Hey Bub,
Can't say I've been good this year, but I didn't tempt Jean to cheat on Scooter more than ten times... Just bring me my usual. That is, beer, whiskey, and cuban cigars. But I gotta list of things you need to bring for the team. I know, I'm generous.

Jean-Bring her some of that wonderful sexy perfume I love so much.

Scott-Yeah, he's on my list. Told ya I was generous. Bring him some dead rattlesnakes and if he's been really good, bring him a half-living rat.

Jubes-Bring the kid some bubblegum and a cowboy hat so that she'll quit stealing mine. And give the kid a new raincoat. The other one got ripped up pretty bad on our last mission.

Ororo-Bring 'Ro some new plants, and maybe a book on gardens in Japan. She's been wanting to plant one every since I described them to her.

Rouge- Bring the woman some nice gloves and a new horror flick.

Gambit- Bring Gumbo some spicy seasonings and a few more packs of cards.

Charles-Bring Chuck a new fancy suit and a book on Physics

Oh, by the way, don't forget to put flowers on Mariko's grave. Bring them others a few more things, and bring Sabertooth a major hangover.Remember my stuff.

Remember our agreement,