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(A/N I got the idea to this story right before I fell asleep one night and wrote it a few days later. It's another "What if" story, taking place when Bonnie was born and the fist time after. Hope you'll enjoy!)

Chapter one

Rhett was pacing the floor in the dining-room, he needed a drink badly, why, was he locked out of his bedroom on a day like this. His nerves were on highest alerts. If he had been honest, he would have admitted he was scared, scared of what was going on in his bedroom and scared of what might happen. Mixed with fear was the feeling of great expectations and utterly happiness. Indeed, he had awaited this day for months and months. But Rhett Butler never admitted fear or defeat, never had he known of such things, he was just nervous as any man in his position would be.

Finding the decanter right before him, Rhett reached out but changed his mind; this was not the proper time to drink. No, he needed a clear head to deal with this most important matter in his life. Unable to stand it anymore he started for his and Scarlett's bedroom, he needed to know how things were going, after all she was his wife even if she was a bought one, she never the less was Mrs. Butler and the love of his life.

Without thinking, Rhett quicken his space when he came closer to the door, it was still closed and not a sound was heard. Not until a scream from someone's top of lungs broke the silence. The scream took the life out of Rhett, he was shaken, this was his wife screaming in pain. A pain he had caused her, a pain caused by something she never had wanted; a baby.

Rhett remembered the day Scarlett had told him what was supposed to be happy news, instead of joy her pretty face had been twisted with hate, pure hate and accusing. He had forced her into this situation and she hated it, hated that her body would change and that she would miss all the fun he had promised her. But most of all she had never understood why God had invented babies. Rhett had not shared her feelings that day; he had been delighted; he was to be a father to Scarlett's baby. Life was grand but he could not express his happiness instead he had told her, he didn't want a child more than she did but the child would be born, no matter what.

The past nine months Scarlett had grown more and more beautiful, at least in Rhett's eyes, she was carrying his baby and he couldn't pamper her enough or spend too much time with her. He was grateful, this was an added bonus he had not thought of when proposing to Scarlett, a part that would always bind her to him, they would always belong together now. The baby would tell other men, that Scarlett belonged to him and that he shared a part of her that no one else could; Scarlett was his. He couldn't face the truth right now, that Scarlett only was his by name and body, he had never owned her heart or mind, her heart and mind belonged to another man. No, he wouldn't think of that now.

"Mammy, it hurts so much. Make it stop!"

Another scream penetrated the air and Rhett could almost feel her pain. He could hear mammy offering reassuring words to Scarlett but her voice too low for him to hear the chosen words.

"I hate men, why can't it be them having the damn babies"

Scarlett's words spoken with hate cut deep into Rhett's heart

"Did she hate him this much, if, how could he ever change that"

Another painful scream from Scarlett filled the air, his wife was being cut into two, without thinking Rhett slammed the door open and ran to Scarlett, before anyone could object.

Kneeling beside her, he took her little almost childish hand in his large, brown one. Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead

"Hush darling, I know it hurts but let me help you".

Scarlett turned her head towards him; the contraction had stopped for a brief moment before the next one would appear,

"Rhett, it's awful. It hurts so much"

Her faced looked like a little child who was scared and her eyes were full of unshed tears.

"Hmm. Captain Butler this is most improper. Please, leave this room. It's not a place for a gentleman, I assure you"

Doctor Meade looked sternly at Rhett and Melanie avoided looking at him in embarrassment.

Ignoring the doctor Rhett petted his wife's hair and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"Don't leave me Rhett"

Scarlett begged and Rhett hadn't the heart to go against her whish

"I won't my dear".

Suddenly Scarlett's body tensed and her grip on Rhett's hand tighten painfully, he was sure she was about to break every bone in his hand, but his hand was soon forgotten when he saw Scarlett's face twisted from pain and heard her hurting scream. Rhett leaned closer and caressed her beautiful face, offering sweet nothings into her ears

"It will be fine my pet, your are doing fine. I'm here and won't leave you, you will not be alone".

Scarlett seemed to relax a little, if it was his words or his presents or the curse of birth Rhett would never know, but he knew that she didn't utter hateful words this time.

"The baby will come soon. You must leave now Captain Butler"

Doctor Mead looked at Rhett with a distracted look.

"I will do no such thing. I have promised my wife to stay"

Rhett sounded stern but he was shaken. Would he be able to stay, he felt like running away, this was truly awful, as Scarlett had said. It was almost unbearable to see her in this much pain. He had forgotten the baby until he heard Doctor Meade speaking to his wife.

"Scarlett, when the next contraction comes I want you to push"

Scarlett turned to Rhett and in a small voice said

"You'll stay"

He nodded and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead, it would never do to kiss her lips as he wanted.

Before he could remove his head the next contraction waved through Scarlett's body, Rhett saw her abdomen turned into a hard ball and heard her scream a frightening scream.

"The head is out. Please, push again Scarlett"

Doctor Meade told her in a gentle tone of voice. And Scarlett pushed. In awe Rhett looked at his wife, she was stronger than he had ever expected before. Rhett removed his eyes from Scarlett when he heard the beautiful scream from a newborn baby, his baby. He kissed Scarlett and turned to catch a glimpse of his baby, but mammy stepped in and blocked his sight.

"You see later Mizter Butler, it's no a sight for a gentleman".

Turning to an exhausted Scarlett, Rhett whispered in her ears

"Thank you my dear"

She offered him a small smile;

"Wait till you see the baby before thanking me, you might be disappointed Mr. Butler".


He chuckled.

Mammy came closer with a small bundle in her arms, never had Rhett seen her face this proud before, he stretched his neck to get a view of the small bundle of joy in mammy's eyes, but couldn't. Mammy placed the bundle in Scarlett's arms;

"You beautiful daughter my lamb"

Scarlett accepted the baby absently, she never had like babies not even her own, but she couldn't avoid saying hallo to her daughter with doctor Meade and Melanie in the room.

Scarlett removed the blanket from the baby's face and looked down into her baby's face, Rhett leaned as close as he could take in the beautiful sight of his daughter. The first person truly belonging to him and he was touched, never had he lost his heart this fast or this bad. Love filled every part of his body.

Scarlett was very quiet; she stared into her newborn daughter's face

"Why, she is pretty. The first pretty baby I've ever seen" she was confused, with her other children, she had felt alienated towards and had only held them for a brief second, but, oddly, she didn't want to let go of this baby, she just stared into at her.

Finally Rhett noticed the stillness and quietness of his wife, they were alone in the room, reluctantly he withdraws his eyes from his daughter and stared at his wife. What he saw confused him, Scarlett was staring at the baby with confusion written all over her face, it was an amazed confusion not a carelessly or angry confusion. After a while Scarlett's face soften and lost some of the hunting look it often held, he saw her lifting a hand a gently stroke the baby's cheek;

"Hallo little one, I'm your Mother"

She whispered in a soft voice. Clearly, Scarlett had forgotten all about Rhett, she and the baby were alone. Never had he seen Scarlett express any loving feeling or gentle words before and he was amazed

"Did she love his child, could it be?",

He dared not hoping. Never had Scarlett looked this breathtaking beautiful, she was looking exhausted and her appearing was a mess, but Rhett had never loved her as much as he did that very moment; she had just given him the best present in his hole life, she had gone through pain to deliver his daughter and now she admired his, no, their daughter. Scarlett was an amazing woman and if only she would give him the smallest piece of her heart, he would be the happiest man alive.

Clearing his voice Rhett caught Scarlett's attention, she fasten her eyes upon his face as he had only now come into the room, briefly he saw love and happiness in her eyes, then she lowered her eyes and hide her soul for him. "May I hold our daughter Mrs. Butler?"

"Why, sure honey"

Scarlett replied but before she handed him the baby, she couldn't resist giving the small girl a kiss. Scarlett avoided Rhett's questioning eyes.