Chapter 8: An Explanation and a New Love.

Back at the Fenton home Danny was explaining why he never told his parents about his powers.

"Well, you see, it's like this. The reason that I never told you about my powers is that I thought you would hate me." said Danny.

"Why would you think that sweetie?" said Maddie.

"Because I became a ghost, the thing that you dedicated your life to hunting." said Danny.

"Don't be ridiculous, your our son and we love you no matter what." said Maddie.

"I was also afraid you might try to experiment on me." said Danny.

"What would give you that idea?" said Maddie.

"Oh, could it be that dad is holding the Fenton Ghost Probe behind his back."

"Jack, put that away!" said Maddie.

"But Maddie, can't I just do one test?" said Jack..

"No Jack, he's our son and we will not do tests on him." said Maddie.

"But can't I just tes..." said Jack.

"No Jack." said Maddie.

"But the Fenton Ghost Incapacitateor nee..." said Jack.

"NO JACK!" shouted Maddie.

"Oh, all right." said Jack as he sat down with a sad face.

"Like I said Danny, you don't have to worry about being experimented on." said Maddie.

"Thanks mom."

"Why don't you test your inventions on the ghosts in the basement." said Maddie to Jack

"Actually they said they wanted to talk to me, and I promised them you wouldn't do anything to them." said Danny.

"Ok, but just remember we will always love you." said Maddie.

"I know mom." Danny said as he gave Maddie a hug.

"But first I need to talk to Valerie." said Danny.

Danny walked over to Valerie, who had sat down in a corner while Danny had been talking to his parents. She seemed to be deep in thought, probable thinking about how a person who she had started to consider a friend and turned out to be her enemy. Danny walked over ans started to talk to her.

"Hey Valerie." said Danny.

"Hey Danny." said Valerie.

"How are you doing." said Danny.

"Fine, considering I found out a guy I considered my friend is the ghost boy." said Valerie.

"Valerie, I know you blame me for what happened to your dad's job, but you have to believe me when I say I didn't mean for it to happen." said Danny.

"Then how come that dog of yours attacked Axion." said Valerie.

"He wasn't my dog, he just seemed to like me. The reason he went to Axion is that he was looking for a squeaky toy. I tried to stop him but he was to strong, I'm really sorry Valerie, can you forgive me." said Danny.

"I do, I realize now that it was all a accident. I've known you look enough to know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me on purpose." said Valerie.

"I really sorry." said Danny.

"I'm the one who should be sorry. I came so close to killing you so many times. I'm sorry, if I hadn't been so obsessed with catching you, you might not have been hurt so many times." said Valerie.

"There was no way you could have known." said Danny.

"You don't understand, I had you in my gun sights more then once. If you hadn't dodged my shots you would" Valerie said as she started to cry.

"Calm down, I forgive you. That's all in the past and I've gotten over it, you should too." said Danny.

"Ok, but promise me will still be friends." Valerie said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I promise, now I have some "people" I need to talk to in the lab." said Danny.

"Ok, but if they pull anything I'll be right here to help." said Valerie.

"Ok." said Danny as he phased through the floor.

Danny came through the ceiling into the lab. Standing there were all his enemies, Skulker, Ember, Technus, Johnny 13 and Kitty, Desiree, Walker, the Lunch Lady, and the Box Ghost.

"You wanted to talk to me." said Danny.

"Yes ghost child, we have something to tell you.." said Skulker.

"Well, what is it?" said Danny.

"We just want to say..." said Skulker.

"Yes." said Danny.

"We you." said Skulker.

"Did you just say thank you?" said Danny.

"Don't make me repeat myself, it was painful enough the first time." said Skulker.

"Well, your welcome." said Danny.

"In addition, we promise not to bother you or your town for two weeks." said Walker.

"I guess its to much to ask you to not bother me or my town forever." said Danny.

"Listen dipstick, its hard enough to thank you and promise to not bother you for two weeks, don't press your luck." said Ember.

"Ok, I guess two weeks is better then nothing." said Danny.

"Until next time ghost child." Skulker said as the ghosts went back into the Ghost Zone.

"Good, I have to talk to Sam about today." Danny said as he went through the ceiling.

Ember upon hearing this started to follow him.

"Hey Ember, aren't you coming." said Desiree.

"I'll will, but that kids going to talk to his friend, and if it's about what I think it is I don't want to miss it." said Ember.

"Ok." said Desiree as she went into the ghost portal.

Ember followed Danny up and to the roof. Danny got to the roof and saw the person he most wanted to talk to that day. He saw Sam sitting on the roof stareing at the stars. He walked over to Sam and sat down. Ember decided to hide behind one of the various machines on the roof. Danny sat down next to Sam and started to talk to her.

"Hey Sam." said Danny.

"Hey Danny." said Sam.

"What are you doing on the roof?" said Danny.

"Just stareing at the stars, their really beautiful tonight." said Sam.

Jazz walked on to the roof and noticed Ember watching Danny and Sam.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" said Jazz.

"Shhhh! Don't make a sound, I think their about to say they love each other." said Ember

"Really, I've got to see this." said Jazz as she sat down.

"They are beautiful, Sam there's something I want to talk to you about." said Danny.

"Yes?" said Sam.

"It's about what happened at the battle today." said Danny.

"What about the battle." said Sam.

It was then that Tucker walked on to the roof.

"Hey, what are you two looking at?" said Tucker.

"Shhh! Danny and Sam might be about to confess their love for each other." said Jazz.

"I knew it would happen eventually, I can't miss this." said Tucker as he sat down.

"I'm talking about what you said to snap me out of Vlad's control." said Danny

"What do you think I said." Sam said nervously.

"It think you said that you love me." said Danny.

It was then that Valerie walked on to the roof.

"Hey what are you two and a ghost doing on the roof."

"Shhh! I think Danny and Sam are about to say they love each other." said Tucker.

"Really, I can't miss this." Valerie said as she sat down.

" mean you remember that." said Sam.

"I do, did you mean it?" said Danny.

"No, no, of course not, it just said it to snap you out of it." said Sam nervously.

"Sam, I've known you since kindergarten, I know when your lying to me." said Danny.

Sam sat there in silence.

"Sam." said Danny.

"Ok, I admit it, I did mean what I said, I love you! I've been in love with you for months but I never had the courage to admit it!"said Sam.

"Sam I..." said Danny.

" I know you don't feel the same about me, I know you like Paulina. You don't have to return my love I just want you to know how I feel, just promise me we'll still be friends..." said Sam frantically before Danny put his hand over her mouth.

"Sam, I love you too." said Danny.

"You do?" said Sam.

"Yes I do, I have for a long time now." said Danny.

"What about Paulina?" said Sam.

"She means nothing to me, I finally realize you were right about her being shallow. She only likes my ghost half, she'll never like my human half. You've been my friend for years and I know that you care about me, both halves. I would be honored if you would be my girlfriend." said Danny.

"Yes! I'll be your girlfriend!" said Sam.

Danny and Sam started to lean closer together, their lips getting closer and closer. Then their lips locked and they shared a passionate kiss. It was the greatest experience of their lives, they were lost in the moment. The world could have ended, a siren could have gone off right near them, or Jack could have started yelling about ghosts and they would not have noticed. While this was going on Ember, Jazz, Tucker and Valerie were leaning closer and closer to see better. Then they fell forward and landed on their faces with a loud thud. Danny and Sam did notice this and looked over to see the peeping toms in a heap.

"What are you doing here." said Danny.

The group started talking all at once, Danny could not understand what they were saying. Finally he snapped.

"Be quiet! Speak one at a time, Ember you go first." said Danny.

"Uh, the reason I'm here is because I wanted to see if you two said you loved each other." said Ember.

"And why is that?" asked Danny.

"Because we have a pool running in the Ghost Zone about whether you too hook up or not, and I wanted to see if I was right, and I guess I was. So uh, bye now!" said Ember as she quickly went through the roof and to the ghost portal.

"And what about the rest of you." said Danny as he tapped his foot.

"Well, I guess we also wanted to see if you two would admit you loved each other and...I have a project to do, see you two, I'm glad you finally got together." said Jazz as she quickly went down stairs.

"And what about you Tuck." said Danny.

"Well, all I have to say is that I'm glad that you two finally got together, I always knew it would happen." Tucker said as he embraced his two friends, he then left with a last good bye.

"Valerie?" said Danny.

"Well, I'm also glad you to hooked up." said Valerie as she turned to Sam.

"I guess you won our challenge, I'm glad it was you instead of a girl like Paulina." said Valerie.

"I'm glad too, but you were a worthy opponent." said Sam as she put her arm on Danny's shoulder.

"Well see you two later." said Valerie as she left the roof. Finally they were all alone.

"Well Sam, we're finally alone, what do you want to do?" said Danny.

"Why don't we look at the stars." said Sam as she leaned close to Danny.

"Yes, that sounds nice." said Danny snuggled with Sam and they shared another kiss.

Little did the new couple know that a ghost vulture with a camera was taping them for his master. Back in Wisconsin Vlad Masters watched the two lovebirds enjoy the night sky in his control room, which was still trashed from Danny's wish.

"Enjoy your little girlfriend while you can Daniel, for one day I will have my revenge on you and her." said Vlad evilly (AN: Ok, we can't end on a sad note, lets add a little comedy. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever.)

Then a bunch of gunk fell from the ceiling onto Vlad.

"Oh snicker doodles! And just after I got clean too!" said Vlad as he went to take another shower.

And on that note, we end it

The End.


My first Fanfic is finished, and I' m really sad it has to end. But cheer up because...

Vlad: This time you'll pay Rob Phantom!

Me: does this guy never learn.

Vlad: I going to finally destroy you once and for all. I'm going to...what's Ember doing here.

Me: Oh, we started talking and found we have a lot in common. We like music, especially rock and roll, we also like funny movies, and we like seeing you suffer.

Ember: Hey Vlad, still a lonely old man who needs a cat.

Vlad: What is it with everyone saying I need a cat!

Me: Well Vlad are you going to leave the easy way or the hard way. Author turns into his ghost mode and Ember tunes up her guitar.

Vlad: Oh please, you really think that you two can stop me.

Ember: Maybe not, but the guys behind you can.

Vlad: what guy? Vlad turns around a sees Danny, his friends, and all the ghosts vlad hypnotized.

Danny: how's it going V-man.

Vlad: Your all going to hurt me aren't you? All the ghosts nod their heads then attack.

Vlad: Not the face! Not the face! Vlad is engulf in a fight cloud. Vlad maneges to get out looking beat up and his suit is tattered.

Skulker: Vlad got away again.

Me: Not necessarily. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever.

Vlad: I can't believe I got away. Vlad then notices a group of ghost animals like the ones from Maternal Instincts.

Vlad: Oh butter biscuits! Vlad screams and is chased by the ghosts over the horizon.

Ember: I could never get tired of seeing that.

Me: I know, isn't it great.

Danny: Don't you have something to say to the readers.

Me: Oh right, I better get on that.

Well it's the end folks. Vlad has been defeated (and humiliated) and Danny and Sam have finally admitted they love each other. Now comes the question of future stories. Here are some story ideas that I have bouncing around my head, and here are some brief descriptions, titles may change.

Vlad Strikes Back: Vlad is back to take revenge on our favorite halfa and his girlfriend. He also has a new plan to steal Maddie, kill Jack, and take over the world. When Vlad kidnaps Sam and threatens to kill her if Danny doesn't surrender, Danny may have to make the hardest decision of his life. Sequel to the Ghost Scepter

The Life and Times of Alicia Szivos: For this story I am years older then I am in reality, so it would be a alternate universe of my life. I have a family with a 14 year old daughter. One day we move to Amity Park and she attends Casper High. There she meets Danny and his friends and she finds out his secret. But she also has a secret to hide, and not the one you're thinking of. Instead of being a halfa she is a witch, the magical kind. Watch as she has adventures with team Phantom, and it is not going to be a Mary Sue. Where's the fun in having everything go right?

Danny Phantom Faces the Grim Reaper: We all know how Danny beat his evil future self in the Ultimate Enemy, and how that future disappeared. But what if a higher power still thought Danny was a danger to the world. The Angel of Life and Death orders the Grim Reaper to reap the souls of Vlad and Danny to make sure once and for all that Dan Phantom would never be created. The Grim Reaper goes after Vlad first, but he escapes and goes to the Fentons for protection. The Grim Reaper shows up and tries to take their souls, but Sam challenges the Grim Reaper to a game for their souls. Will Sam be able to save Danny, and reluctantly Vlad, by playing one of the most challenging games in the world, Dance Dance Revolution.

And that's all the ideas I have right now, tell me what you think of them.

Vlad: Someone help me! Vlad is still being chased by the ghost animals.

Me: And on that note we come to the end, until next time Danny Phantom fans Read and Review.