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A/N: I read this throwaway line in a fic recently, in which somebody advises Ames White to go to anger management classes. And this is what my twisted mind was inspired to.

Anger Management:

"Now, Ames, we have discussed this. In order to facilitate you dealing with your anger management issues, we agreed to a group class. I have invited a rather interesting young lady to join us today. I am sure you will find that you have much in common."

Behind Dr. Michaela the door opened and a head, topped by brown curls, popped in.

"Dr. I'm here to - what the hell is he doing here?"

"Her? No way will I be in the same room as that thing!"

Dr. Michaela frowned. "Now, Ames, Max we talked about this. What do you do?"

The Familiar and the transgenic glowered at each other.

"What do we do?" Dr. Michaela prompted.

"Find the happy place." Ames White and Max ground out, refusing to look anywhere near each other. God forbid if anybody ever found out about this.