Title: Symmetry

Author: BatmanWolverine
Rating: PG13/15
Summary: Sort of a mixture of everything, both Comics and Cartoons. Placed as a JLU fic. because of the starting point, the episode 'Hereafter', but the target and results are different and so is the rest of the plot. So remember, NOT a Hereafter fic. Something very different. BMWW, SMLL, minor BMCW, SMWW, others (Justice League Animated - Comics Crossover)

Warnings (and Spoilers): Various JLU cartoon episodes and DC comics issues

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman, Wonder Woman or any of the other character Justice League characters. All owned by DC. Any OCs are my own creation and are free for anyone to use, just give me a shout out first.

Author's Notes: This story will use situations from both Justice League Unlimited (Animated) universe and the JLA comicverse.

Certain things to note i.e. liberties I have taken,

1. Wonder Woman knows Batman's secret identity.
2. Although I have used the scene from Hereafter, it has nothing to do with the timeline. So please, do not flame me over the inconsistencies. I will be using the situations as I like.
3. Even though in the cartoon series, the Episode 'Hereafter' took place before the third season i.e. before there was a JLU, it is not the case in my fic. So we already have the League Super-sized.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope you like my work and review accordingly.

01. Prologue

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

That question gained a slanted but challenging look from the person it was directed towards.

"Diana," the red, white and blue clad man of steel started again, his voice carrying a genuine concern.

"Superman, are you insinuating that I am not fit to serve in the league?" the Amazonian Princess asked pointedly.

"No, yes, no, its not like that," Superman felt at a loss for words. "But, under the situation….Batman," he turned to the only other person in the room, the dark shadow lingering in the corner, his form taut and silent, too silent even for himself.

"Don't try and get him into this, this is between you and me," Diana responded with the barest of anger. "Besides we have already had this discussion. Haven't we….Bruce."

"There was no discussion," the caped crusader answered tightly.

"You agree with her?" Superman's eyes widened in shocked surprise.

"He didn't have any choice. The decision was mine to make," Diana answered yet again, eliciting a snort from the Dark Knight.

Before anyone could say anything else, a whoosh of red announced the entrance of the Scarlet Speedster. "Hey guys," Flash rattled off in his usual enthusiastic self, being a little slow on the uptake of the tense situation around him. "Lets get….going," he looked around to his teammates and their defensive body postures. "Of, what is going on here? We have a situation on earth. Toyman and some of his cronies are having a free for all in Metropolis. They also have Darkseid junior, Kalibak on their side. So, lets get going and like whoop some Kali-back."

For a moment it seemed as if no had heard what he had just said. Finally heaving a sigh of defeat, Superman started towards the door.

"Come on Flash," he called out to the youngest member of the executive counsel.

"Ok, that's more like it," Wally West exclaimed as he speeded away. Only Batman and Wonder Woman remained in the room.

"Diana," Batman spoke after a few moments, his voice carrying an uncharacteristic and rare softness.

"Bruce, we have already been over this. I know I..." she stopped at the narrowing of the white lenses that covered the eyes of her teammate. "What?" She sighed in exasperation.

"Just be careful," was all the lecture she got, as the shadow moved towards her and guided her the door.

"Thanks," that garnered him an appreciative smile. "You too."


Sometime later,

Kalibak's limp form flew thru the air. He had just been punched by Superman, the force enough to propel him into the office building across the street then. Once he had ensured that the Apokolipian was out for good, Superman turned to face the red behemoth of a robot Toyman had constructed. Following his usual punch out plan of action he launchd himself towards the mechanical construct, only to be knocked back by the robot's energy discharges. Stepping back to gather himself, he settled on helping Batman clear some of the innocent bystanders out of the way from the path of the beam. If it was strong enough to rattle him like that, he didn't want to think what it would do the human body.

Feeling himself rejuvenated he, he regained altitude, hoping to distract the robot and its creator inside it from additional discharges against civilians.

"Give it up Toyman," he yelled, "You'll never get me with that thing!"

"Perhaps not," a voice responded from inside the robot, the weapon shifting to once again aim at the Kyptonian, "But what about your friends?"

The next thing Superman knew was that the weapon discharged, not towards him, but towards the only non-meta member of the team.

"NO!" the combined cries of Superman and Wonder Woman preceded the burst of speed from the two leaguers, both flying towards the blast in hopes of deflecting it.

Superman was sure that he would be able to reach the in time to stop. He was less than 20 meters from flying into the energy ball when a green kryptonite ray enveloped him, knocking him out of the sky. 'Metallo!' was the last thought on his mind as he crashed to the ground, his powers briefly negated.

The next he heard was a cry from the Batman, one not of pain of his own, but of something else.

"DIANA!" Batman bellowed as he watched the lithe form of his teammate engulfed in a ball of greenish-white brilliance. Every present leaguer watched helplessly as the light of the energy blast dissipated, leaving nothing but empty space.

Diana had just disappeared into thin air.