Ethan walked out of the room. "I will be right back. I need to go do something. I will be back later." Ethan said as he kissed his wife and walked out the door. "I wonder where he is off to in such a hurry." Ivy said to Gwen. "I am not sure." Gwen said hoping that Ethan was not off to see Theresa.

He had finally figured it all out. The reason why she let, the reason why she came back, the reason why she wanted to talk to him and the reason why she named her son Ethan. She named the boy after his father. He remember everything like it happened yesterday. He was that babies father. But why would she keep that from him. She would never do that to him. She was his best friend. He pulled up in front of Theresa's house got out of the car and went to the front door. Pilar was just leaving as he went to knock. "She is in the living room. I figured it was you when I heard the car. I need to run out for a little while so please stay with her," she told him as she realized that he figured everything out and that's why he was there.

She was sitting there on the couch crying her eyes out. "Why is this happening?" she said out loud not realizing that Ethan was there. "I am so sorry honey. I tried to tell you dad about you tonight but things happened. I promise you this Ethan we will get through this me and you. You're daddy will never have to know about you." She said rocking the innocent baby in her arms.

"Theresa." Ethan said. "How long have you been standing there? And what are you doing here in the first place?" she said trying to wipe back the tears and setting her son in the car seat on the floor. "Long enough to confirm the truth. I guess. And I came back because I needed to talk to you. I figured it out. God, Theresa why did you just tell me that Ethan was my son? Is that why you left to keep me away from him?" "Look Ethan, I am not going to lie to you anymore because I can't take it. Yes, I admit that my son is your son too. Okay are you happy now you know the truth. But listen to me I could not tell you so that is why I left. Besides you are married with a baby on the way. So please just forget that you ever came here, forget the fact that I told you Ethan was your son and please just leave." Theresa said as the tears started to reappear.

"You want me to forget that I have a child with you. Just forget that I have a son. My first born child. I missed out on the first three months of his life and I refuse to miss out on anymore. So no Theresa I just can't do it." Ethan said.

"Ethan, what the hell do you mean by No?" I won't let you take my son away from me. I will not let you cut me out of my son's life. I am not going to let you and Gwen raise my son as your own. Don't you see Ethan he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is the one thing that completes me. He is the one thing that I have left of the love that I lost. Don't you see Ethan. I can't lose him. She said walking away.

"What do you mean lose your son? I would never take him away from you. You are his mother. Theresa, where did you get an idea like that from? Ethan replied.

"Maybe you would not do that to me, but do you realize what is going to happen when Julian and Alister learn there son and grandson has a child by the housekeepers daughter. You remember what Julian was like when he found us together. Ethan it will be ten times worse. They will take my son away from me. And than have the money to do it. Look at your last name Ethan. Crane. The most powerful and richest people in Harmony. And look at me some housekeepers daughter. And can you tell me what Gwen will think? She is convinced that she is giving birth to the first Crane heir. Now what will she think when she learns her husband has a bastard son. Ethan I just can't take that chance. I just can't lost my son. she said falling to the floor crying.

He sat next to her. "Theresa look at me." Ethan said as Theresa picked her head up. "Listen I promise you that I will never take your.. I mean our son away from you. I would never do that to you.

"Can you promise me that? Can you promise it and mean it?" Theresa asked. "Yes I can do that because I love you." he didn't realize that he had said it. She was the only person that he could tell that too and really mean it. He did love her and nothing could change that.

"I love you too Ethan." Theresa said as she hugged him. No matter how much she loved him they could not be together because of Gwen and the baby but she knew that he would always be her best friend. Even though both of them wanted more, they agreed to stay friends.

"Theresa I am going to tell my family about him." Ethan said. "Okay, I guess it is a chance I have to take." Theresa replied. Just as Ethan was about to talk, the baby had started to cry.

Theresa started to get up to get him when Ethan interupted. "Do you mind if I try? Ethan asked. "Sure why not?" Theresa replied. Ethan picked up his son for the first time and something had just clicked. It felt so right being there with them. "Oh thank you Theresa for my son." she said as he held him and kissed Theresa on the cheek. Little did they know Gwen was outside watching.

"She will never get her hands on him. He is mine." she said as she vowed revenge on Theresa.