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Finally! After months… enjoy chapter three! Foxy Loxy Fan, this chapter is dedicated to you!

Chapter 3:

Breaking News!

The Electro–Cardiogram's endless "beep…beep…beep…" wasn't the only thing that annoyed Foxy Loxy, Oakey Oaks' darling. The 'Get well Soon' bouquets and flower pots many citizens had sent her (Including Mayor Turkey Lurkey) filled her Hospital room to the point she could hardly watch the big TV her mother had brought her. And although she had received many visits, that dumb goose hadn't come to give her the report on what was going at school during her hospitalization. Surely she had lost the paper that detailed how to get to the hospital.

"That fool… I wonder what I was thinking when I made her my personal bodyguard…" Wondered Foxy.

She looked at the Electro–Cardiogram. It wasn't necessary at all! Her mother was such an alarmist; she had even brought some excellent doctors from New York to attend her daughter… just because of a small, stupid stomachache!

Foxy sighed and turned on the TV with the Remote Control. She would have instantly looked for the House of Mouse show, hadn't it been because on the TV there was a Breaking News report, and the scenario was none other than the Oakey Oaks Elementary School. There was something going on at her base of operations!

On the TV, the reporters quickly closed in on a distracted CL. Before he knew, he was already being poked with mics… again… the journalists mercilessly began to bomb him with questions… again…

"Chicken 'Little' Cluck! Are the rumors true?"

"Is it just another fake alarm?"

"Are you really a chicken?"

Surrounded by reporters, TV cameras and mics, CL was shocked and surprised… again… he could only mutter something that sounded like "Guh… Abby… friend… acorn… Elvis…"

"What did he say?" Asked a journalist.

"Guh… Abby… friend… acorn… Elvis…" CL repeated.

Foxy smiled and wondered: "I wonder what Chicken Loser did now…"

On the TV, something suddenly caught the reporters' attention. They focused their cameras to something on the distance. They left CL behind and quickly ran to get their Nobel Award-winning article. Foxy was filled with intrigue. What could be more attractive for journalists than a new Chicken Little Scandal? Soon the answer was on TV. And that was something nothing could have prepared her to see. Her Electro-Cardiogram went "beep, beep, beep, beep!" as she began to feel very bad.

"Abby Mallard! Is it true you're Goosey Loosey's new best friend?"

"Goosey Loosey! Are the rumors about you and Foxy true? You're not friends anymore?"

"Ms. Mallard! Why is it that you wear no pants or skirt?"

"Ms. Loosey! If you were a Princess, which one would you be? Snow White, Cinderella, Alice Liddell, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Belle, Mulan or Kairi?

Foxy lost her grasp on the Remote Control, which fell to the floor, breaking itself apart. She put her hand on her chest as she began to have a horrible heartache. The Electro-Cardiogram went nuts with "beepbeepbeepbeep!"

"Well, I…" Began Abby on the TV.

Goosey began to honk furiously at the reporters, as she really disliked strangers.

"Goosey, please stop!" Said Abby.

"Whoa! She's attacking us!" Pointed out one journalist.

"She's against the Freedom of Press!" Said another one.

"She doesn't wear any skirt or pants either!"

Fish appeared out of nowhere and jumped in between Abby, Goosey and the Reporters. He seemed pretty serious. He inhaled some air as if he were about to scream and said:


All of the reporters gasped in awe.


"So that explains it all! But still… it can't be!"

"It's even more surprising than when we found out Major Turkey Lurkey wears heart-stamped underwear!"

"Yeah, we're friends now." Said Abby. "I don't understand what's wrong with that…"

Goosey clapped happily as she heard those words. She then hugged Abby, who did the same to her in return.

Foxy Lox's Electro-Cardiogram went beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…

Then the dog journalist turned to face the camera.

"You've heard it, ladies and gentlemen! Abby Mallard, 13 year old, and Goosey Loosey, 13 year old, are now BEST FRIENDS! We'll bring you more detailed news tonight, on…!

A flower pot was then thrown at the TV, smashing it. After disconnecting herself from that annoying Electro-Cardiogram, Foxy found herself gasping for air, filled with rage. Her face was redder than usual, her eyes were bloodshot and her fists were clenched. What she had felt when Chicken Little stole the triumph she had worked so hard to get, during the Baseball Championship from one year and a half ago, was nothing compared to what was flooding her spirit now.

"That brainless goose… how could she… how could she betray me like… like this… for that… THAT FEATHERED MANURE!"

She remained there, gasping, trying to recover herself from that shock. She had to make things straight…


That evening, in the Loosey Family home, the phone ringed for almost twenty minutes before Goosey could figure out how to answer it. She honked happily, thinking it was her new best friend. And she honked happily again when she realized it was her old best friend. Goosey wondered whether she had already recovered.

"Listen, you idiotic piece of garbage. I want you to prove your loyalty. I'll get out of the hospital in a few days, and I want you to prepare everything for... well, you know what already. And if the video camera doesn't have a fully-charged battery this time, you're doomed. Buried. Finished. Six feet under. Did you understand, you piece of CsENhSOiREDt?"

Goosey honked happily. Her old best friend had really recovered!


Be prepared for something nasty in Chapter 4! Nothing explicit or traumatic, don't worry too much either…