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Multi-coloured leaves danced in the afternoon light by the wind created by Tyson's wings beating as the bluenet prepared to take off. With Kai firmly in his grasp, he became airborne, white wings flapping rhythmically as he climbed in altitude.

Kai sighed quietly in contentment as he felt the wind whip his hair back and toss it around, the only sounds being the sound of Tyson's breathing and the steady beat of his wings. Even though the reason for the flight wasn't exactly a happy one, the dual haired teen couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of soaring.

Tyson had finally decided to go and visit his father one last time before he passed away and went to Ai Clouds, and Kai had gone with him to provide any emotional support the angel would need.

The houses below them became sparse as Tyson flew towards a less populated area. His speed and height dropped as he eased into a silent glide downwards. With the lack of people and cars around, the noises of the surrounding wildlife were prominent, and Kai thought that the area where his angel had once lived was beautiful.

The dual haired teen's eyes widened when a large, wooden home came into view. It was all one floor, and built in the style of a traditional Japanese home. Kai frowned at an extra building built beside the house, "a dojo?"

Tyson nodded, "yep." He folded his wings a little as he dived down at a steady speed towards the overgrown grassy ground. Beating his wings quickly to ease to the ground slowly, he released his charge and looked around, "still no-one has seen to this place, it seems…" he murmured.

"Was it neater once?" Kai questioned, dragging his eyes away from the comfortable looking home to cast a curious look at the bluenet.

"Yeah, Grandpa always made sure to keep the gardens and stuff looking nice after Mum passed away." Tyson replied, "There were lots of flowers too, but they have seemed to have all died…" he said, giving the bare flower beds a sad look. He sighed before gesturing to the large, sliding front door, "Well, we're not going to get anything done out here, are we?"

Kai shook his head and followed his angel when the older teen moved towards the entrance of his family home. Once inside and the front door was slid shut, the dual haired teen became aware how chilly and drafty the wooden home was. He shuddered minutely, and brushed the cold off, preferring to be intrigued with the interior of the home.

The inside of the house had a large maze of corridors that went this way and that, but Tyson still seemed to know exactly where he was going despite not living there for years. The angel stopped, however, at the entrance to a spacious room with no door.

The dual haired teen frowned at the distant expression on his angel's face. Tyson had been quiet all day, and his constant drifting off into memories was starting to worry Kai a little bit. He reached out and tapped the angel on the shoulder, "is something wrong?" He questioned.

Tyson started in surprise and blinked at his charge, "no chibi, I'm fine." He assured. He indicated at the inside of the room, "take a look, this is where me and Gramps used to practice Kendo… when I actually bothered that is."

Kai smirked in amusement and poked his head around the doorframe. The room was bare save for the Kendo uniforms and swords hung up on the left wall. On the far side, opposite Kai and angel, in front of a water colour painting was a long sword. The sides were rugged, but it gleamed in the little light pouring in the room, the coin set in the handle sparkling especially bright. "What's that?"

"My family's heirloom." Tyson told him proudly, "it's been passed down from generation to generation, so I assume Hiro takes care of it now. It's said that there's a spirit of a dragon inside to protect our family."

The dual haired teen raised an eyebrow at him, looking vaguely sceptical.

Tyson shrugged with a sheepish grin. "I know, it sounds daft. I used to have dreams of various dragons when I was little but nothing more than that." He said, giving the sword one last fond look before heading down the corridor.

The silence between the two was almost stifling as Kai followed his angel through the wooden halls. He sometimes drifted into his own little world and thought about the dragon Tyson had mentioned and it was this daydreaming that caused him to bang into Tyson's back when the bluenet stopped suddenly. He frowned and rubbed his nose, "why did you stop?" He complained.

"This is where we all slept…" Tyson murmured, his dark blue eyes sweeping over the three sliding doors along the corridor they were in. "One was Gramps's, one mine and the other was the guestroom." His gaze hovered over the third and final door.

Judging by his angel's hesitant expression, Kai guessed that the third door was where his father was resting. Deciding it wouldn't do the bluenet much good to put it off much longer, he took the olden teen's elbow gently. "I think you should just go in, Tyson…" he told him quietly.

The angel was somewhat soothed by the feelings and of concern and hope that he would be ok radiating off of his charge and drew in a deep breath. "I will, I just want to take a look at my old room. I didn't get to see it when I came here last." He said, sliding open the middle door.

Kai wondered whether Tyson was stalling, but peered around the angel's shoulder in curiosity anyway. The bluenet's old room was still cluttered and a little messy as though someone still there. Comic books and other things still lined the floors and the desk was still untidy and scattered with pieces of paper. Photographs lined a shelf and Kai found himself wishing he had a bedroom as comfortable as the one Tyson had.

Tyson didn't pay much of the things in his room much attention, except giving his photos on the shelf a quick glance. Instead, he walked over to a blue, red and white hat that was hanging off of his bed post. He picked it up with a small smile gracing his face and twirled it with his fingers before putting it on his head. After adjusting it so that the peak was facing backwards, he turned to show Kai.

The dual haired teen wasn't watching him, however, and was instead looking at the group photos of his angel when he was alive with his friends and family. In every picture, Tyson was smiling broadly, and wearing a tri-coloured cap. He raised an eyebrow at the garment and turned his head to ask the bluenet about it. He blinked in surprise when he saw the hat in question sitting comfortably on the angel's head.

"What do you think?" Tyson asked the younger teen with a smile, "I used to wear this all the time."

"I noticed." Kai commented dryly, inclining his head towards the photos before walking over to stand by his angel's side as the bluenet plucked off the hat and put it back on the bed knob. Bright colours caught Kai's eye and he turned to look at an array of paintings and drawings littering the desk surface. "You drew?" He questioned, surprised.

Tyson nodded. "Now and then, I did, yeah."

The dual haired teen brushed his fingers down the surface of the painting carefully. "You're very good."

His angel beamed happily, "thank-you, chibi!"

Kai just gave him a fond look before it became serious. "We can't stay in here forever, you know." He pointed out.

Tyson's shoulders sagged and he nodded. "I know." He admitted, "Let's go then."

The first time Tyson had seen his father lying still and looking frail on the guest bed, it had been a shock. But now that shock had worn off once acceptance had settled in and the bluenet could only look on with heart-ache at his dying father.

It was the movement of feathers down his arm that caught Kai's attention as he watched his angel's wings droop in sadness. Unable to find any words to soothe the older teen and not wanting to alert his presence to the other occupants of the room, the dual haired teen reached out and slipped his hand into Tyson's.

The bluenet blinked and give his charge a grateful look before turning his gaze back at his family members. The room was silent, save for his father's wheezy breathing, and Tyson jumped slightly when his father started talking.

The old man's hand, worn by his years of archaeology, was clasped loosely within his eldest son's, and he smiled softly despite his departure arriving. He swallowed thickly before opening his mouth to speak, "you know… I was always proud of the two of you?"

Hiro blinked away the fine sheen of tears coating his brown eyes, "two of us?" He repeated, confused.

His father nodded once weakly, "yes. You… and your brother." He murmured. His eyes became distant as he continued, "there are times when I regret leaving your grandfather to care for Tyson, but I always proud him… and you." He clasped Hiro's hand tighter. "I want you to know that, Hiro. I want you to know that I am and always will be proud of you."

The light haired man could only nod his head jerkily as he was sure any words he attempted to speak would come out choked.

A raspy gasp sounded and Tyson clutched Kai's hand tighter, trembling slightly.

The grip Tatsuya had on his son's hand grew slack as he let his eyelids shut. "We'll see each other later, Hiro." He murmured, "Enjoy yourself, ok?"

Hiro could only just nod again before whispering, "Say high to Mum, and Gramps, and Tyson for me, ok?"

His father managed to wink at his son. "I will." He promised, before letting both of his eyes shut and allowing his head to droop to the side on the pillow it was resting on.

Tyson shut his eyes tightly and turned his head away; sniffing quietly as he listened to his father's slowing breaths. The gaps between them grew steadily longer until, finally, they stopped all together and the only noise left was the quiet sobs of Tyson and Hiro.

Words failed once again as Kai slipped an arm around his angel's waist in a feeble attempt to offer comfort.

Tyson was only to stay in the guestroom for a few more moments after his father passed away, and soon left the room to stand in the garden, thinking. The wind ruffled his slack feathers and the wind tossed his hair around. Various leaves and multi-coloured flower petals danced through the air where they had been ripped from the plants lining the flowerbed. If the bluenet had been in a happier state of mind, he may have enjoyed the spectacle, but right now he couldn't be bothered to pay it much attention.

Kai stood beside him, hands stuffed in his pockets awkwardly. He gave his angel a fleeting look before walking behind him and lifting his angel's drooping wings. "You'll get to see him soon, you know." He pointed out softly.

"I know." The blunet replied quietly, lifting his wings on his own and fluffing them up to allow his charge to run his fingers through the feather. He paused before continuing, "but it's the thought of him actually dying… you know?" It's upsetting, but I'll be fine…" he trailed off.

The dual haired teen behind him pulled out a loose, straggly feather silently, letting it jump off his palm to join the leaves and petals in the air. "When?" He questioned.

"In a few minutes." Tyson promised, tilting his head over his shoulder to give his charge a small smile. "I'm worried about my bother though… he doesn't have any family left here…"

Kai let his hands fall on the angel's upper arms and rubbed up and down soothingly. "There has to be some way you can tell him you're all fine and happy." He murmured, thoughtfully, "write him a letter?"

"I don't want to spook him." Tyson replied with a bitter laugh. "That's not too bad of an idea though, to do just once." He said, "Though perhaps the elders will be kind enough to allow me to materialise long enough for me to talk to him for a few minutes."

The younger teen blinked in surprised, "they can do that?" He questioned.

Of course. They are the ones who keep us invisible to everyone else but our charges after all." Tyson replied, turning around fully so that he was facing Kai. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but a look of shock spread over his face instead.

Kai frowned, "Tyson…?" He asked, "what is it?" He got no reply, so instead turned around to look at whatever, or whoever, was behind them. His eyebrows rose in surprise when he saw his angel's brother standing in the doorway leading into the garden.

Hiro opened and closed his mouth. He had gone outside to get some fresh air and to clear his head, but instead he found an intruder in the garden. "Who are you?" He forced out, unable to think straight. "Why are you here?"

The dual haired teen faltered, deciding not to say anything and stuffing his hands inside of his pockets. He was aware of Tyson staring at him, but didn't turn to give the bluenet attention in case it made Hiro get any more suspicious.

"I said who are you?" Hiro repeated, his voice rising.

Digging around in his pocket, Kai found what he was looking for and shrugged one shoulder almost carelessly. "That doesn't matter." He murmured, "Do you believe in spirits?"

Hiro looked taken aback, surprised by the odd and out of place question. Tyson also raised an eyebrow at his charge, equally as confused as his brother was.

Kai removed a notebook and pen that were inside his pocket from school and handed both items to his angel, who gave him a quizzical look. "Write him a message." The dual haired teen told the angel, inclining his head towards Hiro.

The lighter haired bluenet shifted in the doorway, scratching behind his head as his foggy mind attempted to find a reason as to why the dual haired teen was acting so strange. Maybe he wasn't mentally stable? Then again, he himself had to wonder if that diagnosis could be pinned on him as the notebook and pen started floating oddly in the air before disappearing altogether. He rubbed his eyes, had the strange teen thrown them somewhere or something? Yet, within a couple of minutes, both objects came back into view and floated down for the younger teen to take.

Kai nodded his thanks to Tyson and pocketed the pen, before walking over to Hiro and holding out the notebook for him to take. "Do you believe in spirits?" He repeated.

Hiro took the little notebook with an unsteady hand, his gaze dropping down to read the message written upon it:

'Hello Hiro'

His eyebrows shot up and he nearly dropped the bound wad of paper in shock. The writing matched that of his dead brother's, something which spooked him greatly, especially as the ink on the page was still fresh. "Wh…what?" He forced out, staring at Kai with wide eyes.

Kai just gave another little careless shrug, this time with a small accompanying smirk. "Let's just say I know your brother."

Tyson, however, throughout the time his older brother had been there, had been silent, staring at Hiro with wistful blue eyes. Sighing, he raised his gaze to the sky.

Up in Ai Clouds, the elder in change of the guardian angels in Tyson's area, and the one who assigned Kai to the bluenet, was looking down into a white bowl. He was sitting in one of the elders' many offices, which were oddly plain and rather empty. The walls and floor were made of marble and the only furniture was the desk and chair, plus the two armchairs for visitors to sit in. A few sheets of papers and a couple of books were placed upon the wooden desk.

Inside the bowl was he was staring into was a hazy image of Tyson. The elder sighed and laced his fingers together, his brow furrowing. His expression was thoughtful as he wondered whether to allow the blue haired angel to be visible to his brother for a few minutes.

Tyson was certainly a very good angel to his charge, and there was no-one else that might spot him… nodding, the elder raised a wrinkled hand and snapped his fingers, a silver feather landing neatly in his palm. Such a feather informed an angel on Earth that they could become visible for a few minutes. Smiling, the old angel dropped the feather into his bowl, watching it sink beneath the magical surface and disappearing completely. Almost immediately after, the image on Tyson in the bowl wiped clear.

Heaving a sigh, the elder scraped the legs of his chair back as he stood, shifted his wings, and walked slowly over to his window. His face looked slightly troubled as he watched the busy angels on the walkways below. He had noticed the attraction Tyson had felt towards his charge a few weeks ago and it worried him. He sighed again. He could only hope Tyson didn't do anything to jeopardise his relationship with his charge.

Tyson blinked as he saw a silver feather drift down from the clouds. Bewildered, he held out his palm for the feather to land on and stared at it, before he realised what it signified. With a smile, he enclosed the feather within his fist and let a soft, white glow spread over him for a few moments before it faded away.

Kai also blinked as Hiro's mouth dropped open and the note in his slack hands slipped from his fingers and dropped to the ground. He raised an eyebrow and looked behind him, following the light haired man's shocked gaze. Frowning when he saw his angel looking at Hiro with a hesitant expression, he concluded that the elders decided to allow Tyson to become visible for a few minutes. Deciding to give the bluenet some alone time with his brother, Kai headed towards the back door and out of sight.

The blue haired angel watched Kai go silently before giving his older brother a small smile, "Hey." He murmured.

Hiro had to tell himself that he hadn't lost his mind several times, his mind not quite grasping seeing his little brother right in front of him years after his death. The large white wings, folded, were only baffling him even more and he took the few steps forward needed to stand in front of Tyson. Hesitant, he traced his fingers down the side of the angel's face, shocked when the skin beneath his fingertips felt warm and real. "Tyson…?"

The bluenet nodded, happy tears building in the corner of his eyes. "Yeah…" he whispered. His self-restraint went at that moment and he wrapped his arms around his older brother tightly, burying his face into his chest and just simply being content to see him again.

Hiro's arms faltered for a few moments before also raising and wrapping themselves around the younger teen's waist. The feathers on the large wings on Tyson's back tickled Hiro's bare arms, and the elder brother found himself feeling… proud that his younger brother had become an angel.

"I missed you…" Tyson mumbled into his brother's shirt.

The lighter haired man smiled and patted the smaller's head. "I missed you too…" He paused, "is this what happens to all people when they die?"

Tyson lifted his head from the folds of Hiro's shirt and gave him a watery smile. "To good people, yeah… Dad'll be just like me when I go back."

"Back? Back where?"

"Ai Clouds." The bluenet replied. "Where angels live."

Hiro gave a small laugh. "It's hard to believe you're an angel." He commented, ruffling his brother's hair when the angel frowned at him, "but I'm glad… will you see Dad soon?"

Tyson nodded. "Yeah. But then I'll come back here, for Kai."

"Kai? That kid from before?"

The bluenet nodded again. "Yep. He's my charge."

"Charge? What, you're his guardian?"

"Yeah, and his friend."

Hiro smiled. "It's good to know you're there for someone." He praised, before starting his shock when his brother began flickering, beginning to fade out of sight. "What's happening?"

"Well, no-one on Earth except Kai is supposed to be able to see me." Tyson explained sheepishly, "the angel elders gave me a few minutes with you, but now I have to go…"

The older brother sighed, disappointed. Nodding, he squeezed Tyson's shoulders, "tell everyone I said hi."

Tyson winked at him. "I will." He promised, before fading out of sight completely, two feathers from his wings the only thing to show he had been there.

Hiro plucked them out of their descent to the ground and held them to his chest. He sighed, and looked up, "At least everyone is happy…" he murmured.

Kai reached for his angel's hand and held it gently when the older teen came back inside. "Ok?"

Tyson paused before answering his charge. He sighed and gave the dual haired teen a small smile. "Yeah. But it'll be good to talk with Dad again, and solve it all completely." He replied, noticing the familiar golden ball bouncing towards them from the end of the corridor, ready to transport them to Ai Clouds.

The dual haired teen watched it go up and down and few times, the golden light reflecting in his red eyes before turning his gaze on his angel, "I'm proud of you." He told him.

Tyson blinked at him, slightly surprised. But before he could question what his charge meant, the golden ball in front of them grew bigger and enveloped them in golden light before swallowing them completely. To prevent any sort of bad landing once they arrived in Ai Clouds, Tyson wrapped his arms around his charge, "time to go chibi." He murmured into the younger teen's ear.

Kai sighed a little and looped his own arms around his angel, silently admitting to himself that he craved these embraces.

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