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A couple days later, Mr. Tumnus decided to visit Lucy at Cair Paravel. Five days had passed, marking possibly the longest period of time he and Lucy had not seen each other (not counting the times when she had been traveling). Tumnus couldn't help but wonder what the was up to. He knew of no balls or social gatherings coming up, so he pondered about what could possibly be keeping her from visiting and having tea with him. Putting on his red scarf, he headed outside. It was just the beginning of autumn and already the winds were blowing.

He began to make his way up to Lucy's home of Cair Paravel, a twenty-minute walk from his cozy cave to the grand castle. Not that he minded. In fact, he was always grateful to visit Lucy in her castle. The time it took for him to walk was enough for him to go over the things in his mind that needed to be sorted out.

On his walk he admired many things in nature around him -- the birds singing their joyous songs, the shades of brown and orange that the leaves were turning, even the breeze on his face which was not yet the harsh winds that came once winter approached. Everything around him was just so lovely. Soon, it would all be covered in snow. He used to despise the snow, but now he no longer did. Winter was Lucy's favorite season…

After his long trudge up the hill, Mr. Tumnus finally reached Cair Paravel in all its glory. It stood, tall and might, watching over all of Narnia. From the tallest tower, it seemed as if you could see anything and everything.

Now at the door, Tumnus reached for the knocker and made known his arrival.

A servant answered the door. It was Faun like himself, only dressed in the royal colors of Narnia. Tumnus had been given the chance to become an advisor, or even a guard, for the Kings and Queens, but he had politely declined. He had no interest in any of those sorts of things, and would much rather be reading a book and sipping tea instead.

The other Faun opened the door wider for Tumnus to enter and showed him in. He left him there to fetch Lucy. As Tumnus waited for her to come, he looked at the paintings on the walls. Portraits of past kings and queens and creatures of all shapes and sizes hung proudly on the walls. While scanning them, Tumnus couldn't help but stop to gaze at the portrait of the four siblings. Peter stood looking proud and royal, hands placed on Edmund's and Susan's shoulders. He was not smiling, but the painter seemed to want to portray his courage through his eyes. Susan had a kind, loving look on her face as she tilted her head towards Lucy. Though the gi.rl in the picture was just as beautiful as she was, it looked nothing like Susan. Edmund looked even more different from himself than Susan did. His face was serious and, in a way, frightening. The Edmund that everyone knew today was the most mischievous twenty-year-old you'd ever meet, and it was safe to say his mind was no longer in the state of a child's. Then his eyes fell upon Lucy in the portrait. Nothing in the world could have looked more like her. The painter had truly captured her eyes and smile. There was so much gentleness and sympathy in her eyes. She seemed so life like…

"Mr. Tumnus!"

Tumnus looked up, hoping with all his heart to see Lucy. Instead, her sister stood in the doorway. Many in Narnia claimed Susan to be the fairer Daughter of Eve. She had not grown too much since she had first come to Narnia, but she still was taller than Tumnus and Lucy. Her raven black hair fell past her shoulders and down her back, stopping near mid-back. Unlike her sister she never wore it in a braid. The only real thing Susan and Lucy shared in common were their eyes. Susan's, too, were a piercing shade of green. Today she wore a crimson colored dress that flowed down to the floor and hung loosely on her shoulders. She was certainly beautiful, Tumnus had noted to himself, but not the fairest maiden in all the land could match up to his Lucy.

Mr. Tumnus smiled at Susan. "Hello, Your Majesty," he said, bowing his head. "And how are you on this fine morning?"

"I've told you that you may call me Susan, or Miss Susan if you prefer," Susan said with a laugh. "I am actually very well today. And yourself?"

Tumnus smiled. "Never better," he said in a kind voice.

"Well, that's good to hear. I'm so sorry my sister could not greet you herself. She's a bit preoccupied today," Susan informed him.

"If I may be so bold to ask, where is Miss Lucy?" Mr. Tumnus asked. "Probably off getting into some form of mischief, no doubt," he added with a smile.

Susan smiled back and shook her head. "I most certainly hope not. The Prince has taken her horseback riding through the country for the day. Needless to say she didn't hesitate to except his offer quite eagerly."

The smile on Mr. Tumnus' face quickly faded. "Oh…"

So that's why Lucy had not visited him lately. She had been spending all her time with him…

The thought of the two of them together, alone, saddened poor Mr. Tumnus. He did not want to think about the scenario, but he couldn't help it. Was the Prince telling her how beautiful and smart she was? Was he telling her how she was the most wonderful Daughter of Eve that ever stepped foot in Narnia? Tumnus doubted that a man like the Prince could truly appreciate Lucy's beauty and wisdom when he had only known her for five days. And if he dared to touch her, oh if he did anything that could possibly hurt Lucy, Tumnus would be there to make him regret it.

"Are you all right?" Susan asked in a somewhat worried tone. She had noticed the quick change in his expression as soon as she mentioned Lucy's outing with the Prince.

"Never better," he said with a sad smile. It was the best he could do.

Susan watched him thoughtfully for a moment before reaching out to him. "Come with me," she said, not waiting for a reply. Mr. Tumnus was surprised when she took his hand in hers. She began to lead him to another room in the castle, one where they could have a more private conversation.

They went through many different rooms to reach their destination -- the armory, the drawing room, a sitting room, and at one point, even the castle's kitchen.

When they finally did reach the desired room, Mr. Tumnus saw it was a library, only smaller than the castles main one. Susan locked the door behind them, not wanting anyone to enter. She turned around and viewed the room once more.

"This is my own personal study," Susan told him. "My siblings and servants are quite aware that no one is permitted entrance without my saying so. Not many are allowed into it, so consider yourself lucky."

Mr. Tumnus nodded at this, looking around at the books on the shelves. They were thick and large, not too many people would have enjoyed reading them. It was true what they said; Susan was certainly the smartest of the bunch. She gestured to a chair that sat in front of a small coffee table. He sat in it, and Susan settled into the chair across the table from him. Once comfortable, the kind smile on Susan's face didn't fade, but changed, and a slightly more mature look appeared on her face.

"Now, Mr. Tumnus, do tell me what's the matter."