Title: Love Potion
Part: 0?
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: AU, Jap names, pervyness to come, possessiveness to come, shounen-ai and yaoi to come (obviously), shoujo-ai
Genre: Romance/Humor/PWP
Pairings: YxY for sure, possibly some others.
Story Rating: M/NC-17

Disclaimer: I dun own YGO, but I do own Bliss. /whispers/ I'll trade her for hardcore YxY smut!

Description: What happens when Yuugi just happens to drink magically-contaminated soda? Why, he falls in love with the first person he sees! Will Yami take advantage of the situation when the object of his affections suddenly starts returning them? Two words: Hell.yes.

xBliss' thoughtsx
-x-x-Line Break-x-x-



"As you can see, the process of soda-making isn't blah blah blah blah…" The woman droned on.

The woman herself was nothing exceptional; short brown hair tied back in a tight bun, bored brown eyes, fair skin, and wearing a cream colored dress suit.

xPretty…in a human sort of way. Not married though. Shame.x A girl thought.

Though she was in the tour group with about ten others, she was by no means a 'normal' girl. She appeared to be around seventeen or eighteen and had long, curly, strawberry-blonde hair that was currently tied back in a loose ponytail. Her dark green eyes were currently hidden beneath sunglasses. She wore baggy black pants, a long-sleeved white shirt that said 'love' in pink, sparkly letters, black boots, and was wearing a dark blue baseball cap backwards.

She was convinced she blended in perfectly despite the fact that she was the only one in the group (besides the tour guide) that appeared to be younger then sixty.

xNo dates work out because she has yet to admit to herself that she's gay.x The girl looked over the tour guide again. According to the name tag she wore, her name was Melody.

xAge? Exactly 22 years, 5 months, 7 days--hours and the like unneeded.x

Melody continued to drone on about soda and the factory they were at. The other people seemed interested, but the girl was still looking Melody over.

xOooooh! What's this? A virgin? And Gramma Dite ((1)) said there were no virgins over 20!x The girl mentally snorted. xThis is exactly why I needed to get out. It's been so long since anyone has left Olympus that they don't know anything about the humans anymore!x

There was a pause in Melody's droning. Apparently they had reached the end of the tour and were now at the gift shop.

xI've no choice. It is my duty to help this human in the matters of love.x The girl swallowed a grin. xPlus, I've never been on a date with a human! And Gramma Dite's stories were so funny!x

Melody was answering some last minute questions for the group.

xIn serious denial about being gay. Why are some humans like that? No matter. All I must do is use a little bit of my charm to push her over the edge.x The girl held back a giggle.

While the group wandered about the gift shop, Melody started talking to the man behind the cash register. The girl withheld a sigh. Melody was hoping for a date even though she felt no attraction to this man. Still trying to prove she was straight. How sad.

Hiding behind a rack of postcards, the girl took off her baseball cap putting her hair band and glasses in it. With a small pop the cap disappeared.

Despite being tied back and under a hat for prolonged period of time, her hair remained perfect.

xI so love being a Goddess.x

Confidently, she walked up to Melody and tapped her on the shoulder.

Melody spun around and had to fight the blush. Mentally she screamed at herself that she was not attracted to any sort of girls.

The girl had to withhold another giggle at Melody's thoughts.

"Miss… Melody, correct?"

"Ah…y-yes. Can I do anything for you Miss….?"

"Bliss. And yes, I was hoping to talk you…" The girl glanced at the man behind the cash register then looked back at Melody. "Alone."

"R-right." Melody led her out a door that said 'Employees Only' and into what appeared to be the employee lounge.

"Miss…Bliss, right?" Melody said, her discomfort obvious to Bliss.

"Yes, but please no 'miss,' Melody." Bliss purred. xI can see why Gramma Dite did this so much. This is fun!x

"A-alright. What did you want to ask me?" A small pink hue decorated Melody's cheeks.

"I was hoping you would be free later tonight. We could…get together?" Bliss smiled.

Melody's blush increased. "Ah… you mean like a… date?"

Bliss walked up closer to Melody. There was about an inch in height difference, but it seemed to work in Bliss' favor. Bliss pressed herself up against Melody, enjoying the effect she was having on the human.

"Yes." Bliss said seductively. "Exactly like a date."

Melody gulped, unable to understand why she wasn't able to resist. She was very good at it by now, but for some reason the though of saying 'no' to Bliss seemed unacceptable.

"Ah.. s-sure. When would be a good time?"


Bliss giggled. That had been fun! Melody was now off having sex with some girl they had met at the club.

The best part was that they both were completely sober! Bliss sighed happily. xThis must be why daddy played matchmaker so much.x

Bliss was still at the club, her outfit the same as it had been, except she now had a panda bear shaped mini-backpack. She started digging through it, still very proud of herself, when she suddenly frowned. She dug through her bag a bit more desperately.

xWhere in Tartarus is it!x

A human teenager had the misfortune to try hitting on Bliss at that precise moment.

"So, Baby--"

"Back off human!" She glared up at him, her canines seemingly getting longer, her eyes slowly turning completely red, her hair taking on the form of snakes…

The boy wisely ran for his life. No one bothered Bliss after that.

xIt's not here! How can it not be here! Where is that vial! I never--x Bliss' head shot up from her backpack as she was hit with a memory.


Melody was droning on about something that Bliss didn't care about. The group was looking at the package/shipment of canned cola.

The group was on what must have been the third floor, looking down on the first. Bored, Bliss took out a vial from her pocket. The vial itself was a clear-blue color and about three inches long, it had what looked like black liquid swirling in it.

Bliss took the cap off and took a small sip from it. Melody called the groups attention to something and Bliss set it down on the railing. Momentarily forgetting it was there, Bliss leaned against the railing, knocking the vial over.

The black liquid quickly dripped out, the liquid leaving the vial as if trying to escape.

At that exact moment, a man wearing the standard issue uniform was carrying the last case of the canned cola to the delivery truck. He didn't see the black liquid that landed on the case and then through it. It kept going through the case until it landed in two separate cans of cola. The cola bubbled then sparkled.

"As you can see, the process of soda-making isn't..." Melody droned on. Bliss was too caught up in her own thoughts to really pay attention.

Eventually, they were lead away from that area and towards another one. Without thinking Bliss simply snapped her fingers, the now empty vial disappearing. She didn't even pause her thinking. What was the point? So long as the liquid remained in that vial she could finish it later…

-x-x-x-End Flashback-x-x-x-

Bliss was staring wide-eyed at her panda.

That vial had contained a love potion. It was something of an energy replenishment to her, but if a human drank that… Bliss gulped. xIf a human drinks that, they'll fall in love with the first thing they see. Be it another human... an animal... an object...x

"I am so fucked…"

Her panda remained silent, choosing not to comment.

Bliss whimpered and then did the one thing she did best: cry pathetically.


Hours earlier, the magically-contaminated soda arrived precisely on time to where it was scheduled to be shipped.

It was put on the shelf with the rest of the nonmagically-contaminated sodas and was left there.

Around the time Bliss was introducing Melody to the girl she would later leave with, the magically-contaminated soda was bought.

Yuugi Mutou carried his newly bought soda home.



(1) It's pronounced Die-tee.


DK: Mwahahahahahaha! XD