Previously in this story, Michael stayed home on vacation while Ted was charge at work, Lindsay had sex with an undercover FBI agent, George and Tobias tried to kidnap Oscar, Annyong plotted with Lucille's estranged sister, and Michael and GOB had sex. For all other details, check the previous chapters.

Also, just like Michael suffered major injuries in Sword of Destiny, yet was fine in the next episode, GOB fell from a crane in Afternoon Delight, yet was fine in the next episode. So he must have recovered offscreen.

In the upstairs hallway, Michael awkwardly kept GOB back with one crutch, while at the same time trying to shut and lock the bedroom door on him. This did not work, though, and GOB just grabbed hold of the crutch to pull him closer.

"Hey!" Michael stumbled forward and stepped on GOB's foot again with his cast.

"Ow!" GOB yanked his foot away, making him fall and pull Michael down with him. They and the crutches landed in a heap on the floor.

"(Bleep)!" Michael grimaced and groaned, because the fall had strained his many injuries, and possibly given him some new ones.

GOB had his share of bruises too, yet he said with a jovial smile, "You hurt? I'll kiss it better."

"No!" Michael tried to get up despite his pain, but his cast was stuck between the crutches.

GOB hugged him and insisted, "Come on, Mikey! You didn't care about getting caught when we kissed on the stairs."

Michael finally met his brother's eyes and sighed. "I-I know." He had been rather reckless and impulsive then; anyone could have suddenly come home or seen them through the windows.

Michael stopped fighting and returned GOB's embrace, which somewhat eased his myriad aches. He kissed him and whispered, "But we have to be more careful now."

"Sure." GOB nodded and kissed him back. He gently helped disentangle Michael's leg from the crutches, then adjusted Michael to a more comfortable position, lying against him. "We can lock your door, and cover up that vent."

Michael remained worried. "It's not just that, GOB. When we're talking to Mom or somebody, you can't sit that close to me, or--"

"Why not?" GOB asked. "We sat together before, when Mom came over with Buster. And Lindsay saw us wrestling on the floor, but she didn't care either. You just gotta relax. That's why you got an ulcer, guy."

Michael sighed. "I know." With all the years of stress from his job and his family, it was a wonder that he hadn't lost his hair too.

GOB caressed that lovely hair and said, "Come on, I'll teach you how to have fun." He started to move them toward the bedroom, but Michael winced as they got up from the floor. So GOB asked him seriously, "You okay? You need your painkillers?"

Michael grunted and nodded. "Yeah."

"Okay." He gingerly helped Michael into the room and sat him down on the bed. GOB got Michael's medication from the nightstand and handed him the glass of water from the bed tray. After Michael took the pills, GOB started playfully feeding him candy beans, but Michael warned him to get the door first.

"Oh right." So he retrieved the crutches from the hallway and locked the door.

Meanwhile, Michael ate more candy beans to distract himself from the pain.

As GOB joined him again, he found Michael's ripped pajama pants on the floor, and he laughed.

Michael said, "I shouldn't have let you ruin a perfectly good pair of pajamas."

"But you liked it, Mikey."

"I know," Michael admitted, "but I shouldn't have." He shouldn't have liked any of it, but GOB was irresistible.

Then GOB looked up at the vent and got an idea. "Hey, maybe we can use this to cover that." He folded up the pants to make a thicker layer, then looked for some tape, to affix his makeshift blind. Michael suggested using some detachable clothing hooks instead and pointed him to a drawer by his closet door.

After gathering his supplies, GOB climbed up and covered the vent.

Michael warned him not to bang on the wall too hard, because the model home always fell apart easily. Once GOB finished, Michael said with a shrug, "I guess that'll have to do until it gets fixed tomorrow."


Michael explained about the workers who would come to repair the house. "That's what I called Ted about earlier, to get this room soundproofed and have that vent sealed."

GOB sat beside him with a grin. "Oh, so you were planning for us to have sex all along, huh? You're such a tease, Mikey!"

Michael blinked. "What? No, GOB. I-I just didn't want anybody to overhear us arguing, or see us wrestling on the bed, or--oh never mind." Those repairs would really come in handy now.

"Hey, while they're fixing up the room tomorrow, we can go to a hotel like I said. Yeah, we'll say that you need some sleep, then we'll borrow a car and drive out of town together."

Michael thought that this sounded plausible enough. "As long as it's not the staircar." The giant Bluth Company logo on it would defeat any attempt at anonymity.

"Right. But for now," GOB pulled Michael close and growled low, "those pills working for you yet?"

For answer, Michael kissed him and pushed the tray back onto the chest at the foot of the bed. They made out again, and lay down together. Michael asked GOB to be more careful about taking off his pants this time. He didn't need to ruin another pair.

"You should wear my stripper pants," GOB suggested again.

"Yeah." Michael eagerly yanked the pants right off his brother.

Since they had just changed the sheets, GOB asked if he wanted to go into the bathroom this time.

That made Michael nervous, though. "I, uh, I don't know about you... (bleep)ing me. Not yet." Maybe not ever.

GOB remembered Michael's scared reaction earlier, so he agreed. "Yeah, we should probably wait until you get better. But there's other stuff we can do with bath oils. Come on." GOB pulled his brother from the bed and into the bathroom.

"Uh, but if the phone rings, then we have to stop and answer it." He didn't want to be surprised again.

"Okay, okay." GOB left the door open so that they could hear the phone from the other room.

As they undressed, GOB plugged in the stopper and started to fill the bathtub with warm water. Michael reminded him that they shouldn't get his cast wet, so GOB perched him on the rim of the tub, with a towel covering the cast. But he continued to get the rest of him naked.

Once the water was ready, GOB stepped into the tub and half pulled Michael in with him. They kissed passionately and once more washed each other with soapy sponges. Making love was a little awkward, with Michael's cast dangling over the edge of the tub, but GOB knew various techniques from when he was previously injured.

"Remember when Buster dropped me from that crane at the Christmas party?" He had been hospitalized for a while, but of course he never failed to hit on his nurses, male and female.

"Shut up." Michael just wanted GOB all to himself.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Lucille looked for her fugitive husband, and his accomplice.

At the Bluth Company, Lucille asked Starla if she has seen Tobias.

Starla grinned and said, "No, not since he was banned from the office, by order of the acting president."

"Banned?" Lucille barged into the president's office and asked Ted what Tobias had done when he was here earlier.

Ted only let Lucille interrupt his work because she was the CEO. "Well, I think he was looking for GOB at first, and then he tried to fire Starla." He whispered, "I think he's mad at her for leaking that video, but we can't fire her because she said she'll sue, for rabies discrimination."

Lucille wasn't interested. "Did he say anything about where he was going afterward?"

"No, not really. Then Michael called me, and he said that I could have security ban Tobias from the building."

"Michael said that?!" Michael had told her to look for Tobias at the office. Now she was really suspicious. "He was just trying to get me out of the house. He's in on it with George!"


Lucille started to leave and call Michael angrily, but her phone rang, and Lindsay wanted to yell at her.

"How could you, Mom? You lied to me about Nana's will. There was another copy at the bank all this time, and you wouldn't let me see it. You even sent a copy to Aunt Emily, but not to me!"

Confused, Lucille exited the office and headed for the elevator. "Emily? I didn't send any copy to her."

"Yes you did. The bank people just said so! They won't even let me see a copy without your written permission. How much money did Nana have? What did she leave me?"

Lucille hushed her. "That's not important, Lindsay! I never told them to send my sister a copy." She gasped. "Oh no! First my letter about Annyong went missing, and now the bank's getting fake letters from me? Who could be doing this?!"

Lindsay finally calmed down. "You mean, you think it's the same guy who stole the trust fund money?"

"Yes. At first I thought it was your father, because he snuck into town to kidnap Oscar, but George wouldn't do this to me. Now Emily knows all about the inheritance!"

"Wait, Dad's in town?" Lindsay was surprised and hurt. "Why didn't he come visit me?"

Lucille replied scathingly, "Maybe because of that Nellie you're married to. Speaking of which, have you seen Tobias today?"

"Only this morning, when he showed up at the office looking for GOB. He left Michael at home alone, and--"

Lucille just hung up on her, then called her detective Gene to tell him all the news.

Lindsay felt frustrated that she got nowhere with her mother. However, she decided to go back to the office and try flirting with Gary again. That surely would cheer her up, she thought, and keep her occupied until Dick called her.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Aunt Emily was making plans of her own.

Clip of Emily and Annyong on the way home in her car. She tells a man over the phone about Lucille discovering the missing money. "She'll be onto us soon, so you know what to do."

"I'm on it."

"And keep collecting evidence for phase 2."

"Right." He hung up and then got out some incriminating documents, which he told his secretary to shred. He added with a scoff, though, "That clown Gene Parmesan won't find us too quickly, anyway."

Narrator: Perry Striker was Emily's private investigator. She hired him to look for the missing will, because she did not believe Lucille's lie that the only copy had been burned.

Clip of Striker visiting Lucille's many banks, talking to T-Bone about the storage unit arson, and investigating any suspicious sources of income.

Narrator: After months of searching, he finally located a copy in a bank safety deposit box, and he forged a letter from Lucille, so that a copy could be mailed to Emily.

Clip of Emily receiving the will, with the caption "one year ago."

Narrator: The will arrived with a letter mentioning the trust fund, in which Lucille had deposited the inheritance. So Emily hatched a plot for revenge, and when Lucille sent Annyong away...

Clip of Emily visiting Milford and talking to Annyong.

Narrator: ...Emily convinced her adopted nephew to help her get the money out of the trust fund. She had been prepared to falsify Annyong's age with forged documents, but she learned that Annyong was conveniently 18 already, and had told no one yet.

Clip of Annyong leaving Milford and moving into Emily's luxurious house. Clip of Striker stealing letters from the bank, to prevent Lucille from finding out.

Narrator: Now that their scheme was discovered, Emily planned to leave the country.

At home, Emily and Annyong ate a hurried lunch, while the servants packed for the trip.

Wanting to twist the knife, Emily said, "Perhaps I'll send Lucille a postcard from the Cayman Islands, saying that we're enjoying Spring Break with Mama's money. Then she'll know and and be busy searching for us." She laughed wickedly, "But all the while, we'll really be in Switzerland enjoying the chocolate and the Alps."

Annyong said, "Then we put her in jail."

"Yes. It's just a question of finding the evidence. She's always managed to pin her crimes on George so far. But Mr. Striker will find something damning for phase 2."

However, just as Emily selected her finest furs to be packed, her butler came to tell her that she had unexpected visitors. He looked worried. "They're from the FBI, ma'am."

"FBI? Oh no."

While Emily could explain her revenge as being just, given Lucille's lies about their dead mother, she could still get into trouble for tampering with the mail. That was a federal offense.

Narrator: Annyong thought that Lucille had ratted them out.

He asked, "How she find out so fast?"

"I don't know. Don't panic. Just wait here and don't say anything." Emily hurried to the door and just hoped that Striker had shredded everything already.

Back at the house, GOB and Michael had finished their erotic bath, and they returned to bed for a nap. They were naked and mostly dry, except for their still damp hair. Michael settled cozily under the blankets, but GOB was not sleepy.

Sitting up, he picked at the now cold food on the bed tray, then ate the candy beans instead. "This is why we should go to a hotel, Mikey. We can get room service."

Michael nodded and smiled, realizing that GOB could not really cook. The various snacks that GOB had brought him lately were leftovers and junk food. They merely tasted good in contrast to everything that Michael had eaten at the hospital or during the bland dinner. Even though he was cheating on his doctor-ordered diet, Michael's ulcer was not bothering him at all because he was so relaxed. Of course, that could also be the extra dose of medication he just took.

With a yawn, Michael asked, "What if we can't borrow a car? Mom might not give us her car." Lucille would probably be mad once she discovered his lie.

GOB answered, "Well, then we'll rent a car, guy." He got up and put on robe. "I'll make us some fake IDs."


GOB kissed him, then unlocked the door and took the tray downstairs.

Narrator: Lucille met with Gene Parmesan, who told her how his investigation went.

"So far, it all looks it legit. Annyong really is 18, and he withdrew the money himself."

"That's impossible!"

"No, I checked it all out at the bank. Plus, I called Milford to see if Annyong missed class on that day. It turns out, no one has seen the kid there for a month."

"A month?! It's a boarding school. How could they lose him and not tell me?"

"They thought that he was just getting good at being neither seen nor heard. But some witnesses did see somebody in a big black car come to visit Annyong at around that time, so I'm thinking, he must have gone with them. Could have been his ride to the bank too."

"I knew it wasn't him! It was some criminal mastermind, who kidnapped Annyong and used him like a puppet. Poor Annyong probably didn't even know that he was stealing that money."

Gene shrugged.

Narrator: Actually, Annyong wanted revenge even before meeting Emily.

Clip with the caption "the talking room, two months ago"

Annyong says to a classmate bitterly, "This school suck. How I speak better English, if nobody talk here? Old lady don't want me around anymore, while she cheat with Uncle Oscar. I show her! She don't know my real age yet. She don't know anything."

Narrator: After her lunch with Gene Parmesan, Lucille decided to call Michael once again.

He was sleepy when he answered his cell phone. "Hello?"

"You lied to me, Michael. Are you scheming with your father and Tobias?"

He sighed. "No, I'm not. In fact, I hope I never see them again. Or Mrs. Featherbottom."

"But you did see them before, didn't you? That videotape of you and your father in the attic--have you been hiding him at the house?"

"How can I hide him when he's constantly running around town and trying to kidnap people? I hope the police catch him."

"Not before I get to him! Where is he?"

"I honestly don't know or care. Try calling Tobias."

"I have. He won't ans--"

Michael heard GOB coming back, so he said, "Mom, I gotta go. I'm sick, you know, and I need to rest. Can you just handle this yourself?" Then he hung up and put the phone on the nightstand.

GOB joined him in bed and asked teasingly, "Were you calling Ted again?"

Michael smiled. "No, it's just Mom. She's still trying to find Dad."

"Oh good. That'll keep her busy." He kissed Michael and added, "For a second, I thought you were gonna try to work again. You know, get Ted to send you some blueprints."

Michael laughed and shook his head. "Nah. I'm on vacation."

"Yeah." GOB grinned. "We can be naughty together."

They embraced, and Michael didn't even mind messing up the freshly changed sheets. GOB was teaching him how to have fun.

Meanwhile, Lucille said irritably, "Michael!" She hung up, then dialed another number.

Lindsay answered the call with a question, "Are you gonna tell me about Nana's will or not?" She had to stop flirting with Gary, and she had little patience right now.

"Lindsay, I can't get to my papers at that bank yet. The police are still looking through everything, and who knows when they'll be finished?"

"That's very convenient for you! Don't you have another copy somewhere else?"

"No, dear. Just the other one that burned in the storage unit last year. I'm so sorry."

Narrator: But she wasn't.

Lucille asked, "Lindsay, can you call Tobias and find out where he's gone with George? Don't tell him that I asked you. Say that you want Mrs. Featherbottom to come clean the house or something."

"I'll do it if you tell me about the will."

"I don't remember what's in it," Lucille stalled, but Lindsay said, "Yeah, right!"

So Lucille tried to be diplomatic. "All right, as soon as the investigation's over, I'll have Barry pick it up at the bank and send you a copy. Satisfied?"

Lindsay didn't trust her. "No, tell me what's in the will right now. Who knows if it won't accidentally burn up before I get my copy?"

Lucille gave in. "Fine. Nana still had 3 million and she left it all to me and Emily." She added with a scoff, "Hoping that we'd reconcile."

"She didn't leave anything to me?"

"No, dear. You were not her favorite."

"Yes I was! Besides, she always used to send money for Maeby's birthday."

"Oh, well, she may have left $100,000 for Maeby to go to college, but let's face it, that's never going to happen."


"She's not bright enough, and even if we bought her way in, she'd probably drop out just like you did."

"That's just so--!"

"If you don't tell her about it, I'll give you Maeby's inheritance."

That certainly quelled Lindsay's outrage. "Oh, uh, well good. I can invest it, for Maeby's sake. I'll start another business with it and make lots of money this time."

Lucille tried to hide her sarcasm. "I'm sure you will." She knew that Lindsay would probably spend the money on clothes rather than a business anyway. "Now dear, will you please call Tobias?"

"All right." So Lindsay hung up and called her husband.

Narrator: Tobias was hiding out with George Sr. on the set of the TV show, Scandal Makers. Filming had already wrapped up for Tobias's episode, but he and George Sr. managed to sneak onto the lot while posing as extras for the next episode.

In a dressing room, George Sr. still had his wig on and was looking through all the costumes while Tobias watched the news on a TV.

When his cellphone rang, Tobias answered, "Oh, uh, hi Lindsay." He tried to act casual. "Heard anything lately?"

"Just that Annyong's money got stolen from Mom's bank." Lindsay was tempted to mention the attempted kidnapping too, but didn't know enough details. Besides, Lucille didn't want to be implicated. "Where are you? I was looking for you at the office."

"Oh, um, I'm just at work. I-I just got a new acting gig, you know, in Hollywood. I told you I could be a success."

She rolled her eyes. "Well, what about Mrs. F? She's supposed to be cleaning the house, and looking after Michael."

"Well, excuse me!" he said resentfully, "GOB told me that he was taking care of Michael and he didn't need Mrs. Featherbottom around."

"He did?" Lindsay was surprised that GOB wasn't goofing off, or else getting more candy beans for Michael. "Well, he's wrong because somebody needs to keep Michael on his diet, and somebody needs to clean the house."

"Somebody like a British housekeeper?" Tobias wanted to feel needed, and also for Lindsay to say that she knew he was Mrs. Featherbottom.

But George started gesturing at Tobias to get off the phone.

"I'm sorry, they need me on set. Bye, Lindsay!"

George told him, "It's a trap. Lucille must have talked to her. Just a trick to get us to come back. I bet Gene Parmesan woke up, and now Lucille wants to grill us about that whole kidnapping thing." He knew how his wife's devious mind worked.

"Oh. And we gotta hide out from the police too."

"Yeah. So let's stay put for a couple of hours." As he put on a new hat and sunglasses, he said, "Come on. Let's hit the craft services table." So they hurried away for a snack.