies are always found at the summit of Mount Elbert."

"And that is a problem because…"

"Because the summit is at 14,433 feet."