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She was sitting in her room cleaning up the mess caused by a gaping hole in her cealing that Cyborg fixed about a month ago. Her room was a mess.
She levitated her dresser drawer back into place and a black book fell out of it. She picked it up and leafed through it. It was her old diary.
One page made her stop. As she read it tears welled up in her eyes but she wouldn't let them fall. She threw the book at her wall, screaming and cursing at it.
She sat on her bed and held herself.

She heard thumps coming down the hallway. Didn't matter.

"Raven? The guys went to the mall. Was that you screaming? Are you okay?" It was Beast Boy.
"Me? Okay? Ha! I've never been okay!" She growled.
"Can I come in? Please Rae?" He begged.
"No! Leave me alone! Don't you even dare come in here!" She screamed.
"You sound like your going to cry...no deal Rae, I'm coming in." He transformed into a fly and flew under her door and shifted back.
"I said go away!" She glared, eyes going red.

He studied his situation. Raven sitting on her bed, close to tears and ticked off. A major mess everywhere. Book pages everywhere.
And...one book on the floor still...

"Raven, I hate when your sad, it kills me inside. Please, tell me what's wrong." He pleaded.
Her eyes flickered for a secod to the book.
"Nothing" She stared him down.

He walked over to the book but she levitated it to her and she pressed it to her chest and let our a cry.
"Raven! What is it?" He panicked as he began to smell blood.
She slowley pulled the book away from her chest and arms. Glass shards were stuck in her book. She winced and she finally pulled
it away from her and dropped it on the floor.

He rushed to her side with a cloth from the floor and wiped away her blood.
"Please be ore careful next time Raven." She could see it in his eyes, he meant other things as well.
She nodded and took the cloth from him and turned to wipe her chest. He grabbed the book as quickly and quietly as he could.
"Are you sure your okay?" He asked once more.
"Define okay." She retorted.
"I just worry about you Raven.." He place a hand on her shoulder and lingered for a second. Then he left.
She stared after him and began to cry.
"I'm not okay, I'll never be okay. Can't you see? I'm broken into many pieces." She whispered into the darkness of her room.

Beast Boy rushed into his room and read her book, avoiding any and all glass shards. He felt sad from page one. But at the very last page
he couldn't breath, his very breath caught in his throat.

It read:

Dear Diary,

Arella thought it was good for me to come here with Trigon, to help me feel natural and accepted. Wrong, You've seen
The passages! I can't take it anymore! I'm no ones tourniquet. I'm not a target for anger. I'm not a boxing bag!
So I've decides to kill myself tonight unless she comes to get me. I sent her a letter telling her to. I hate myself but I hate him and everything else more.
I'm nothing. I'm dead,hollow inside, cold to the touch. I won't be missed, I can tell. I welcome death.
I know it's the cowards way out. I'm a coward.
So farwell, I'll be leaving you today. There's nothing they can say to make me change my mind. Goodbye.

Raven Roth,
Victim of abuse.

He read the date.
"She...she was only nine..." He stared at the pages for what seemed forever.
"I'm so glad she's still here with us. I'm so glad she's sill here with me."
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