Buzz. Click. Click. Thunk. Creak.

Trent always felt the entry process had it's own little tune. Being a musician (or what was left of one) he found he both appreciated and dreaded the song that always began his visits.

The routine went as always, things were removed, things were inspected, he was given a nod and the song played one more time.

In an empty white room, save for the steel table bolted to the floor with the steel chairs similarly bolted next to it, he sat in his usual place across from Jane. No one but he ever came to see her, and so they were alone, except for the large men in white standing silently next to the heavy steel door, and their twins, standing on the other side. But they didn't count.

"Hey, Trent." Jane's words were slow and slurred.

"Hey, Janey. I brought you something." Trent placed the items on the table, catching the slight shift of the guards, even though he had been inspected and allowed to bring them. Every week. For the last year.

Jane clumsily reached out for the box and shook its contents out onto the table. Pulling the sheet of paper closer she awkwardly gripped the large crayon and began a series of large loopy red circles. Jane only ever drew in red.

Trent watched in silence. They hadn't ever talked much before and he saw no reason to start then. Jane seemed happy enough to draw her loose swirls across the page for an hour once a week without them saying anything. Every now and then Trent wondered if Jane missed being able to create real art, but since the cocktail of sedatives and anti-psychotics left her with not only the coordination of a five-year-old, but also a similar mental state, he doubted Jane cared much. About anything.

When the hour was almost up and Jane had filled the page with a cacophony of bright red loops and swirls, she pushed the paper towards Trent with a vacant smile. He took it, knowing it would join the others he placed every week in the manila folder he had labeled 'Unfit to Stand Trial'.

He was about to get up when Jane spoke, "I'm not angry with Daria anymore."

Trent fought to keep his expression neutral. "That's good, Janey."

The guards were indicating his time was up, so he stood and walked to the door. Jane continued to watch him, only the barest glimmer of life left in her glassy gaze. "You should bring her with you when you come."

Trent paused, unable to look at her. "Maybe next time, Janey. Maybe next time."