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Cold grey rain fell from overcast clouds, pattering against the soggy, muddy ground. Little puddles welled up from the wet ground, soaking the gathered crowd's shoes. Umbrellas were opened up, all black respectively.

The people's attire was black. The men carrying two foreboding black coffins were in the ebony attire. An old man with a young boy next to him, around thirteen years old, were wearing black. The mud that was piled onto the coffins onto was also, black.

Dimmed red eyes watched the 'ceremony' silently. A solid, unmoving lump was wedged in his throat. His hands were curled into solid, shaking fist concealed by his soggy pockets. He did not stand underneath his grandfather's umbrella.

Voltaire's cold grey eyes snapped down to look at his grandson in irritation. Now that the boy's parents were gone, he was stuck was him. For another five years at least anyway.

Kai turned away as the man with long, important robes (again, black) raised his hands to begin his speech. He ignored the barking commands of his grandfather to come back; he just went on forwards, black polished shoes sinking into the soggy, muddy ground.

They were gone. Forever. And that was he had to accept.

"Instant death." They'd said. "Felt no pain." They'd told him.

His parents were a lively couple, when his father wasn't doing his work for the family company, which contrasted strikingly to Kai's quiet and withdrawn nature. They had gone out for a fancy dinner, to celebrate their anniversary. And while they had loved their son very much, they loved doing things together more. His mother would often be out doing things, she hated being still. His father was with her when not working. Kai still treasured the rare moments he got to spend with them though.

Most of his childhood had been mostly lonely, due to his rebel attitude and silent nature. Girls fawned over him while guys stayed clear. No-one knew him enough to get close enough to try and get to know him, or befriend him.

Kai pushed the hood of his raincoat off, the rain soaking his dual shaded hair, lighter coloured bangs sticking to his forehead and cheeks, his darker back hair clung to his neck.

He missed them true enough, but he hated the fact he was even more alone than ever before now. He knew next to nothing about his grandfather, except his was money hungry. The fact of living in the large family mansion with just him and the servants was a little depressing.

When his parents had died… it wasn't fair. A lightning storm had come rolling along, yet his parents took no heed of it, continuing on their drive back. Lighting had struck a nearby tree, causing it to catch alight and tumble down. Poor visibility meant bad driving, and Kai's father had swerved incorrectly, the flaming tree smashing onto the vehicle with deadly force.

Eyelids squeezed shut to hide glistening red eyes. Just because he wasn't close to them, didn't mean it didn't hurt to know they were gone… for good.

A little drop of salty tear gathered at the corner of his right ear, eventually getting too heavy for his eyelashes and tumbling down his cheek. The liquid smeared already smudged dark blue face paint, the blue makeup staining the black raincoat with splodges of sorrow.

And all the while the rain poured.

A lone, white feather drifted down, an orangey light casting over it. The sky about it was painted as a sunset, as the feather landed softly on a marble walkway.

Above, in the forever sunset coloured sky, a being, looking to be about sixteen, with large white feathery wings performed a perfect loop-the-loop. Powerful wing and back muscles worked together to allow the young looking angel the ability to swoop and dive in the air with amazing skill and accuracy.

He'd always been a good flier; the skills of flying came naturally to him. In truth, flying was far more complicated than it seemed. The speed of wing beats had to be timed for specific speeds and stunts, and to stop. The wing position had to be determined for direction and legs and arms had to be in a certain position. Plus air currents and speeds had to be thought of to prevent from crashing.

The stunts ceased, and the young teen glided gently towards to the marble walkway where his stray feather had landed. He wore a simple cotton white shirt with a string tie-up by the neck, and slightly loose white matching trousers. On his feet were white felt shoes, he also had a long white robe for when it was cold but he wasn't wearing it.

His eyes were a deep, dark blue, the colour of overhead midnight skies. Navy locks, long and pulled into a low ponytail matched the intense colour of his eyes.

Felt shoed feet landed gently on the white walkway.

This place he lived was special. Very special indeed. It was named Ai Clouds. All the buildings were made of white, pristine marble. The towers were large with elegant tops ending in a spike. All the buildings were homes for the residents; a few were dedicated to things like entertainment and flying competitions. All the buildings were built on a large oval shaped slab of white marble. The entire thing floated in the air, the edge and underneath obscured by clouds. A force field surrounded the area, stopping angels from leaving and unwanted creatures entering. Any angel flying into the forceful (or falling into it was immediately transported to their last spot on they had been while on solid ground.

When someone died, and there was no pure evil in their personalities, they spirit went here, to Ai Clouds, realm of angels. Once here, they got their body back, and a pair of wings to go with it. However, any trace of evil, pure evil, they were left as spirits, drifting around the Earth as an invisible ball of… nothing. Unfortunately, on the odd occasion, they got a body, by the means of a demon. Demons were banishes angels… ones gone bad and not allowed to share the harmony of Ai Clouds. Such creatures were very few but dangerous, due to their extensive knowledge of darkness.

Once new angels arrived, they were given a choice, to stay in Ai Clouds forever, or sign up to be a Guardian Angel. Such angels were allowed to stay on Earth to look after and protect a human, even allowed to take them as their mates if so desired. But angels could only go to Earth once an appropriate match had been found for them.

"Tyson!" An elder called. He wore a long, elegantly decorated, light blue robe. His long silver beard and moustache brushed the bottom of his chest. He was very old, as elders were determined by age, and as he smiled, his many wrinkles dimpled even further.

The blue haired angel, watching the sky that always stayed a sunset colour (angels were dead, they didn't need to sleep, eat, drink or any other necessity) with a serene smile didn't react.

The elder frowned, "Tyson Kinomiya!"

The younger angel, apparently Tyson, jumped, staring at the elder with wide blue eyes. "Sorry, what is it?"

The old angel sighed and motioned with his hand for the younger to come over, "here, Tyson, we have a charge for you."

The bluenet perked up immediately, practically bouncing over the older angel," seriously?"

"Yes. His name's Kai Hiwatari." The elder frowned at him. "Now. I will go over the rules once more; I don't care if you've learnt them off by heart." He added when Tyson opened his mouth to protest, "one! You will not injure, sadden on purpose, or cause any sort harm to your charge, you will not come back to Ai Clouds until charges are allowed to visit and when there is a flying competition so you can compete, or when you are hurt."

"And not incur any romantic relationships until mating season comes." Tyson finished. "I know sir, can I go now?"

Dark grey eyebrows furrowed, but he nodded. "Good luck. You'll know Kai when you see him, he looks like this." Beside the elder, clouds gathered together to form an image of a young teen, a mirror image of the teen crying in the rain at his parent's funeral.

"Wow." Was all that uttered out of Tyson's mouth as he stared up at the large buildings, not made out of smooth marble, but rough concrete. People looked odd to him in their modern day clothing, hurrying about here and there along the busy street.

"How the hell am I going to find Kai in this lot?" Tyson muttered to himself, grateful that he was like a ghost to everybody but his new charge.

Folding his wings to stop them from catching on things (he could walk through only humans after all); he scanned the crowd for the teen he was assigned to guard.

Kai kicked a stone, the little pebble skipping along the concrete pavement, rolling to a stop by a pair of white felt shoes.

Red eyes blinked. Most people wore leather shoes… or some other sturdy material. But certainly not felt. It would fall apart and get soaked through when wet, right?

The stranger wearing the shoes stooped down, picking up the stone and straightening, tossing the little pebble up and down in the palm of his tanned hand.

Kai found himself looking into a friendly, smiling face. Navy coloured bangs fell into equally blue eyes, lit up by a little spark deep in those irises. He was a little taller than him, and he his white clothes were just as odd as his shoes.

The dual haired teen started to walk past him, feeling just a little freaked out by the oddly dressed teen. Annoyingly, a small part of him wanted to stay with him a little longer.

He felt a warm hand on his shoulder and an equally warm and cheery voice speak next to him, "where are you going, Kai?" The tone was happy, and carried a childish note of pride… as though he'd just found something important.

"How do you know my name?" Kai asked, turning to look at the older teen with disbelieving red eyes.

The bluenet's smile widened, "you're my charge." He answered simply.

"Charge…?" The younger muttered quietly, shrugging his shoulder in a futile attempt to make the odd boy take his hand off. He found his arm brushing a bunch of soft feathers… at least that was it felt like.

Red eyes glanced to be met with a pristine white wing. The purity of the colour put freshly fallen snow to shame. Now very wide eyes travelled up the feathery appendage, to see it connected to the older teen's shoulder. On the opposite side was another wing, just as white and beautiful.

"Were you in some sort of tacky school play or something and forgot to take the costume off?" Kai asked, frowning a little, trying to stop the various thoughts and assumptions in his head from rushing around.

To his surprise, the bluenet laughed, "no, no, no! I'm an angel!" He told him happily, and the wings attached to his back moved and unfurled, the passers-by moving silently through the white appendages.

Kai found himself surrounded by incredibly soft white feathers, caving him in with the blue haired angel. Unconsciously, he reached out with a pale hand to run his fingers through the soft feathers, marvelling as they flowed through his digits like water.

"See?" The older teen murmured softly, folding his wings back so they were out of the way again.

The dual haired boy found himself blinking rapidly as a woman in a business suit walked straight through the angel. Frowning, deciding he was some sort of hologram, he reached and poked him sharply in the chest.

"Ow! Hey!" The bluenet complained, rubbing the spot where Kai had poked him. "What was that for?" He looked up to met with wide red eyes, different emotions flicking about in there.

The angel's own blue eyes went wide at the moment. He could feel waves of disbelief, shock and panic radiating off the younger teen as those red eyes banished any emotion from there. But, oddly, he could feel and understand the emotions his new charge was feeling, he supposed it was to help him when the younger wanted someone to understand.

"What is going on?" Kai demanded suddenly, feeling a little odd at talking to someone everyone else seemed to treat like air.

"Well… let's start from the beginning. I'm Tyson Kinomiya." The bluenet started, "and I'm your angel, you know you hear about Guardian Angels in stories and stuff? Well, they're real, as you can see."

"But why me? And why can't anyone else see you? Or touch you even…"

"Your were picked to have an angle because you deserved and needed one." Tyson replied, smiling gently, "so it's my job to with you at all times, for as long as it takes before you don't need me anymore." He raised a tanned hand and rested it on Kai's shoulder, stroking gently with his thumb.

The younger teen found himself feeling oddly humble and calmed by gentle touch and felt himself relax and allow the angel's presence and the fact he actually had an angel soothe him slightly.

"As for why people treat like me a ghost well… I guess I kinda am. Being dead and all." Tyson grinned a little in amusement, "they can't see, hear or touch me. Only you. Though objects do effect me."

Kai blinked a little as he felt the angel's hand slip into his to hold it gently, and looked up to see the bluenet grin at him, white wings unfurling again.

"Where do you live, Kai? I can fly us there."

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