FaD ch 4

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"..." Talking

It burns! Thoughts

Day and place scene change


"If you aren't remembered, then you never existed."


Story start:

Hinata and Itachi sat beside each other close to the fire. Her shoulder resting on his. Kisame lay on the other side pretending to sleep.

"Ita-kun…do you remember—"

"I've never forgotten." Itachi interrupted.

"Let me reminisce will you." Hinata punched his arm playfully. He nodded with a small serene smile. An expression he hadn't worn in years.

"Do you remember the koi babies?" She looked at him, he nodded, "Well, they grew up…had babies, and then one of them got sick. We had to kill it, but I was scared that if we killed the mother the babies wouldn't survive. But they pulled through. It reminded me of how I was feeling about you." Hinata finished in the barest of whispers.

"How were you feeling?" Itachi was curious now.

"I felt like I was going to die, without you to keep me steady, I let myself waste away for two years. I only ate the barest of portions and Otou-san got mad at me all the time. He'd yell…but I wouldn't listen. And then I realized, that if I ever wanted to find you, like you told me to do, then I'd have to survive, I'd have to live. And so, thinking of you is what brought me here like this today." She finished with a smile.

"You idiot." Itachi murmured, Hinata looked hurt. "Why would you do that? I've always been with you! Maybe not physically, but I have always been with you." He said forcefully.

Hinata looked away, moving to get a cup for tea. Itachi pushed her down before she could.

"I have always been right here, just as you always have been for me." He held his hand over her heart and took hers and held it over his heart. She started nodding, thick tears sliding down her cheeks. Itachi's eyes widened marginally and he grabbed her into his arms and held her.

Hinata clutched onto his cloak and cried into his chest. "I-I know…I wa-was stup-stupid." She hiccupped. Soon she fell asleep against him, her tears drying.

"You were never the stupid one." He whispered into the tiny shell attached to the side of her head before he leaned against a tree and kept his gaze on the fire.

Thursday, Konohagakure

Tsunade sat at her desk, staring out the large window at the red and orange sunset. Why a missing-nin Hinata-chan? She thought, tapping her fingers on her desk. Forgetting about her paper work. Her thoughts taking her to a few days before.

"What is it, Tsunade-sama?" Shikamaru asked lazily. He and Shino had been called in for an assignment.

Shino nodded slowly.

"I would like for you two to monitor Hyuuga Hinata. Do not take action. No attacking, even though she is with a missing-nin presumably an Akatsuki, this is purely to make sure Hinata is okay. I will give you one month, one check up to me two weeks into it, just to make sure she isn't being forced into anything, hurt, or taking part in any crimes. Report back two weeks after tomorrow and with the information you give me, I will tell you what to do from there." Tsunade had her hands crossed in front of her face, a harsh expression on her pretty features.

Shikamaru nodded before saying, "I can understand why Shino would be chosen for this, but why me? I barely know her, and I wasn't on her team."

Tsunade nodded, "You, Shikamaru, for your tact and intelligence. Shino for his close relationship with Hinata."

Shino nodded "One of us will be here in two weeks." Before he disappeared from the room in a flurry of insects.

Shikamaru nodded again, "I understand Tsunade-sama." Before he left via the door.

Tsunade sighed. This was going to be a long month.

Somewhere by Hinata, Itachi, and Kisame

Nara Shikamaru watched astounded as he hid himself with a jutsu. Shino somewhere on the other side of the small campsite in a clearing. Tsunade had said "an" Akatsuki, meaning one, but in actuality, there were two. Itachi, murderer of the Uchiha clan and brother to the traitorous Uchiha Sasuke, was holding Hyuuga Hinata as she cried. And Hoshigaki Kisame slept on the other side of their fire, presumably sleeping.

What surprised him even more was Itachi cryptically saying, to the now sleeping Hinata, that he was stupid. When did a mass murderer and feared missing-nin call himself stupid?

Kisame stood up and looked at the cozy couple before stretching and walking into the forest. "Call of nature." He murmured to his two companions. He returned moments later with his arms crossed. "Itachi, get some sleep. You need it."

Itachi sighed and nodded. His eyes drooping shut as he quickly fell asleep.

Shikamaru's eyes widened as Kisame then looked over to his hiding place and behind him to where Shino must have been hiding. "You can come out now. Itachi might not have sensed you but I did when you two first started watching us."

Shino was the first to drop down from the trees, Shikamaru lazily dropped down after him.

"We're on a mission from Hokage-sama. To make sure Hyuuga Hinata is okay." Shikamaru stated with his hands in his pockets. Shino nodded in agreement.

"Obviously she's fine." Kisame grunted as he sat down and poked the fire with a stick.

"We are to monitor her for the month. To make sure she isn't forced into anything, she isn't committing crimes alongside you two, and to figure out for Hokage-sama, why she wanted to be labelled missing-nin." Shikamaru yawned and looked up at the sky. It was getting lighter, dawn soon.

"Well then, try not to be so careless in your hiding. Itachi is a better ninja'n me, and if in his right mind, would be able to sense you sooner then me." Kisame glared at them.

Shino and Shikamaru nodded and disappeared right before Hinata woke up.

She rubbed her eyes and looked over at Kisame. She crawled to the fire and set up the kettle.

"Fish-chan…I'm hungry." She murmured.

Kisame growled, but stood and disappeared from the clearing after telling her to stay on her guard.

Hinata ignored him and poured the water in her extra canteen into the kettle. As she waited for the water to boil, she wondered why she could sense Shino's chakra signature.


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