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Title: Selective Memory

Summary: When all's said and done, what you remember depends on you. (Post War. AU. Harry/Oliver/Cedric)

After the war people try to pretend that things haven't changed. Moving on, they call it, but it really is forgetting.

It's hard to forget, though, when Oliver looks at his team (Puddlemere United, his team because the Captain's dead) and sees the empty spots.

They need replacements, but it's harsh to think that. (Replacements). It seems cruel, as to think that they could be replaced, but Oliver knew them, knew that Fletcher was a bloody good Seeker and that his Chasers were people he could have liked (if they'd lived, if, if, if).

So he asks Harry(Harry who's probably as messed up in the head as people say he is) to come and play for them. Harry says yes (I'll play for you because your Seeker's dead). Chasers come from other teams – teams that aren't as intact as this one. (because they died too.)

Oliver finds he wants to forget, too.

"Do you remember?" he asks Harry (Harry who's definitely as insane as people think he is) after Quidditch practice one day, when they're muddy and sweaty and tired (not as tired as during the War, because we were too scared to sleep then).

Harry (staring blankly like a blind man) sits and smoothes over the gloss on the handle of his broom. It's still the same old Firebolt and it still handles like a charm.

"Yes," he says. Just yes, I remember. (Everything, nothing) I remember.

"I can't," Oliver says, and Harry (too old even if he's only twenty) nods like he expected that.

"I remember Cedric," he says, and Oliver blinks. Because who is Cedric compared to all the others they've lost? Dumbledore, the Weasley twins, (Gred, then Forge, because they were one split in two), Hermione, RonGinnyLeeKatieMcGonnagall… (too many; he can't list them all)

"It was raining," Harry (poor sweet Harry who couldn't stop saving people) says. "Remember? And the Dementors came. I fell down and he caught the snitch." (ashes to ashes, we all fall down)

Oliver remembers. And he wonders if Harry (who sees too much now – instead of too little) knows what else happened after that match, because he can't can he?

("Wood?" Cautiously, sorry, almost inaudible over the hiss hiss of the showers. "I really am sorry. Madam Hooch won't let me schedule a rematch." Hufflepuff kindness. As good a winner as he was a loser.

"It's just a game, Diggory." Unbelievable, voice too hoarse, try again. "You won, fair and square. Congratulations."

Frustration. Hand through wet hair. "It wasn't fair and square, Oliver! If the Dementors hadn't interfered, Harry would have taken the snitch. We both know it."



Blink. "Cedric" Blink. "You won. Your team won. What will it take to convince you?"

Firmly. "A rematch."

"I can't argue with Hooch." Amusement. "You won," Pause. "Cedric."

"But… oh!" Kiss.)

"Funny how much you can remember when you try," Harry (who definitely knows) says.

"Yea," Oliver says and because he remembers doesn't start when Harry (insane Harry, who lost absolutely everything in the war) says 'Cedric' and kisses him.