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Chapter 3: Christmas Day.

Jesse rolled over in bed to place his arms around his wife, only for his arms to hit the bed. He sat up, looked around and found a note on her pillow.

'Merry Christmas Jesse!

To find one of your presents you need to look where a precious loved one sleeps.

So search high and low and you will seek. Love Melodie.'

He smiled when remembered that it was Christmas Day. This note reminded him of the last time Mel left his bed to open her Christmas presents. According to her, it was the morning after Alex was conceived.

He jumped up out of bed with that thought. There was no way he was going to miss Alex's first Christmas with him. In addition, he was dying to know what Shalimar got Alex for a present.

2 hours later, in the living room...

Adam watched as they opened the presents that they had gotten for each other. He was amazed that he had managed to pull it off. However, there was still the Secret Santa present receiving. He had told them to place those presents in a box one at a time. What they didn't know was that Adam was secretly placing the names on the gift in glow in the dark ink.

He hated tricking them like this, but he was tired of the divided Mutant X teams. He hoped he would never have to review who did it, but he was prepared to do just that.

Shal was sitting on the couch laughing. Her baby scare was behind her, and for the first time in months, she was happy. "Hey Alex, come here."

"Ok Aunt Shalimar," said Alex as he ran toward her.

"You see that really big box over there?"

"Yeah, it's huge!"

"It's for you."


"Yes, really!"


Alex ran over to the box and began ripping the paper off it. All the grown-ups stopped and watched with joy as Alex finally unwrapped his present just enough to know what it was.

"It's just like daddy's!" said Alex as he hopped up and down. "It's a toy jeep!"

"Shal, where did you find one that looked just like mine?" asked Jesse.

"Had it custom made actually," smiled Shalimar.

"Thanks Shal."

"You're welcome, and here is your gift," she smiled.

Jesse reached for the gift and was pleased to unwrap a new laptop computer, "Wow, this is just what I wanted, thanks!"

"You're welcome, and Melodie I got you a gift as well. I love the smile that you've out on his face," she said handing the gift to Melodie. Melodie unwrapped a matching laptop that had her name embossed on the front.

"How, thanks Shal," said Melodie. "Was going to wait till later to give this to you, but now seems right."

Melodie handed a small flat box to Shalimar, who was curious to see what Mel had bought her. Shalimar ripped the rapping off to reveal a white photo album with gold trim. Shalimar loved it before she even saw the writing on the front: My Baby.

"Mel it's beautiful, thank you so much, I'll treasure it forever."

"I'm so glad you like it, I was afraid you wouldn't."

"No, I love it!"

Lexa was standing by the window looking out, when Jesse came up behind her, "You ok?"

"Just peachy."

"That's Lexa for no right?"

"Why did you give me a painting of a ice princess?"

"It's not what you think."

"You have no idea what I'm thinking!"

"I bought it to remind you of how far you've come in the last 2 years," he said as he walked away and left her standing there.

Adam left the room and came back carrying the box with the Secret Santa gifts in them. "Alex can you help me hand these out?"


"Thank you."

It took about 5 minutes for the 20 gifts to be handed out. Adam stood before them all. "Alright, one by one, you will open your presents, and show the rest of the room what you got. Then I want the Secret Santa to admit who they are."

"Is this necessary?" asked Shalimar, "Why the big production?"

"Humor me."


"Thank you. Brennan your first."

Brennan stood up and began unwrapping his present. It was hard to contain the laughter when everyone realized Brennan received a vibrator.

Emma was the first of many to lose it, and start laughing out loud.

Jesse stood up; "I wanted to let you know that I was you Secret Santa."

Brennan smiled slightly, "Jesse, you know these things are for girls right?"

"Yeah, I know, I figured Mari would need it," he said sitting back down.

"No she doesn't!" yelled Brennan.

"Yeah, she will," snickered Shal. Brennan sat down in a huff.

Adam stood up, "Lexa, I think you're next."

"Alright, let see what we have here," she said as she unwrapped the gift. She gasped as she realized it was a photo of herself with a super-imposed Leo looking down on her. She reached for the locket she wore around her neck. It was gone.

"You looking for this?" asked Melodie has she held up the locket.

"Mel? You did this?"


"Thanks," she said as she wiped a single tear and sat down.

"Jesse, you're next," said Adam.

Jesse stood up and unwrapped his present. In his hand he held and cast molding of a child's hand. "Alex is this your print?"


"Alright, who got me this, I love it!"

"I did Daddy!"

"You? How did you?"

"Aunt Shal took me to the mall and helped me put my hand in the mold."

Jesse turned to look at Shal, "Thank you for helping him."


Jesse turned to Alex, "Thank you Alex, this is the best present ever."

"You really like it?"

"Yea, I do. Come here and give daddy a hug."

Adam waiting for Alex to crawl in his dad's lap and hug him. Alex then turned to sit in Jesse's lap. "Alright, Gabe, you're next."

"Alright," he said standing up. He held in his hand something the size of a Christmas card. He opened it, and sure enough it was card. He opened and read it.

"Shal, do you mean it?"

"Yeah I do."

"Dad," said Gabriella, "What is it?"

Gabriel handed the card to his son Ashley, and walked out of the room. Ashley opened the card; " Can I read it?"

"Sure," said Shal.

Dear Gabriel,

I searched for a gift that I could give you. This is the only thing I and I alone can give you. I forgive you.


"Shal," said Mike, "thanks, I know it meant a lot to him."

"Shal," said Gabby, "I owe you an apology."

"No you don't, you were right."

"Whose next?" asked Ashley.

"Rosalie," said Adam.

Rosalie stood up; she unwrapped the tiny little box. She opened the box to find a ring. "It's a very beautiful ring," she said showing it off. "Whoever got this for me, thank you."

Josh stood up, "First off, I didn't get it for you. Someone else did, and they want you to read the note that's under the ring."

"Oh, ok," said Rosalie.


I love you, and I never want to lose you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?


"Are you sure you want to marry me?"

"Yes, you drive me crazy! And I can't get enough."

"Then yes, yes I'll marry you."

Dax got off the couch so fast you would have thought his butt as on fire. He picked Rosalie up off the ground in a tight hug.

"DAX!" yelled Max. "Put the poor girl down!"

"Alright, but only long enough to find out who got me whatever this thing is."

"Deal. Cause you're last."

"No I'm last," said Shalimar.

"Mari, you're up," said Adam.

Mari stood up and opened the gift. She had braced herself for something hateful. However, what she got was round class tickets to New York. "Wow, this is great. Whoever got these for me thanks."

Rosalie stood up, "I figured it was the least I could do after the nasty way I've treated you lately. I miss having you as a friend."

"I miss having friends," joked Mari. "Apology accepted."


"Alex, your turn," said Shal.

Alex unwrapped the gift to find a picture inside a frame. "Who is this?"

Mike stood up, "I thought you might to see what your dad looked like when he was your age."

"Wow, thanks!"

"And, I couldn't figure out how to wrap this thing," he said as he pulled a stuffed teddy bear from behind his back.


"Thank you Mike," said Jesse.

"You're welcome."

Emma stood up, "Ashley, you're next, and I want to tell you before you open that, that I was the lame brain behind it."

"I'm sure it's not lame," laughed Ashley.

He unwrapped a baseball glove, "Are you serious! I love it!"

Emma laughed, "Josh said you would."

"You had to ask a precog?"

"Yeah, that was the lame part."

Everyone laughed.

"Zack, your turn," said Emma.

"Do I have to open it?"


"Do I get to find out who got it first?"

"No," smiled Zane. "Open it bro."

"It's kinda small," he said shaking the box gently. He unwrapped it and pulled out the keys. "Ok, what does these go to?"

"The Harley Davidson in the garage," said Gabriella as she stood up. "Zack, I know I can never truly make up for what I did, but I want you to know I love your brother. I will never do anything to hurt him or you again."

"Well, I guess I should have given you this already but I was trying to talk myself into it," said Zack as he pulled a gift out from behind the pillow on the couch. "I got you a gift too."

Gabriella reached for the gift, "You did?"

"Yeah, I decided it was time."

"Time for what?"

"To forgive you, to be honest with you, faced with the same things. I would have done the same as you."

"Thank you," she said as she unwrapped the gift to find a snow globe. "How did you know I loved these?"

"Emma wasn't the only one asking Josh," joked Zack.

"Nice to know," laughed Emma.

"Emma, your turn to open your gift," said Mike.

"Ok," she said as she opened her present. She pulled out a slip of paper, "Wow, it's a gift certificate for Baby's R Us."

"I figured it was the least I could do," said Adam. "I want my grandchild to have everything possible."

"Thank you very much," said Emma as she hugged Adam.

"You're welcome, and Shalimar, I think this one belongs to you," he said handing her a small box similar to the one he had given Emma. She opened it revealing a gift certificate to the same store, "You have always been like a daughter to me, Shal, this baby you are carrying, is family."

Shal wiped a tear, "Thank you very much."

"You are very welcome," said Adam. "Mike I think it's you're turn."

"Alright," he said standing up. He unwrapped his present to find a photo album. He flipped it over and saw the gold letter on the front. 'Baby's First's.' However, what got his attention was the letters just below it, 'Christopher Blake Kane.'

"Emma did you tell everyone what we are naming our son?"

"No, why?"

Mike handed her the album, "Josh?"

"I told Lulu."

Lulu stood up; "I wanted to get you guys something no one else could."

"Thanks Lulu," said Mike. "I will treasure it forever."

"Zane, your turn," said Josh.

"Well whoever bought me a gift, knows what I wanted," he said as he pulled out keys.

"Yeah, I decided to use my powers on myself for once," laughed Josh. "It's the keys to a 2006 H2 Hummer."

"How did you get the money for that?" asked Gabby.

"I sold something I didn't need anymore," smiled Josh. "I sold my old house."

"For me?"

"No, not just for you, but because I like my new home better."

"Thanks!" said Zane. "And just from me to you, I like you here too."


Zane turned to Gabby, who was secretly steaming, "Your turn, Gabriella."

Gabriella stood up and unwrapped her gift. She gasped as she saw the photo of her mother. "Mom…look Ash!" she showed her twin brother the photo.

"Wow, that a great picture of her," said Ashley. "I miss her."

"Me too, alright who gave me this wonderful gift?"

"I did," said Zane.

"Thank you so much."

"You're welcome."

"Actually I made 3 copies, here Ashley."

"Wow, thank you Zane."

"You're welcome, the other copy is for you dad."

"I'll give it to him later," smiled Ashley.

"Cool," said Zane as he handed the other photos to Ash and sat down.

Shalimar stood up, "Can I please go ahead and open mine?"

"Impatient as always," joked Jesse.

"Shut up!"

"Go ahead Shal," smiled Melodie.

She opened the semi-large box. She pulled out a cookbook, taped to the front flap was a gift certificate for a years worth of cooking lessons. "This is both funny and the probably the best gift for my baby right now. After all, my baby deserves good food, and lets face it, I burn water."

Everyone laughed, but fell silent as Brennan stood up, "Shal, that was the least I could do. I am so sorry, I as an idiot to leave you."

An uneasy feeling settled in the room. Mari stood up, "Shal, me and Brennan decided to end things between us. I don't love him and he loves you."

"What?" she said. "Brennan, don't even think of hurting me again."

"I'm not," he said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out the little box, "I want to make us permanent. Will you marry me?"



"While you were gone, I learned I can live without you. I learned that I can stand on my own. I found that I want to be a good mom to my child, and I can't do that with you."

Brennan looked crushed and Shal added, "Brennan, part of me will always love you, but I love this baby more than anything you can offer me. I won't have you leaving us both."

"I don't want to leave either of you."

"This baby isn't yours and neither am I."


"No, I've made up my mind, thank you for the gift. But you can keep your ring."

Shal sat down next to Jesse who put his arms around her lovingly. Ashlocke cleared his throat, everyone turned, and to everyone's shock, Shal got up and walked over to him, letting him hug her.

Brennan sat down, and Melodie punched Jesse in the arm to keep him from laughing out loud.

Lexa stood up, "Let's see if we can manage to get this train back on the tracks, Max I think it's your turn."


Max stood up and unwrapped his present. He almost dropped it out of shock. It was a photo of the first Mutant X team with his parents and Dax."

"Mari! You're the only one who could have gotten this!"

"You like it?"

"I love it!" he said walking around the coffee tale to hug her. "Dax look."

The two brothers looked amazed at the photo, and sat down to look at it. Max stood back up, "Josh your turn."

"It's beautiful Zack," she said without opening the gift. "Although I think it's more for you than for me."

Zack smiled innocently, "Have no idea what you mean."

"What did he get you?" asked Zane.

"A negligee."

"Way to go bro!" joked Zane. "Least you were thinking like a man."

"Shut up!"

Everyone laughed. Melodie stood up, "I think it's my turn."

"You're right honey," said Jesse.

Melodie opened her gift to find a locket that was engraved with her and Jesse's name on the back. "It's beautiful!"

"Glad to like it," said Lexa. "Open it."

Melodie opened it to find a photo of her and Jesse on one side and Alex on the other side. "Lexa, thank you so much!"

"You're welcome, Dax, you're up, and please hurry up before Max has a fit waiting," smiled Lexa.

"I know, been fun watching him whine though."

"Wasn't whining," laughed Max.

"Whatever," said Dax as he unwrapped his gift to reveal a watch. "Wow, I seriously needed this."

"We know, you're always late to everything," joked Rosalie.

"Not always."

"Name a time when you weren't late."

"The day I was born," he joked.

"That was the last time you were on time," laughed Max.

"Whose next?" asked Adam.

"You," said Shalimar.

"Good night then," said Adam.

"Come on, open your gift," said Jesse.


He opened the gift to find a picture of a beautiful mansion and keys, "Alright, who ever bought this, thanks, now what is it," joked Adam.

Ashlocke stood up, the mansion has 100 rooms, those keys are yours," smiled Gabe. "Those keys are to that mansion."


"I bought you that mansion."

"This is great, I've been looking for something this big."

"Why?" asked Emma.

"So I could bring Mutant X back together under one roof."

"Are you asking us to live there with you?" asked Ashley.

"Yea, I am."

"Don't have to ask me twice," smiled Max. "That place is huge."

"Merry Christmas everyone," said Adam.