Fulfilling a Dream – Prologue

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"You were always smiling, real friendly like, but the way you smiled was so empty it hurt to watch you."


This quote reminds me of how Hinata would be after what happens, in the prologue.

"..." talking

it burns! thoughts

day and place scene change

time frame change

Story Start:

The young, five-year old Itachi held tightly to his mother's warm hand. He stared curiously at the new, black haired baby in her arms.

A small bundle attached itself to him; he looked down, forgetting about the baby and his mother's hand. The young girl, five-years like him, looked up at him with a bright smile. Her silver eyes, violet swirling in them, were wide with joy. "Itachi-kun!" she whispered excitedly.

"Ohayou, Hinata-chan." He smiled at her.

"I have to show you something." She took his hand, lacing her fingers with his; his pale skin turned bright red.

Hinata dragged him around to the back and towards the small pond. She knelt down, getting the knees of her purple silk kimono dirty and letting go of his hand. She put the tips of her fingers in the water as Itachi kneeled next to her.

"The koi had babies." She told him, her tiny, spidery voice giggling as the fish gently kissed her tiny fingertips.

His fingers slipped into the water as well, he didn't notice the tickling feelings on his fingers as the koi kissed them; his attention focused on Hinata.

"I—I don't want you to ever leave me." She blushed brilliantly, " When we're older, I want to—to be with you." She looked up at him. "Promise you'll never leave me." Her eyes were hopeful.

"I promise." He told her matter-of-factly before he placed an innocent peck on her cheek.

Sunday, Uchiha Manor (donno what to call it)

10 years later

Itachi surveyed his handy-work when he felt a tug on his clothing. He turned and found his younger brother.

"Onii-chan, what happened?" The young boy asked.

"I was...testing myself." He stated, gritting his teeth for the lie he told his brother.

"Onii—Onii-chan...?" Sasuke backed up as Shuriken zoomed past him. Piercing his flesh.

"But you—Your so weak, you're not even worth killing." Itachi said bitterly, upset for the lies flowing forth from parched lips. "Live in suffering, until you are deemed worthy, strong enough, to die by my hands." Itachi spat bitterly before using his chakra to disappear in a silent pop. Leaving behind a trembling, crying Sasuke Uchiha.

Hyuuga Manor, Same day

Hinata, appearing to be 12 years old from the heavy clothing she wore, watched as all the Hyuuga clan ninjas popped silently from the sitting room.

"Wh—what's going o—on?" She asked her father.

"Your Itachi-kun, just slaughtered the Uchiha clan." Hiashi spat bitterly, as he pushed past her. Hinata shook her head before fleeing to her room.


She entered her room and closed the door, noticing a dark shadow in a corner of her room.

"Itachi-kun?" She stepped forwards. Itachi moved to stand before her.

"Hinata, I'm leaving."

"B—but you promised you wouldn't!" she cried, wrapping her arms around him tightly.

"A childhood promise can only stand for so long." He whispered sadly into her ear, "I only came to say a last good bye."


Itachi leaned forwards and pushed his dry, parched lips against her forehead. "Come find me." He murmured into her ear before disappearing from her arms.

Hinata threw herself onto her bed sobbing into her pillow. It wasn't the smell of blood or the fact he had just murdered his entire family. It was the fact that he left her that made her cry the hardest.

Fire country forest area

Itachi pushed himself to run as far as he could. Pushing every ounce of chakra he could reach into his legs. He could feel, it seemed, twenty stitches in each side; his breathing was harsh and ragged. His legs gave out and he collapsed in front of a small cabin with black curtains. The door opened curiously.

"Hinata—chan," He gasped, "Come find me..." His head fell forwards, landing on the ground as he fell into unconsciousness.

Prologue End

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