What's Good For Me

By: Saint Ann

Chapter 10: "What's Good For Me"

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Summary: Ginny is tired of getting hurt by many boys, but what happens when the least of them that she thought would sure hurt her instead makes her feel...good.

"Yeaaaahhhhh,oh oh,

I'm gonna do it, do it,

I know, I know, First time

I thought it but I didn't do,

Last time that's when I really blew it,

I'm gonna do it different 'cause I know,

I'm gonna get what's good for me..."

"Dr-Draco?" I was shocked, I didn't know how to react.

Why in the bloody hell was Draco there?! Oh no...don't tell me Ron...

I glared at my brother with such loathing that I thought I saw a hole right between his eyes.

Oh! He did it! I know he told mum and dad! And I know that ProfessorDumbledore has to know something also!!!! Grrrr! Oh, I hate him so much!!! He just keeps on ruining everything for me!!! Now mum and dad will punish me! Thank you very much Ronald!

My thoughts were pushed aside as someone cleared his throat.

"Well, as you clearly see your daughter is allright. But, what I haven't understand is why did you asked me to send for Mister Malfoy here...?" Professor Dumbledore started.

"Well, we just wanted to ask both Gin and him a question..." Mrs. Weasley said

She's smiling...oh she' smiling, not good, not good...oh ruddy hell...deep breaths Gin, DEEP...BREATHS!!!

"Ginny, dear...is it true what your brother told us twenty minutes ago when we arrived here? Is it true that you and this...this boy are a couple?"

Uh oh, I'm fucked!


Oh bloddy hell! Oh dear! Oh Merlin's beard, help me!!!

Suddenly I felt a hand taking mine and I looked up to see Draco with a look of determination.

"Yes Mrs. Weasley, it is true...Ginny and I...are boyfriend and girlfriend..."

Mum's smile faded and looked at me.


I just kept looking at her.

Oh no...what if I say it's true?! What would happen?! Daddy's not going to be happy! Oh Merlin! A little help here?!

"Ginny? I'm asking you a question?" Mum said with a warning tone.

I looked at my mum, then at my dad, then at my brothers and at Professor Dumbledore...finally I looked into the blue/gray eyes of my love. He smiled at me and his look said to me that I must say the truth.

I cannot take it anymore!!! I have to say it! I have to scream what my heart tells me to do!!!

"Yes! Yes! I am Draco's girlfriend! I am! and I'm not ashame of it! On the contrary! I am happy about it! I love him! Yes! I love Draco Malfoy very much! And whatever you think of me or him! I don't give a ruddy hell! 'Cause our love is what counts in the end!" I yelled at the top of my lungs crying.

Everybody was shocked except for Professor Dumbledore of course who just kept on smiling...I wonder why?...

"But...Ginny, dear...he's a...a Malfoy..." dad said in a sad tone.

"Please, dear--" mum started.

But then again, someone cleared his throat and spoke.

"If I dare interrupt, I just got to say that Draco's personality here was only an act to just make his father proud. He is not the child all of you remember, underneath that mask was his true self, waiting to finally be free." Dumbledore gave a smile while his eyes as always, twinkled.

"You knew?! H-how?!" Me and Draco asked shock.

What am I saying?! Duh! He's Dumbledore! The greatest wizard of all ages!

"So...he is not a bad boy as they all think he is?!" mum asked in a surprise tone.

"Indeed, if I may tell. Draco is one of the best students that Hogwarts had in years and he is also kind and if I might add, a true gentleman!" Dumbledore got near to where me and Draco were standing and put a hand on Draco's shoulder as Draco smiled at him.

"Thanks, Professor"

"Fake! It's all a fake!" Ron yelled gaping.

"Get a bloody grip, Ronald! Besides, are you saying that Professor Dumbledore is a liar?!" I yelled back.

Ron opened his mouth to protest but closed it again.

"I thought so" I said in a warning tone.

"Wow, a Weasley with a Malfoy...I thought I never see the day coming..." Fred whispered in George's ear.

"Tell me about it, let's put it this way! At least we got to whoop his arse before leaving school!"

Both nodded in agreement and looked up to see their mother walked toward their sister.

"Do you really love him...?"

I looked at Draco then smiled and looked at my mother's eyes.

"Yes, mum...I do."

"And you, Draco...do you love my daughter?"

"Yes I do, mam...with all my heart" Draco smiled.

My mother smiled. "Allright! It's settle then!"

"B-But—" dad and Ron said.

"No buts, dear!"

Draco walked toward my father.

"Sir, I love your daughter. I never had the intentions to hurt her and if I do, you're allow to put my head on a plate!"

My dad chuckled at his statement.

"Besides, my love. We're talking here about our daughter's hapiness, this is all about what's good for her! Isn't that right, dear?!"

"Yes, what's good for me!" I smiled happily.

My dad looked at my mum then at me and Draco...he smiled...I guess me and Draco reminded him of his Hogwarts years when he was boyfriend with mum. He sighed and nodded.

"Allright, you have my permission"

"Yes dear, you may be a couple...my baby's sure growing up..." mum said as her eyes watered.

"Aw, mum! Thank you! You don't know how much this means to me! And thank you, dad!" I hugged them both.

"But on one condition: No intimate relations! Not until you get marry...if you do..." dad said.

We looked at each other and we both were blushing hard.

"Dad!" I said as I punched him in his chest.

Seriously...how embarrassing...-giggles- if only he knew...

"Well, then there's no more to say then..."

"But dad!" Ron protested.

"Now, now Ron! You should be happy for your sister! And besides, you heard Dumbledore here! If the reason that you're against this is because you thought Draco was a mean lad, now you know it was all an act. Now...be a decent wizard and shake hands with him to forget all about it"

Ron thought about it for a minute but Draco smiled and he extended his hand to him, Ron reluctantly took it and shake it.

Draco looked at him and grinned as my brother also looked at him and changed his serious look to a smile.

Oh my...bloddy hell...Merlin! Somebody hold me! I could faint now you know!

"Well, I suppose we can gonow. Come along Fred, George" dad smiled at me.

"Bye Ginny dear, see you in three weeks!" mum hugged me.

"Bye mum, love you!"

"Bye Draco, take care of my baby" she hugged him.

Even though it surprised him, Draco hugged her back.

"Don't worry Mrs. Weasley, I will."

"Bye Ron dear, take care!"

"I will mum" Ron turned red when mum gave him a kiss.

Me and Draco try not to laugh.

Dad whistled, the car flew to Dumbledore's office window and opened it's door so that Fred, George, mum and dad could get in. They waved goodbye and in a few minutes they were gone and out of trace.

"Well, I guess you can return to your respective classes, see you at supper..." Dumbledore said.

We were about to go when Dumbledore stopped Ron.

"Wait there, Mr. Weasley. Can you please stay and do me a favor?"

Ron looked at us then at Dumbledore.

"Sure thing, Professor Dumbledore"

Me and Draco smiled at Professor Dumbledore and we mouthed "Thank you" as we opened the door and closed it behind us.

When we were out we started laughing hysterically.

"Wow! I can't believe it! Now I know miracles do happen!" I laughed.

Without any warning, Draco carried me and spun me around.

"Ahhhh! Stop it, you're making me dizzy!" I said laughing.

"Oh really?!" he smirked and spun me harder.

"Ahhh! Stoooop!" I giggled harder.

Then he stopped and we still were laughing until we calmed ourselves and looked at each other's eyes...then I looked down. Draco put his hand in my chin and make me look at his eyes.

"What's a matter, Gin?" Draco asked confuse. "You should be happy!"

"I know...I am, I really am...but...mum told me something I totally forgot about..."


" 'See you in 3 weeks'...I forgot we only have 3 more weeks of school and then...you're off...and I'll be in the seventh year..."

"Ginny...don't worry, I'll owl you and maybe we can meet in Hogsmeade on Halloween...and...maybe I can visit you at your house this summer and on Christmas...it's going to be difficult 'cause your brothers will be there trying to get a piece of my flesh but I don't care...I'll give them a piece of me if they want it, as long as I can see you, I don't care a single thing...nothing is more important than what you are to me, what you mean to me...I love you Ginny Weasley. I love you, and that means that I want to spend the rest of my ruddy life with you..."

I laughed at his comment of the "ruddy life" and smiled as my eyes watered and soon tears came falling down my cheeks. He wiped them away with his thumb as he kissed my forehead.

"I wanna live the rest of my 'ruddy life' with you too...I love you Draco...I finally found what's good for me..." I smiled and got lost in his twinkling blue/gray eyes as I soothed his cheek.

Draco smiled too as he got closed to my face and kissed me softly and sweetly...

Yup! I'm completely happy and I know I will always be once I'm out of Hogwarts and get marry with the man I love.

And like this, I end my sad life to forever live in a new happy one. This is the end of my love story...

Or...is it?!


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