Author Note: I got the idea for this fic while I was at work today. I don't own Cube or any of the characters, though I would give what's left of my soul to own Worth. And please keep in mind that this was written in about two hours between costumers.

Flash: A Cube Fic

Holloway saw it in his eyes, that look which betrayed his madness. Now he held her life in his hands. She watched his smile fall into a grim look that could only mean one thing.


She was sitting at her table, eating dinner, when she heard a noise outside. She got up and looked out her window. Seeing nothing she went back to her food. Sitting down, she noticed she was out of sour cream and went to get some more.


She was falling; lights form other cubes zipping past her. She wondered how far she had fallen, how many cubes she had passed, if she would die before she hit the bottom of the sh……