Description: It's Christmas Even and the Eds are invited to a party over a Nazz's, just like every year, only this time things will be different. This takes on in the future when the Eds are older teenagers and are about to finish school.

Warning: SLASH! Lots of it. Do not read if you don't like it.

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Ed's Christmas Gift!

Written by Lor and Tiffy

Next day, Christmas morning. They had fallen asleep on the couch late the night before, and now Edd woke up to the sounds of cheerful music blaring from the alarm clock on the table beside the couch. Why they had an alarm clock there he didn't know, but the sticky note stuck upon it that read "wake up on time, 3 Mom" answered the question. He blinked and reached over, pressing the button and turning the alarm off. He got up, careful not to wake Ed, and went into the kitchen to see if any other notes had accumulated during the night. His parents must have returned home after they'd fallen asleep, and were probably asleep upstairs now. They didn't work on Christmas, but they weren't up right on time like Edd was. A quick survey of the kitchen and he found no notes questioning why Ed was there, of mentioning Ed much at all other than "make your friend some breakfast, 3 Mom," which made him feel a little less worried. His parents probably didn't guess anything close to why their son was asleep in another boy's arms, and if they did, they didn't mind. Ed was there every Christmas, after all. Edd went back into the living room and got a blanket out of a cabinet under the tv, going over and laying it down on Ed snugly. He sat down on the couch again and petted Ed's hair absentmindedly, flicking on the tv and watching the Christmas parade on mute. Breakfast could wait a little while, Ed needed his sleep.

As Edd sat there and waited, loud knocking was heard as well as the over use of Edd's doorbell.

Edd blinked and bit his lip. This probably wasn't going to be in the Christmas spirit, but he got up and went over to the door anyway. He undid the lock and opened the door just a crack, peering out at whoever was there. "Who is it?" he said timidly.

"It's me, Sockhead!" came a familiar discontentful voice.

Edd made a tiny noise that was a slight mixture of worriment and fear. "Um, hi," he said. "What brings you here..?"

"We need to talk." Was Eddy's instant reply.

Edd paused. "Alright then," he said hesitantly. "Go ahead."

Eddy gave him a look that meant "what the fuck" and said; "Aren't you gonna invite me in?"

"That depends," Edd said nervously. "Are you going to do something mean?"

Eddy decided to avoid that subject and continued about what he wanted to talk about. "It's about Ed."

"What about Ed?" Edd still hadn't opened the door any wider, hoping that Ed was still asleep on the couch in the room behind him.

"About Lumpy, I'm sorry that I upsetted you both last night." Eddy said, avoiding eye contact with anyone. "You're right, I haven't been acting the friend that I should've been. I'm sorry I hit the guy, too. It's just...I have so much pressure on me with my mom and dad always worshipping my brother, talking about how popular he is and yet no matter how hard I try I still don't add up to him, not even close to a half." He sighed out loud. "And I also wanted to tell you that Sarah isn't happy with Ed one bit, and Rolf's gone off the deep end about the whole thing himself...God it's freezing out here..."

Edd looked at him. "...Fine, come on in," he said, standing aside and opening the door. "And I don't know what in the world Rolf could possibly be unhappy about... Sarah, maybe, because he is her brother and all, but Rolf? Honestly."

Eddy walked right in and looked at him. "Rolf thinks Lumpy's diseasing the whole neighborhood. You know how his people are. Strange, yet can't accept things over here as much." He sighs again. "Sarah's looking for Ed, Double D, and she ain't happy either." He looks around and spots Ed sleeping on the couch. "I see that he must've stayed here last night. Figures. He wasn't his or my house."

"Rolf's culture does leave some things to be desired," Edd agreed. "Sarah shouldn't come in here if she's going to tear the place apart again, I got two whole handfuls of sticky notes last time, and they were the small kind, too." He looked over at Ed on the couch, then back at Eddy. "I invited him to stay here."

Eddy bit his bottom lip and stared at Ed, who appeared to be twitching a little bit, his face in a frightened grimace. Ed was having another bad nightmare again, as usual. "Like anything's gonna stop her, Double D. The way she talked, well, screamed, she's gonna tear Ed limb from limb."

Edd's face paled. Sarah wasn't so cruel as to truly tear Ed apart, but she would break a few bones and have no remorse if she wanted to. "What for? Ed doesn't want to go back there anyway, what other problem could she possibly have?"

Eddy looked at his friend and asked; "Do you remember the time we read her diary when we were twelve?"

Edd thought for a minute. "Um.. yes."

Eddy continued; "She still has that crush on you."

If it was humanly possibly for any more color to drain from the poor boy's face, it would have. He stared at Eddy for a few minutes before speaking. "But.. but why hurt Ed? Why does she think she even has a chance with, um, with.." He paled a little more at the thought. "With me? Why meee?"

Eddy shrugged and went; "Beats me sock-head. Sarah's just one messed up confusing little bitch." He looked at Ed again, "Good thing you two aren't boyfriends or she'll really hurt him then."

Edd gulped and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um, well..."

Eddy blinked and looked back at him. "Well, what?"

Well, you see, we.. um.. well you see we're, er, with the.. with the love and the.. the love and.. yeah," Smooth, Edd. Real smooth.

Eddy blinked at him some more, then snerked. "You two are boyfriends, aren't you? You're actually going out?"

Edd blushed a little. "Well we haven't really 'gone out' anywhere, but.. yes."

Eddy started to chuckle.

Edd gave him a look. "What's so funny?"

"You dog, you!" He teased, laughing, socking him gently in the shoulder. "I knew you had to be gay, too! ...Well, that or bi."

Edd blushed again and rubbed his shoulder. "That hurt, Eddy," Wimp. He went over and sat down on the couch next to Ed, looking over at Eddy again. "...Am I that obvious?" Though the real question probably was 'If I'm that obvious, is Sarah really that stupid?'

"Yeah, pretty much." Eddy answered. "You and Ed are both. ...Sarah is just stupid."

Edd nodded. "Ah, I thought as much," he said. "So, um.. what do we do if she shows up here? I don't want her to hurt Ed, but I'm.. me. I can't really.. do much."

"Psh, tell me about it." Eddy snorted. "Weeeell, I would say hide, but that wouldn't do any good. I guess run away from her when you two see her. You know if she's gonna hurt one of us, she's gonna hurt us all. ...Too bad Lumpy there is too soft-hearted, he could kick her ass if he really wanted to."

Edd looked at Eddy with a worried face before looking at the sleeping Ed and whining a little. "I don't want any of us to get hurt," he said, petting Ed's hair again.

"Well, neither do I, Double D." Eddy said. "I just wish the bitch would just choke on a hairball or some--" A loud bang on the door interrupted him from finishing. "What the fuck!" He said as the door rattled and shoot violently and then flung itself open. God, Eddy wished that Edd locked the door for there she stood, hissing and growling, eyes glowing like the fires of Hell. "WHERE IS HE!" Sarah hissed, looking around for her older brother whom she spotted lying on the couch, still asleep.

Edd made a frightened noise and wrapped his arms around Ed, staring at Sarah. "Don't you dare touch him!" he whimpered across the room. "Get out of my house!"

Sarah stared at Edd and gave him the most disgusted, yet, horrified crossed between murderous look she could conjure up. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" She yelled.

"I-I s-said stay away from him!" Edd stuttered, terrified. "Leave us alone!"

Sarah growled profoundly, and stomped over anyway. "Don't you tell me what to do, Double D!" And with that, she shoved him away and grabbed her brother by his hair. Poor Ed woke up, screaming in pain and in confusion and blinked up at his sister. "SARAH!" He whimpered. "Please don't hurt me, little sis! I didn't do anything!" Sarah's gaze harshened and hissed in a venomous tone; "LIAR! You did do something bad! You did the worse thing anyone could possibly do to me! You ruined our family name and you tried to get with my muse! YOU BIG DUMBASS! I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO RIP YOU APART!" She then paused and said in a sickening, fake sweet tone. "Oh, and daddy and mommy said to get your things packed. You're gonna live at your cousin's from now on." Ed just stared at his sister in hurt and then began to cry. Sarah then slapped him and started her charade of beating the tar out of him.

Edd staggered up off the floor and stared at Sarah. "You horrible person!" he shouted, running at her and managing to knock her down only because he was a little bit taller. "Leave him alone! Leave us alone! I hate you and I love Ed. Yeah, I LOVE him, and I hate YOU, you stupid BITCH." He glared at her, too angry that someone could be so horrible to someone else like that to notice he'd said a 'bad word.' He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled, unable to think straight after seeing what she'd been trying to do to poor Ed.

Ed lied there on the floor now, curled up in a ball, crying to himself as he held his badly bleeding nose which his little sister had broken, the rest of him felt pretty bad as well and he might even have a few broken ribs and other bones. Sarah just continued to scream and tried to attack poor Eddward now, screaming about how her hopes and dreams of being with the guy were now shattered and it was all Ed's fault! Eddy just stood there and watched in awe. "Wow, Double D." He said, but then Sarah turned around and started smacking him around as well, Eddy fighting back. "DAMMIT, YOU BITCH! QUIT IT!"

Edd scrambled away from Eddy and Sarah and went over to Ed, pulling him close to him and hugging him tight. "Come on Ed, let's go upstairs," he whispered. "Come on, shh, we'll get you cleaned up in a hurry, let's go.." He got up, pulling poor Ed to his feet and helping him walk up the stairs, going as quickly as he could without making too much noise. He gave Eddy a look over his shoulder that said "sorry, but my boyfriend is bleeding a lot, you're on your own right now" and took Ed up to his room, closing the door behind them and locking it. Safe. For the time being. Now if Eddy could just think to keep her distracted downstairs for a little while, he could deal with this. First, Ed. He led the boy over to his bed and told him to lay down, flitting around his room looking for a phone.

Ed shook and held his nose, still crying and still badly bleeding. It wasn't too long and he started to feel lightheaded and dizzy, feeling like he was gonna black out any time soon. Meanwhile downstairs, Eddy and Sarah were beating the crap out of each other. It was a good thing Eddy too weight training, because now he had the upper hand over the ruthless bitch, FINALLY. He growled as Sarah tried to claw his eyes out. "No, you don't, bitch!" He then dragged her by her hair and threw her out of the house. "AND STAY OUT." And slammed and locked Double D's house's front door. Eddy found himself chuckling, smirking proudly to himself, not carring about the black eye he had at that current moment. "I always wanted to do that."

Upstairs, Edd heard the door slam and rushed out to the top of the stairs. "Eddy!" he called down. "If she comes back in, call the police! And right now call the doctor!" And with that, he dashed down to the kitchen, grabbed some wet paper towels and a few ice packs out of the freezer, and ran back up to his room. He rushed over and sat down on the bed, wiping the blood off of Ed's face with the towels and laying an ice pack gently on his nose to dull the pain. "Eddy's going to call the doctor, Ed," he said softly, stroking Ed's hair. "The doctor's going to fix your nose up and when he asks what happened, maybe we can get Sarah arrested, or sent away for a while."

Ed just moaned and replied; "I don't feel too well, Double D."

"Shhh," Edd said. "It's alright, Eddy's calling the doctor."

Ed looked at his boyfriend sadly. "Whatever happens, Double D..."

Edd hugged him close and sniffled. "Ed, I love you. You're going to be okay. It's just a broken nose."

Ed sighed and continued; "Don't arrest my sister, Double D. I don't want to be responsible. I don't want to see her wind up in a cell. P-please."

Edd brushed Ed's hair off his face. "Alright, Ed," he said. "I won't. I won't say she did this to you. But the doctor is going to ask what happened, and someone has to be blamed for this.."

Ed thought for a second, feeling all woozy as he tried to answer, "Just say I fell and broke my nose that way."

Edd hugged him close again. "Okay. I'll tell them that." He got up and stuck his head out of the room and called downstairs. "Eddy! Are the doctors here yet?"

Eddy looked up, waiting at the door. "Nooooope." Then he heard the sirens go off outside. "...Now they're here."

A loud thudding noise is heard from upstairs.

Edd jumped and looked back into his room. "Ed?"

And there was Ed, pretty much lying there on Edd's floor, passed out from all of the blood loss, nose still bleeding.

Edd made a horrified noise and ran over, pulling Ed up off the floor and trying to stop his nose from bleeding with one hand and half-piggy back him out of the room with the other. He got to the top of the stairs and called down for help, looking frantic.


Later, after being rushed to the hospital, the doctors X-rayed and examine Ed's body to see where if there was any other massive hemorrhages besides the broke blood vessels in his nose, and there were. So, very quickly, they rushed him back into the emergency room and began to operate on the poor unconscious boy.

Edd sat in the waiting room and sniffled, worried.

Eddy sat there beside his friend and waited as well, bored out of his mind and eating M&M's. He looked over at his spaztic friend and asked; "Want one?"

Edd shook his head and sniffled again. "I don't think I can stomach anything right now," he said, looking at the floor.

"Oh." Was Eddy's reply. "Sorry." And he continued to wait and looked around for any signs of anything interesting to happen. Several hours later, the doctor came out of the room and looked at them.

Edd continued to sniffle at the floor, too worried to notice much else.

The doctor cleared his throat to gain their attention. "...You may see him now."

Edd looked up at him. "Is he okay oh god he's okay right!"

The doctor smiled. "Yes, he made it, barely by a hair, but he does have broken bones and those will take time to heal. He'll be having to stay for at least a week here, just in case if bleeding should occure again, and he'll be loaned a wheelchair until his casts can be removed."

Edd gave a little squeak of relief and scrambled out of his seat and over to the doctor. "Where's his room I have to see him now!"

"Right this way." The doctor said and lead Edd and Eddy to where Ed will be occupying for the rest of the week. Once there, the doctor opened the door and let them in. "You two have a nice holiday." And with that he left.

Edd dashed into the room and over to Ed's bedside, clinging to his hand and hugging his arm tight. "Oh Ed I was so worried I'm so glad you're okay!"

Ed looked up at him and smiled all cheery-like. "Hey, Double D!"

Edd threw his arms around Ed and hugged him tight, kissing him all over his face. "I love you I love you I'm so glad you're alright oh god Ed." He hugged him again.

Ed smiled so brightly, like he was the spirit of Christmas himself. He hugged Edd close and said; "I love you, too, Double D. I really and for truly do. And look. The doctor gave us christmas cookies!" He pointed to the decorative boque of Christmas cookies wrapped up in a fancy basket. Eddy looked at them and comment, "Neat." Ed looked at him and kept smiling. "Hey, Eddy." Eddy smiled and replied, "Hey, Lumpy." Ed continued to smile and wished out loud, "Merry Christmas, Eddy!" "Merry Christmas to you, too, you knucklehead."

Edd, slightly more calm now that Ed was, in fact, doing just fine, continued to hug him and looked up at him from his odd position of half-sitting on the floor. "So, what are you going to do when the week is up, Ed?" And now the issue of Ed's living conditions arose again. Edd didn't want to say it because he thought it sounded pretty selfish, but he wanted Ed to stay with him, in his house, but Sarah's mention of a cousin of their's might interfere with that.

Ed looked at him and frowned. "I dunno, Double D." He looked sadly down at his casts and wraps.

Edd reached up and smoothed Ed's hair in a comforting sort of way. "Well, your parents seem to want you to live.. wherever it is your cousin lives, but I.. I want you to say with me."

Ed smiled at him sadly. "I want to stay with you, too. Maybe we can both live together."

"I'd like that," Edd said. "And.. do you really have to listen to your parents anymore? We're almost out of high school, Ed, and they.. don't treat you right. They shouldn't keep getting away with it."

Ed thought about it for a moment or two and shook his head, hugging Double D as close as he can. "No, no, I don't, Double D. ...I love you."

Edd hugged him back, wiggling his way up so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. "I love you too, Ed. And.. and I want you to stay with me. Even if we have to pool all our money and see if we can rent an apartment, or something. Or we could just stay at my house."

Ed continued to smile at his lover. "Both sound good to me, Double D."

Edd smiled and played with Ed's hair a little, affectionately. "I'm sure my parents won't mind," he said. "I've been getting some sticky notes recently that seem to be implying that I really am as obviously not completely or just not straight at all like Eddy said. Huh. ..But yes, I think my parents would be okay with it as long as I don't shirk on my chores, or anything."

Ed hugged him close and petted his head some. "I'm happy, Double D. This is tha happiest I've ever been and it's all thanks to you, my little Christmas present." He kisses him and Eddy snickers to himself about how sappy the Lump can be and Ed continued to be kissy.

Edd blushed and kissed him back, hoping he was doing it right because he was that much of a dork, on the inside. He shot Eddy a sideways look of "shut up, you" and continued kissing.

And Eddy just smirked and said; "I'll just leave you two love birds alone." And walked out of the room. Ed pulled Edd closer and continued to kiss him.

Edd scooted closer to him and kissed him back some more. This had turned out to be a pretty good Christmas after all.

And indeed it was, for the both of them. Both had received the greatest presents they could ever gotten, each other.



Written by both Lor and Tiffy


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