Chapter two

Chapter two

Tom followed the bellboy down the cold, but elegantly furnished hallway, the red and gold wallpaper shone like new and the carpet was soft and springy below his feet. As Tom walked into his room, the warmth hit him; he put his bags down on his bed and sat at the window seat. As he looked out at the streets packed with people, he heard a strange sound…he looked around his room. Nothing moved. He turned back to the window; suddenly something hit the back of his head! He jumped up, he was still alone. Frightened, Tom looked for what may have hit him. Then he saw it. On the floor. A ring. A ring he knew all to well. Dickie's ring.

"Who's there?" He squeaked

"Marge? WHO'S THERE?" he repeated

The wardrobe door shuddered…Tom walked cautiously up to it, his shaking hand reached for the handle, and turned it. He opened the door…it was empty. He walked inside, then he heard a voice.

"I will get you, you lowlife, murdering, liar" it said

"D-dickie?" Tom murmured

Was he going mad? Had the thought of Marge finding him made him insane? What was happening? Had Dickie's ghost come to get him back?

To be continued…