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Danny Phantom: (To Sam) Say, you wear an awful lot of black for a super hero sidekick. Have you considered switching to bright primary colors?
Sam: Tucker, wait up!

Fenton And Phantom

Okay, this is something I've been nagged about writing for a while now, but I only just got around to it. Actually, it's more like I was both threatened AND blackmailed into writing it. I keep saying it'll never be as interesting as Sam's, but everyone who knows my side is so dead set on it that there's no point in arguing.

Sam started off with an introduction, so I should probably do the same. To start off, My full name is Daniel John Fenton, but only my mom ever called me that, and only when I do something wrong. Hearing my full name was always a good sign to make myself invisible, even before I had ghost powers.

Unlike Sam's family, mine was so bizarre and wild to the outside world that Jazz refused to be seen with anyone but me in public, and even that was only in dire situations. My parents were considered insane by everyone who met them, at least until the ghost attacks started up. Then they became heroes.

My Mom and Dad are Jack and Maddie Fenton. Both are ghost hunters, and pretty good ones too. I can say that because I've been up enough ghost hunters to know the good from the bad. Yeah, you read that line right. Don't worry, it's explained more later.

And as for Jazz, as long as I can remember she has had perfect grades and popularity. Unlike me, one of the most unpopular guys at Casper High School for Boys. She was also constantly butting heads with Mom and Dad over the whole ghost hunting thing, too. At least up until they disappeared and we were forced to live with my Dad's best friend from college and my archenemy, Vlad Masters. I guess that's where my story really starts…

"All packed?"

I sighed and looked up from my suitcase, making a face at my sister as she stood stubbornly in the doorway.

"Yes, Jazz…" I recited for the millionth time that day.

"You have all the homework you did over the summer?" She pressed, hearing and ignoring my irritation as usual.

"It's in my portfolio," I answered, "And I have all my uniforms, weapons and everything else I need all packed away too, before you ask."

"Did you make sure to pack plenty of clean underwear?"

"JA-AZZ!" I yelled, my face burning in embarrassment.

"I was just checking!" Jazz said defensively, "You can never be too careful, Danny, and we won't be coming back to Vlad's until Christmas," I noticed with some pride that like me my sister still refused to call Vlad's cold Packers-decked castle 'home.' It was a small sign of the weak resistance we had against the billionaire, but it was enough.

Yes, I said billionaire. Vlad Masters was the richest, and therefore most powerful, man in the United States, and Master Corps. They made everything from household appliances to weapons of war, which was a pretty unsettling thought when you know what a serious crazed up fruit loop Vlad is.

Not that it matters much, Vlad doesn't have much interest in NORMAL deadly weapons. That's why as far as his company went, the apple of old Vladdy's eye was the Paranormal Department, Dalv.

Dalv was run mainly by himself and a ghost lackey of his named Skulker, the self acclaimed greatest hunter in the Ghost Zone. Really, he was just a blobby frog looking thing in a supped up suit, but something I figured out pretty early on was that each ghost has to have a 'thing.' Even me and Vlad, if you think about it.

I should probably explain now before I confuse you guys anymore; If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not a normal 15 year old high school kid. About two years ago my parents finished the Fenton Ghost Portal, a link between two separate realities, the Ghost one and the Human one. The problem was, though, it didn't work.

So I got the idea to show it to my best friend since pretty much the diaper days, Tucker Foley. Unlike me, Tucker loved everything with wires attached and he was determined to help get the Portal working. As his best friend and the sole son of the inventors, I got sucked into it pretty easily, so I was the one inside the stupid thing when we figured out what was wrong and fixed it without thinking. Stupid, I know.

The shock I got from the portal was the most pain I'd ever had in my life. Tucker told me it only lasted ten seconds, but it felt more like ten YEARS. I thought I was going to die…

Ironic, now that I really think about it.

Anyways, this is when the story gets weird. After I got the shock, my appearance changed. My black hair turned white, and my blue eyes to green. I wasn't ready to accept what had happened to me, so I tried to reason it off as a hallucination brought on by the pain.

That lasted until noon that day, when I fell through the floor, invisible and intangible.

Naturally, I was very, very freaked out by these changes, as was an extremely guilt-ridden Tucker. It took us three more days to finally figure out that the portal had given me ghost powers and a very cool superhero alter ego of Danny Phantom.

Hey, EVERY kid dreams of being a superhero, right?

Anyways, after about four months of battling the forces of the Paranormal world, I was finally starting to get control of my powers, which was good since I was also about to enter high school. That was when Mom and Dad were called to Transylvania to do some research in some haunted ruins, and sent me and Jazz to live with dear old Uncle Vlad.

I admit, at first it was pretty cool. Vlad was cocky, but ignorable, and he did have a cool rich dude house with technology that Tucker would kill a squad of cheerleaders to see for three minutes. The Packers décor was a little creepy, but once again ignorable.

Then the stupid bird ghost came…

Apparently, Vlad had all of his ghostly servants on the low while we were living there, but the vultures screwed up and came in too early. I sensed them and automatically took action, only to find myself losing a battle with Plasmius.

The next day, Vlad confronted me, telling me that he had been a halfa for about twenty years more then I had. He was interested in making me his apprentice, since we were the only two halfas in existence. The training and the fact that I'd have all the resources he'd acquired in those twenty years at my fingertips in a heartbeat sounded cool, but the fact that I'd have to renounce my father and pretty much all my morality to get them?

Yeah, that wasn't so great.

"Danny? You okay?" Jazz asked curiously.

"Fine, Jazz," I answered immediately.

"You're not coming down with something, are you?" She pressed on, feeling my forehead despite my protests. "You do feel a bit warmer…"

"Jazz, my body temperature is forty degrees lower then any other living creature on the planet, not including Vlad." I reminded her, "I'm the human Frosty the Snowman!" my sister rolled her eyes.

"I meant you feel warm for you!" She said, her cheeks tingeing with pink. "Hang on, I have a thermometer in my purse…"

"Lemme guess, right next to the stethoscope and beneath the syringe," I said dryly.

"Don't be ridiculous, Danny, my stethoscope would never fit in here," Jazz said absently, "Ah! Here we go!" Before I could protest, the object in question was jammed under my tongue. "Keep it there for a minute," My sister ordered. I rolled my eyes.

"Jazz…" I said in exasperation. Though the Thermometer made it sound more like 'Thad.'

"Don't complain, Danny, If you get sick at school they'll send you straight to the Infirmary and you'll be exposed!" Jazz, who was well-versed in Thermometer-ese scowled, "It's best to nip any illnesses before they get a chance to start!" I rolled my eyes again. She was right, but I could think of hundreds of things that were likely to happen before I admitted that, and one of them involved Tucker winning Mr. Universe.

"I feel fine," I told her (Ah Theel dine,)

"Well sure, that's what you always say," Jazz said absently. "But your chemicals in your body react differently now. Besides, there are illnesses that have few or no symptoms!"

"I'm not going to keel over right in front of you, Jazz," I told her firmly. (Ah'm mot gunnah kell ower white in nunna oo, Thad)

"I know," Jazz sighed, "I just don't want to take any chances, alright?" I shook my head, taking the thermometer out and reading it.

"Fifty nine degrees on the dot, Jazz," I told her. Then, teasingly, I added, "Wow, that IS a record high for me!" My sister rolled her eyes.

"Gimme that!" She said, snatching the thermometer away, "Hmph! Human Polar Bear…" I laughed.

"Hey now, doesn't name calling cause some sort of psychological unbalance?" I asked, backing away slightly just in case. Half ghost or not, poking fun at Jazz's favorite subject right in front of her was just asking for trouble Jazz glared at me, but didn't make a move to harm me bodily.

"Haha." She grumbled sarcastically, "You're sure you have everything?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, Mom," I chimed out.

"Don't even joke!" Jazz said, making a face.

Her greatest fear was turning into a carbon copy of our ghost hunting parents. The was already getting irritated with how many people told her that she was the spitting image of her mother at sixteen.

Luckily, I didn't have that problem, considering that Dad's was a good three feet taller then me and four times as wide at my age. He insisted that big bones ran in his family, but I figured it had more to do with the junk food he'd always scarf down.

Though it is true that Great Auntie Lizzie was a pretty big woman…

"Well, if you have everything, I guess we can leave now…" Jazz said, sighing and looking around my room, "We've got a long way to go, and I still gotta see what Matt's big emergency is."

"Right," I said, shouldering my bags, "Is He awake yet?"

"Not that I know of," Jazz answered softly, glancing at the door. "But yeah, probably. When have we ever been able to slip past him before?" I felt my grip on my bag tighten at that casual statement, bitterly aware of the truth in it.

Ghosts were obsessive creatures by nature, and Vlad and I were no exceptions. But while I was obsessed with making sure my friends and family were safe, Vlad was obsessed with getting what he wanted and didn't have, which was a list that so far consisted of three things; my Mom, the Packers and Me.

And since I was in his house, there was no way I could escape him. No matter which way I turned, no matter what I did, whenever I was in Vlad's house I felt like there were always eyes watching my every move. Which is NOT a fun feeling, by the way…

"Let's leave before we have to find out," I advised, grabbing Jazz's bags for her and making my way to the private elevator only Me Vlad and Jazz could use which was activated with fancy silver keys he'd given us on the first day there.

"You can go down without me, you know," Jazz said as I put my key in and pushed the down button. Jazz and I were on the second floor from the top of Vlad's six story castle, and the entire top and basement floors were reserved for Vlad. "It'll be faster that way.

"No way," I said stubbornly, "I can't take both you and all the luggage down all at once, and I'm not taking the risk that one of us runs into Vlad alone." Jazz cringed.

"Point," She acknowledged, taking some of the bags from me. We both turned as the elevator doors chimed, only to freeze in place.

"Ah, Daniel, Jasmine," Vlad said smoothly, smirking down at us, "What a surprise to see you two up so early…" I scowled and glared at the billionaire, while Jazz just tensed and looked between us worriedly.

"Good morning, Mr. Masters." She said in a high, tense tone, "Danny and I were hoping to leave without waking you,"

"I bet," Vlad drawled out, amused. My glare darkened.

"Yeah, well, we have a long way to drive so we'd better get started if we want to make it there in time to settle in!" Jazz said hastily, pushing me towards the stairs.

"Don't be silly, dear, the elevator has plenty of room," Vlad called out to us, holding the door open.

"Being cramped in a small, confined space with you?" I shot back, "I think I'd rather marry Walker."

"We'll be fine on our own, Mr. Masters," Jazz said, elbowing me sharply.

"I insist you at least let me walk you to the car," the older halfa said, taking some of the bags and hauling them into the elevator, "After all, it will be the last time I see you in a while…" My glare darkened, but Jazz gave me a hopeless shrug and entered the elevator. I sighed irritably before getting in myself, not about to let the only family I had left be trapped with a psychotic half-ghost billionaire.

The whole way to the ground floor Jazz and Vlad made tense conversation while I just glared holed into the back of Vlad's head. Finally we made our way out the door and to the car. Just before I could get in, though, Vlad grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Don't think this is all over yet, Daniel," he whispered so Jazz couldn't hear. "Some day soon you will join me, you can count on that," I scowled.

"Don't hold your breath," I told him, pulling my arm free and getting into the car. I slammed the door behind me for emphasis. Smirking into the rearview mirror, I watched as Vlad and his castle get smaller and smaller…


"070… 071… 072… 073!" I grinned at the room that would be my home for my Sophomore year of High school, sliding my plaque in place before I went inside.

As usual, the inside of the apartment was pretty much bare essentials. A couch, a coffee table a small, empty entertainment center and a desk. There were also three doors, one which led to the bathroom and the other two to bedrooms.

Putting all my bags down, I took out the one labeled 'Electronics' and opened it up. A few minutes later my TV, GameStation and a DVD player were all set up on the entertainment center, along with some of the RPGs, Fighters and FPSs' I favored.

Hey, maybe there would be a slow day ghost-wise some time and I'd get to actually play some this year…

My laptop went over to the desk, after some careful consideration. Sure I wanted to have enough of my stuff out as a peace offering that my roomie wouldn't snitch on me for what promised to be another year of semi-constant curfew breaking, but a lot of my Ghost info was filed away on there. After a while, though, I decided it was safe.

After all, that stuff was all password protected, and there was no way my roommate would guess that…

With all of that out of the way, I turned to the two bedrooms, deciding to take the smaller one so that once again my roommate my decide he liked me enough not to tattle. Besides, It wasn't like I'd be in there too often anyways. It'd just be the place I would crash or bind my wounds if I couldn't make it to Tucker or Jazz…

Anyways, my stereo was set up in there, along with my second, completely ghost filled computer and all my ghost hunting gear, which consisted of three Fenton Thermoses, a pair of Ghost Gloves, a Ghost Weasel, two Ghost Fishers, Three pairs of Fenton Phones, the Fenton Peeler, a Specter Deflector, two Jack-A-Nine-Tails, a Porta-Portal, The Boo-Merang and several different Ecto-guns of various designs and sizes.

Most of the stuff was mainly used by Jazz or Tucker when they helped me, but sometimes I'd use something too. Mostly I used the Thermos, since it was easier to carry then the Porta-Portal, and less likely to suck me into the Ghost Zone.

I was just finishing up putting my clothes away when my cell phone started to ring. Knowing that it was either Jazz calling to tell me there was something she forgot to tell me or Tucker checking in so we could meet up, I grabbed it and turned it on.


"Yo, Danny!" my best friend responded so I could almost hear his grin, "Miss me?" I rolled my eyes.

"Nah, I loved spending two months under Vlad's thumb." I said sarcastically. Tucker laughed.

"Ouch, that bad?" He chuckled. "Any ghosts? Besides Plasmius, I mean…"

"Just a few attacks from Skulker and Technus, mostly," I shrugged, "Not including the daily annoyance that is the Box Ghost. For some reason, not many ghosts like being in range of Plasmius' attacks…" I feigned confusion for the last part, earning another laugh from the Tech-geek. "What about you?"

"Me? I'm just glad to get away from my brothers…" I smiled knowingly, confident that Tucker was cringing in the other line. "They still don't like that I'm small enough that they can crush me with one hand, yet I'm the one in the private school district."

"At least they give you breathing room," I told him.

"Not when they're busy crushing my windpipes by strangling me." I laughed, but half way through it turned into a gasp as a chill ran through my body. "Ghost time already?" Tucker asked brightly, recognizing the sound even over the phone.

"In the computer lab," I responded, grabbing a thermos and going ghost, "Meet me in five minutes?"

"You know it," We hung up at the same time, and I dropped my cell into my ghost hunting backpack and flew through the wall to the outside, invisible to those on the ground.

It only took me about three minutes to get to the computer lab, considering that I could fly and walk through walls. When I got there, I found a familiar geeky-looking ghost laughing loudly as he hovered over the computers.

"Yes, yes, YES!" He yelled, "AT LAST! I, TECHNUS, Master of All Things Electronic and Hip, can use this School's top of the line computers and various other electrical appliances to take over this city and then, the WORLD!"

"Done?" I asked in a bored tone, crossing my arms and giving the ghost an unimpressed look.

Really, how many world domination speeches does a guy have to sit through…?

"GHOST CHILD!" Technus yelled, making me roll my eyes.

"Why are you still surprised every time I show up to thwart your take over the world schemes?" I asked him dryly.

"Ah-HA!" Technus exclaimed, "But this time, child, my plan is fool-proof! There is no way you can defeat me!" My eyebrow kicked up as Technus began the whole 'diabolical laugh' thing, and without saying a word I blasted the main power box for the computer lab, sending the place into darkness. "…Aww poo…!"

Smirking, I charged up my ecto beam again without releasing it, powering my fists as I used Technus as my undead punching bag for a good two minutes until a right uppercut sent him flying outside with a scream. I followed, spotting Tucker on the ground fighting his way past a crowd of guys that were heading the other way. After one more glance at the dazed Technus, I flew down to greet my friend.

"Aw man, if I knew it was just Technus, I wouldn't have ran all this way!" Tucker complained.

"I need to fix up things in the Computer Lab before I get into too much trouble." I told him, throwing him the thermos. "Can you finish this up and Take him back to the Ghost Portal?"

"Can I drive the Specter Speeder?" Tucker asked, brightening. Rolling my eyes, I threw him the keys. "I am SO there!"

"Don't forget to cloak it in public!" I called as he ran off to finish his task, remembering who I was dealing with, I also added, "AND DON'T DROP THE THERMOS THIS TIME!"

I frowned when Tucker showed no signs of having heard me, before sighing and flying back through the wall to see exactly how much damage Technus and I had done to the once nice and neat computer lab.

I cringed when I saw that the power box was melted and morphed beyond repair. That would definitely need to be replaced… The teacher's desk was split right down the middle, too. That was the only major damage, though, the rest of it just looked back because it was all shattered papers and keyboards knocked off the desk.

"I'm telling you, there's a ghost in here!" I froze at the voice of one of Tucker computer friends, Mikey Something-or-Another. "Honest, Mr. Lancer, It took over my computer!"

"Well, we'll see know, won't we?" The headmaster said suspiciously.

Okay, that was my cue to leave…


"Tucker?" I said in alarm, wheeling around. It was stupid of me, since I forgot all about Lancer, who opened the door like three seconds later and caught me red handed.

At least, he thought he did.

"Told you, Mr. Lancer!" Mikey said triumphantly.

"It's not what you-!" I stopped, realizing that I was getting blamed no matter what I said and let out a sigh of irritation, "Oh, why do I bother…" Deciding Tucker was the bigger concern, I flew out the wall.

I got out just in time to see Technus disappearing in the distance, and got worried when I didn't see Tucker anywhere. After a short mental debate, I flew after Technus, pulling out my cell again and hitting the speed dial for my best friend.


"Tucker? Where are you? What happened?" I asked immediately.

"I'm in the Bell Tower. Technus stuck me in here after… um…" I frowned suspiciously as my friend trailed off.

"You dropped the Thermos again, didn't you?" I asked dryly.

"No! What gave you that idea?" Tucker asked in a guilty tone followed by a nervous laugh. I rolled my eyes. And Jazz says I have a short attention span…

"Well stay there! I'll get you down after I stop Technus."

"Believe me, dude, I'm not going anywhere…" I sighed after I hung up and turned my cell phone off before putting it away.

"Is a clear headed sidekick that doesn't flip out every time I get a scratch really too much to ask for?" I grumbled as I picked up the speed to catch the ghost.

Six hours Twelve injuries and a busted up electronic store later, I had caught up with Technus and managed to stop his latest world domination scheme. Which meant right now I was on a shaky path to a familiar and very much missed house.

FentonWorks was a very noticeable home crammed in an otherwise normal neighborhood. It'd stood more or less empty for almost a year now, except when Tucker Jazz and I met there to talk about ghost stuff. All the ecto-goo traps kept kids from vandalizing it, so it was pretty much untouched.

I paused in the living room for a second, noticing how much dust was starting to build up. I frowned, knowing how much my parents would hate that because it would get into the experiments and mess up sterile projects. 'Cleanliness is key for experiments,' was always a favorite saying of my mom's whenever I complained about having to do chores as a kid. I laughed a little at that memory and, unable to resist, I slipped back up to my room.

It was completely bare, just as I'd left it when I first went to Vlad's. Most of my stuff was still over there, or waiting to be unpacked back in my room. I almost couldn't recognize the room as mine without all my old stuff, but the same feel was still there.

I made my way over to where my bed used to be, lying on the carpet and staring up at my ceiling like I used to do a million and one times growing up. I smiled slightly when I saw the scorch marks on the ceiling from when my ecto-blasts first upgraded to blasting out my eyes, too. Scared the crap outta me the first time it happened, and Mom and Dad started panicking, thinking the house was under attack…

"Knock, knock," an amused voice said softly at the door. I blinked and looked up to see Jazz smiling over at me, "I knew you'd be here," She said, coming over and sitting next to me. She picked up the Thermos, rattling it around a bit. "Who was it today?"

"Technus," I answered. "Another world domination plot,"

"He never learns, does he?" Jazz drawled out, rolling her eyes.

"Hey, it makes my job easier," I quipped. Jazz laughed.

"You didn't get hurt, did you?" She asked.

"Nah," I responded, "Barely touched me. What did Matt want?"

"Oh, just asking for a favor," Jazz said vaguely. We sat in silence for a while, feeling a little lonely in the empty room. Jazz broke it, though, by bringing up the one thing neither of us wanted to talk about. "They aren't coming back, you know,"

"Of course they are," I said stubbornly, "Mom and Dad would never let a ghost get 'em. Even if they did, I would've heard about if from someone in the Ghost Zone. Two Fentons killed at once would be big news," Jazz gave me a watery smile at that.

"Yeah, guess that's true…" she agreed.

"The only thing that would've made them happier was if it was the two of us," I continued. Jazz giggled at that.

"I know that's true," She said, her smile growing, "You more then me, though."

"I dunno," I responded, "You made an enemy out of Spectra when you used the Fenton Peeler on her, and I know you're one of the few things that Vlad's scared of after that incident last Christmas Break,"

"Danny!" Jazz said, laughing at the memory, "What was I supposed to do, anyways? Sit there and let him warp your mind?"

"I didn't say I wasn't grateful," I protested, "It's just that I even I didn't want to be within three feet of you with anything that might pass as a weapon for a week after that." Jazz's laugher grew at that.

"You're a little creep you know," She giggled. "Did you pick up all your stuff?" I blinked, then stiffened, my eyes going wide. Jazz smirked and held up a manila envelope with my name on it. "I bought all your supplies and books, too," I sighed in relief.

"You're a lifesaver, Jazz," I told my sister.

"And don't you forget it," She responded proudly. "Oh, and I also got Tucker down from the Bell Tower." I cringed.


"You would've left him there all night, would you?" Jazz asked dryly. I gave her a guilty smile, and she sighed loudly. "Oh, Danny…"

"Well, we'd better get back," I said, standing up, "I'll get Technus back into the Ghost Zone,"

"Don't forget to call me once a week," Jazz reminded me absently as we left, "And come straight to my apartment whenever you get hurt."

"Yes, Mother," I said mockingly. Jazz gave me an ugly look.

"Oh, and Danny?" I cringed, expecting retaliation. To my surprise, Jazz just ruffled my hair and gave me a tender smile. "I'm really proud of you, you know," She kissed me lightly on the forehead before heading out. I smiled slightly, glad I had at least Jazz's support, before I realized what had just taken place.

"Aw, Gross!"

'Riiiiiiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiiiiiing!'


'Hi, you've reached Danny. I'm probably busy right now, so leave your name and message after the- OW! Back off, you little-! 'Beep!''

"Danny? It's Tuck. I know your there, Danny, pick up!"

I groaned, burying myself deeper into my pillow…

"Oh, come on, Danny, I know you're not cold enough to ignore your best friend!"

…I pulled my covers up more…

"Fine! If that's how you wanna play, how about a melody of Ember's hits?"

…Then I dived for the phone.

"Alright, Alright!" I said, "I'm here, don't sing!"

"I should take offence to that, you know," Tucker said conversationally.

"What do you want, Tucker?" I groaned, shaking my head.

"Just wanted to call and make sure you'd meet me for lunch." Tucker responded. I scowled.

"You woke me up for THAT?" I asked.

"No, I woke you up because you already missed dinner last night, AND this morning's breakfast. You may be half ghost, but you've gotta eat some time," I blinked, glancing at the clock. I couldn't help but wince when I was it was already nearly noon.

"…Oh," I said, "Well, alright. Just gimme ten minutes to shower and fly down there,"

"Gotcha," Tucker responded, "See you then, Danny!" I sighed as I replaced the receiver. Grumbling, I grabbed a towel and padded over to the bathroom, yawning as I went.

That Technus had worn me out so much proved I was outta shape hunting-wise. At the end of last year, I could've taken him and the Lunch Lady on at the same time, blindfolded.

Please don't ask why they were together, living it once was bad enough…

I undressed in the bathroom, throwing my clothes into a whicker basket in the corner before stepping into the shower. I hadn't seen any one else's stuff in the living room, so my roommate probably hadn't come yet. Not that it really mattered. So long as I wasn't roommates with Dash Baxter again, I'd be perfectly happy with whoever I did have.

Of course to be fair Dash was only my roommate for two weeks. That was actually longer then any other roomie I'd had since becoming half ghost, not including the one year I was lucky enough to get Tuck. Most of the time I end up rooming alone, which suited me just fine.

It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just that my life is complicated enough as it is without dragging new people into it. Besides, how could anyone shove that burden on a person? Keeping to myself is much less headache…

And anyways it wasn't like I was lonely or anything, right? I mean, I had Jazz and Tucker, they were the best support a guy could ask for. I tried the dating thing for a while, but that didn't work since I'd always leave with little or no explanation, and the girls would get mad and think I was cheating on them or something.

I shook my head and gave a wry smile at that, reaching for the shampoo. Part of me was always insulted that they could think I was the cheating type. Especially since I was lucky to have one girlfriend at a time, forget two.

Anyways, one ghosts started attacking my girlfriends I decided to call it quits as far as dating went. They were just normal girls, after all, and no one deserved the pressure that came with being attacked to Danny Phantom, the Ghost Kid of Amity Park.

I sighed and finished my shower, drying off and stepping out into the living room. To my surprise, there was a kid already standing there, short, skinny and oddly red in the face. Realizing belatedly who this had to be, I smiled as warmly as possible, wanting to make a good first impression.

"Oh, you must be my roommate." I said, "Sorry, didn't hear you come in. I'm Danny. Danny Fenton."

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