Summery: One day while floating thru the Ghost Zone Vlad finds a scepter that gives him control over ghosts. As he begins to take over both the Ghost Zone and Earth, will Danny and friends be able to stop him, or will Danny fall under the scepters power.

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The Ghost Scepter

Vlad Plasmius is floating thru the Ghost Zone one day trying to come up with yet another evil plan. His last plan to get Jazz and Danny to join him had failed miserably, plus he lost the ectosuit when they blew it up.

"Oh butter biscuits, I can't believe those brats blew up the ectosuit, and just when I made it more powerful too!" yelled Vlad

"I need to find a way to get Daniel to join me and destroy his father, and help me to rule the Earth and Ghost Zone."

While floating Vlad smacked into the wall of a building.

"Oh snicker doodles, who put a building in my way."

Just as he was about to blast the wall he noticed the building. It looked like a ancient Egyptian tomb, except that it was glowing green. It was gigantic, the door had to be fifty feet tall, and it was decorated with statues of Egyptian gods. It was as grand as any building on Earth.

"Hmmm, maybe there is something of value in this dump."said Vlad.

Vlad entered the tomb, it was dark and unusually quiet, with dust and cobwebs everywhere. As Vlad floated further down the hall a sense of unease came over him. Then it happened, Vlad tripped one of the tombs traps. Giant logs swung down toward him, he barely escaped. But then he activated a floor trap and darts shots out, one nicking him on the shoulder. Vlad made it out of the room, but then he entered a long hall, and the walls had spikes and were closing in. Vlad flew down the hall trying to out race the walls, then he remembered a important fact.

"Hey, humans can't be hurt by weapons in the Ghost Zone."

The walls slammed shut, but then a figure emerged. It was Vlad in his human mode, as Vlad Masters.

"I should have thought of that sooner, hehehe."

Then Vlad tripped on a loose stone.

"Ow! oh butternuts, why does this keep happening!"

Vlad turned back into Plasmius and faced the door to the tomb. Opening the massive doors he entered the room. The room was empty except for a strange, glowing object on the far side of the room. It was a scepter, it was gold with a crystal skull on top, under it was some hieroglyphics.

"Hmmm, hieroglyphics, fortunately I learned how to read these." (AN: I just assumed he had the time because he was a lone, old man who needs a cat.)

"It says, Translation: the Scepter of Obedience, he who welds this weapon shall have the power to control any and all ghosts, your will shall be carried out without question.

"Finally a tool I can use to control the Ghost Zone, and maybe it will work on Daniel, there's only one way to find out Mwahahahaha!"

Vlad exited the tomb and flew back to his portal. But on the way there he ran into a certain rebellious rocker ghost, Ember, and by ran into I mean literally.

"Hey old dipstick. You messed up my hair and guitar, your gonna pay for that!" Said Ember

"Oh, I don't think you will be doing anything to me." threatened Vlad

Then Vlad used the scepter, a strange energy shot out at Ember. She tried to dodge it but it was too late, the energy enveloped her. She let out a scream and went limp. Then she shot up. Her eyes were dull and colorless, she then said, "I will obey you Vlad Plasmius." in a monotone voice.

"Good, you shall be the first of many you will fall under the spell of the Scepter of Obedience. Come my minion!" said Vlad.

"Yes master." said Ember.

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