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Chapter 1

"Goosey Loosey's New Friend."

"Did you hear guys? Foxy Loxy is in the Hospital. Seems like she wanted to break your record, Runt." Abby gossips her friends during recess at the cafeteria.

"Well, I'd have never thought anybody would be stupid enough to try to eat more than 35 Ice Creams in twenty minutes." Chicken Little said.

"Hey! Are you meaning I'm stupid!" shouted Runt.

"No! I was just saying that…"

"Glub." Said Fish.

"Oh, if he was meaning only that, then there's no trouble. Sorry for yelling, Chicken Little."

"Hey, look!" Whispers Abby while pointing at a table far away. She, as well as Chicken Little, Runt and Fish, are amazed by what they see.

"But I thought she was of he popular ones. She should be surrounded by lots of people!" Chicken Little said, astonished.

"Right! What's she doing all alone?" Adds Runt.


Goosey Loosey is eating her breakfast all alone. Even some of the tables near hers are empty, as if kids are trying to evade her. She seems very sad and lonely.

"Perhaps because she isn't really popular." Abby answers Chicken Little and Runt's questions. "She's more like a bodyguard to Foxy Loxy. Not many people like getting near her, you know, since she gets all violent and dangerous whenever she feels menaced or she is confronted by strangers."

"Yeah, she's completely dependant on Foxy Loxy for her social status." Comments Runt after taking some of his milk.

"I heard Foxy Loxy has to take her home everyday. She's so dumb she can't remember where she lives!" Adds Chicken Little, surprised. "Without Foxy Loxy, Goosey Loosey is… well…"


"Well… it's the best word to describe it. Without Foxy Loxy, Goosey Loosey is a nobody…" Finishes Chicken Little.

Goosey Loosey finished her meal and quickly left the cafeteria, not wanting to see anyone.

Classes end, and Abby is heading home alone, since she's got to do some chores for her parents before they arrive home, and Chicken Little, Runt and Fish have to clean the mess in the Gym after Chicken Little accidentally pulled the Fire Emergency switch… again. Somehow, Runt and Fish were dragged along into that.

During her way, much to her surprise, she finds Goosey Loosey around a corner. She tries to ignore her, but as she walks nearby her, she notices her eyes are tearful, and that her hands are together, trembling. She seems very scared and disoriented. Goosey notices Abby too, and for a moment she seems as if she were going to ask her for help. However, she seems to have a second thought and chooses to ignore her. Pushed by her conscience, Abby stops and asks her:

"Hey... are you lost?"

Goosey Loosey turns and seems shocked by Abby's words. That's reasonable. Before that phrase, the Ugly Duckling had never properly talked to her. ("Lemme go! Leave him alone! Get away!" Didn't count as talk, Goosey thought.)

"So... are you lost, or what?" Repeats Abby, annoyed.

Goosey Loosey nods.

"But you don't live far away from here..."

Goosey Loosey, tearfully, suddenly takes Abby's hands into hers.

"What, you want me to take you home? After all what you've done to me and my friends!"

Goosey Loosey nods. She seems truly desperate, and her uneasiness grows due to the fact that it is getting late. Goosey Loosey never stayed so late out of her house, except when she was with Foxy.

So it was true… Goosey Loosey's lack of smartness was so huge she always needed somebody taking her back home. Due to her parents' works, none of them knew that their little girl still needed somebody taking her back home, and Goosey wasn't very talkative about that. Abby for a moment feels like laughing at Goosey's stupidity and leaving her there, all alone and lost, as revenge. However, her conscience is stronger than her memories of Goosey throwing her into garbage bins.

"Oh... all... right... Follow me…"

Goosey clapped her hands happily as an expression of relief as drawn across her face.

"Here. This is your home." Says Abby after reaching Goosey's house. Taking her there wasn't as easy as Abby thought it would be. Goosey constantly got distracted, either because of Mickey Mouse-shaped clouds, pretty white flowers she cut, or shiny fast cars that scared her away, making her run so that Abby had to go looking for her. The duckling wonders if Foxy Loxy has to tolerate all of that everyday.

Goosey claps her hands happily as she recognizes her home.

"Well, see you around." Says Abby, as she turns around and heads to her own home. But before she can turn around the corner, Goosey calls her with a honk. Abby turns around annoyed and asks, in a very dark tone:

"What, did you forget how to walk?"

But to her surprise, Goosey Loosey heads to where she is. And increasing her astonishment, she takes Abby's right hand and puts on it the white flowers she cut along the way.

"What, you're thanking me!" Abby questioned, as amazed as she was when she saw Kirby's parents' saucer landing on the Baseball Field. Goosey answered with a nod and a honk, before running back home.

Abby stays there, perplexed. She never expected she would help Goosey getting back home, much less she would receive some flowers from her as a thanks. She finally asks herself, after some silent minutes:

"How can she always forget that she lives just two blocks away from school?"


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