Theresa stepped off the plane not realized what made her come back. It had been almost a year since Julian made Ethan marry Gwen. What was she begging for punishment or was it the fact that she had to tell Mama the truth. The real reason why she left all those months ago. She needed to put everything behind her and she needed them to know. She looked at the sleeping baby that was in her arms. They needed to know and they need to know now. Ethan was almost three months old and Pilar didn't even know she was a grandmother.

Theresa knew that she had a right to know. They all had a right to know including Ethan. He had a son that he had no idea about and Theresa was there to tell him. She remembered that night clearly. She had told Ethan had she really felt and he had said he loved her back. The next morning she woke up to the sound of Julian Crane screaming in disbelief. She had realized then that she had slept with Ethan Crane. Not long after that Ethan and Gwen were married.

Theresa thought she could stay in Harmony until she found out the truth. She was pregnant by the married Ethan Crane. That is when she left Harmony. That's when she left her dream of ever being Mrs Ethan Crane.