Oh em gee! Something that's NOT Naruto! Isn't THAT a shocker? Anywho, I recently became a Death Note'tard and after looking at Death Note fanart I was addicted. And um… Raito x L is good for your soul. No really. This takes place around the time where Raito and L are you know.. Chained up and all, and NO L will not… YOU KNOW. I'm not going to focus on the Kira case much either because I'm not smart enough to come up with interesting things to happen concerning the case.

Also, I don't like using honoriffics and suffixes and all that but I think it would be best if I kept it with L calling Raito "Yagami-kun".

Disclaima': Yes, I own Death Note. Raito and L are gay lovers. WHAT DO YOU THINK! GOSH!


Yagami Raito absolutely hated the mysterious detective known as L.

He hated how the man deeply suspected him of being the mass murderer, Kira, even though he had no proof. He hated how he paid attention to every damn move Raito committed, how he appeared so oblivious yet was one of the number one detectives out there. He hated how no one knew L's true name, why it was such a mystery. Why everything about the man was a mystery. He even hated the way he acted… the weird position he would sit in, the weird way he would constantly chew on his thumb… the way he would hold his cell phone and utensils. The way he would eat so many sweets, yet never gain a pound. His obliviousness. The way he would refer to Raito as, "Yagami-kun".

There wasn't anything to like about the bastard, in Yagami Raito's eyes.

"Geez, Ryuuzaki," Raito muttered. It was the middle of the night, and L was still on his computer, scrutinizing through documents of criminals and Kira suspects. "It's really late and I'm tired. I wanna go to bed."

"You can sleep right here if you want, Yagami-kun," the detective replied.

"Idiot. I'm not gonna sleep on a computer desk. Are you even tired?"

"No," said L, paying most of his attention on the computer in front of him. Raito's emerald eyes shifted over to the long handcuffs that linked him and Ryuuzaki together, then back to the brunette's face. L still suspected the dirty blonde of being Kira, even having months with just about no proof. At this point in time, he was about 37 percent sure. It was his gut that told him; his instinct. Because of this instinct, he had handcuffed him and the other man together, to keep an eye on Raito 24/7.

And Raito absolutely hated it. He had no privacy, and had to spend every waking minute with the detective. God forbid, they actually had to sleep in the same bed. And they would wake up in some of the most wacky positions sometimes. Many times, L wouldn't even sleep. He was an insomniac. Bags under his eyes and all.

Yet… sometimes it was comforting. It was sorta nice to spend time with someone other than yourself. Sort of. Being by yourself all the time could be rather lonely.

Raito rested his head on the computer desk and groaned. L blinked.

"I suppose we could go to bed now."

Raito paused for a second. Even though that's what they were really going to do, it just sounded plain weird. And wrong. He shrugged it off. "Thanks…"


This time, it was Raito who wasn't sleeping, and apparently sleep had taken L as victim. The brunette moved a lot in his sleep, which was keeping Raito awake. He was surprised at Ryuuzaki's slumber. Hadn't he put 10--- no, 11 sugar cubes in his coffee today?

Handcuffs clanking, Ryuuzaki shifted his arm across Raito's chest, his forehead in the crook of the dirty blonde's neck. Raito sweated. He really wanted to push the bastard off of him, but waking L up with his current position would be odd and troublesome indeed (a/n: I had a Shikamaru moment. I apologize). He sighed and closed his eyes once more, attempting to fall sleep again. After a few minutes of more shifting, turning, and the chain clinking, he eventually fell to a deep sleep.


Raito's emerald orbs opened slightly, and then closed again.


Raito groaned.


"What is it, Ryuuzaki…" Japan's number one student mumbled, his eyes opening slightly again to meet big black ones staring into his. "What?" he asked in annoyance.

"Well, I didn't wanna wake you up, but…" L began, his voice trailing off as Raito realized that Ryuuzaki's head was on his chest; Raito's hand enforcing it there by his warm hand on the detective's neck, his other his other hand up the back of the other man's shirt, on the heated, bare skin on his back. L's leg was wrapped around Raito, not to mention the chain binded them together even more.

"Err," Raito stuttered, the slightest (and I mean slightest) hint of a embarrassed blush on his cheeks.

"Sorry," L apologized.


They untangled themselves then. After a few moments, Ryuuzaki stood up and off the bed abruptly, scratching his right foot with the toenails of his left one; he was wearing the same thing he wore everyday, all the time: a white, long-sleeved plain shirt with a pair of baggy jeans. Of course, this made Raito get up as well. They were pretty much chained together, after all.

"Hey!" the Kira suspect protested. "Where do you think you're going? I was gonna try to get to sleep again!" You bastard, he thought.

"I was going to make some coffee."

Raito sighed inwardly. It was just like Ryuuzaki, making coffee as soon as he woke up. "Ryuuzaki, please. Aren't you still tired?"

"As a matter of fact, yes," L smiled. "That's why I'm making myself some coffee, Yagami-kun!" He also didn't want the same to happen twice in the same day.

The Kira suspect's eyes swayed to the side. "Please just un-cuff me. I'm not Kira. I just wanna atleast shower… WITHOUT you there."

Before he knew it, his feet had been walking themselves, following Ryuuzaki, and they were at the kitchen of the hotel. The detective was making his coffee.

"Have you even listened to a word I've said?" Raito yelled, a vein popping at his forehead.

"Huh? Oh," L laughed. "Sorry, no."

Raito was about to slug the bastard in the face, but refrained, knowing very well that his punch would be instantly returned by a kick, and an all-out fight would occur. And at this point, that would go best avoided. The duo took a seat at the nearby table, Ryuuzaki folding his legs to sit in that strange position as always, the tips of his toes hanging over the edge of his seat. Another thing that annoyed Raito.

"You know," the dirty blonde complained, tapping his fingers on the table. "It's really not fair -- my family being at home, living a normal life, all happy and comfy, while I'm stuck here, isolated with… you."

L had piled about six sugar cubes balancing on top of each other, on the rim of his coffee cup sloppily (how did he do that?). "I'm sorry Yagami-kun, but I need you under strict surveillance 100 percent of the time."

Raito sighed. He was not gonna get into the same argument he had everyday with the brunette.

The balanced sugar cubes then plopped into the murky drink. L picked up a nearby spoon in that strange L-ish way that he does and stirred his drink slowly. "We have some work to do today. Quite a lot," Ryuuzaki stated.

"Now, hold up!" Raito demanded. "It's Saturday! And it's the weekend before Christmas. It's only fair that I get to do normal-people things today; everyone else gets to!"

The detective took a sip of his coffee, his midnight eyes glancing at the dirty blonde curiously.

"Well, it is a week before Christmas. Since I've been stuck here with you and working on the Kira investigation, I haven't even had a chance to go Christmas shopping," Raito stated, tapping his fingers on the desk some more.

L took another sip. "What are you getting at, Yagami-kun?" he blinked.

"Christmas shopping, you dolt. I thought you were supposedly one of the smartest men in Japan."

"I didn't know you were one to go shopping," commented the detective.

"I'm not," Raito stated, "but I didn't last year, and my mom got pissed off at me because she thought I didn't care about my family… that's just like her, to overreact…"

L pressed his thumb to his lips thoughtfully. "I suppose… we could go… for a bit."

"It would just be a lot easier if you just uncuffed me from you."

"Let's not get carried away, Yagami-kun."


"This feels weird."


"Just the fact that we're riding the bus together… to go to the mall… to shop… together. It's just weird."

The bus made a few bumps, causing them to shake a little bit.

"I suppose it is, isn't it, Yagami-kun?" L smiled, half-chewing on his thumb. "You can't always have things they way you want."

"Nope…" Raito sweated, in irritation.

After a few moments of awkward silence, the bus stopped at a screeching halt. "Stop 7," the bus driver announced. "All passengers may leave the bus now."

"That's us, I guess," stated Raito. L nodded. Raito tried to ignore all the strange stares they were receiving from all the strangers around them. What was up with that chain? Was one of them a criminal or something? Were they gay sexual partners or something? L just seemed oblivious to all this unwanted attention, but Raito could feel the heat rising to his cheeks from it.

God, he thought. How could Ryuuzaki put me through all of this? I mean, it was my stupid idea to do this in the first place, but I had to get it done… the least he could of done is take off the goddamn chain in public.

Upon walking into the mall, they got even MORE stares, and Raito didn't even wanna think about what other people were thinking about the two. "Ryuuzaki."

"Yes, Yagami-kun?" L had actually bothered to put on some shoes; worn out and old, nonetheless.

"Just go along with what I'm going to do, okay?"

The dirty blonde pulled the slouching man into a corner inconspicuously.

"Yagami-kun?" asked a confused Ryuuzaki.

Raito rolled up all of the chain into his hand, but it was too much for his one hand to carry. So any part of the chain that cascaded out of his fingertips, he shoved into L's; making it appear that they were holding hands.

"Uhh…" L blinked. "What…? It look's like we're…"

"I know," said Raito. "But it's a better image than us walking around all chained up."

"I don't think I'm comfortable with this."

"Trust me, Ryuuzaki. People's thoughts would only be worse if it involved handcuffs. Besides, since when have you cared about what people think? What, with the way you act and all…"

"Isn't that what you're doing, Yagami-kun? Caring about what other people think?"

Raito groaned; L outsmarted him again.

"I suppose I'll go along with it, though," the detective shrugged off. He didn't really care all that much and the few free hours that he granted Raito, he should be able to do as he pleased.

"Thanks," said the dirty blonde. He nudged L a "let's go", and the slouching man complied.

They walked around for a few minutes, not exactly knowing what to do, trying not to pay attention as to whether people thought it was normal. Maybe they'd think one of them looked like a girl…?

…no way. Neither L or Raito looked like a girl.

"Where are we going?" asked the detective.

"Bookstore," Raito replied casually. "I'm just gonna get some cookbook for my mom or something, she'd like that."

"Are you going to get anything for Misa?"

Raito winced at the mention of her name. He wasn't even sure how or why he let her become his girlfriend anymore. "I don't know. I don't think so."

L pondered thoughtfully for a moment.

"Are you going to get anything for me?"

At that question, the dirty blonde was silenced. Would he buy something for the detective? After all, they did spend every waking second with the other. And after all that time working together on the case, they had gotten to know each other some more. Enough to reach the oh-gotta-buy-him-a-Christmas-present status?

"Well," L smiled. "I'm going to buy something for you, Yagami-kun."

The honor student stared at the other man, in awe. "Why would you do that…?" he laughed nervously.

"I've told you this before. You're my only friend!" stated Ryuuzaki cheerfully, not a hint of sadness in his voice.

Raito gave him a look of sympathy. Yet… he could relate. I mean, back at school, Raito sure had a lot of pals. And he was quite the lady's man, so he never had a problem in that field, either. He tightened the grip on his hand, just a smidge. He never really had any real friends who liked him for him. "Well…" he scratched the back of his head. "What would you even want?"

"Oh, there's nothing I'd really want. It would tell me if you've come to terms with me and accepted me, though," said L casually.

"You really… want to just get along with me, don't you?"

"It would be nice."

Raito was unsure of what to say at this point, and they were already at the bookstore. Before things got awkward, the duo were greeted by a

"Raito!" screamed an annoyingly high-pitched voice. "Misa can't believe that she bumped into Raito here!" exclaimed a certain blonde girl that ran in front of the two, walking backwards and smiling widely. "You too, Ryuuzaki." She glanced down at their clasped hands. "Gasp! Wah! Ryuuzaki, what are you doing? Raito can only do that with Misa!" she declared with a cry.

"Chill out, Misa," Raito sighed. "We're just hiding the chain."

"Ohhh," Misa understood. "Misa wishes Raito was chained to her instead!"

"I'm sure…" Raito sweated in annoyance.

"What brings Misa here?" asked L.

"Oh, just Christmas shopping! And Misa got something extra-special for Raito, too!" Misa cried, pinching one of Raito's cheeks as he winced (sorry… I REALLY hate Misa).

"Yagami-kun is Christmas shopping too!" smiled Ryuuzaki.

"Is Raito getting something extra-special for Misa?" the blonde asked, as she clasped her fishnetted hands together, her eyes turning starry.

"Uh… yeah…" lied Raito.

"Really? Really? What is it!"

"That's a surprise," said Raito as he turned around leaving the bookstore quickly, trying to get away from her.

"Goodbye Raito! Misa can't wait to see her gift from you!" she waved anxiously.

"What about the present for your mother?" the detective questioned as he was being dragged away.

"That can wait," Raito began, "AFTER that girl leaves."





Raito winced. "What, Ryuuzaki?"

"I don't like this."

About an hour had passed since their encounter with Misa, and after she had left, Raito went and purchased some stuff for his family. He bought a Gameboy Advanced game for his sister, Sayu, a PDA for his father (trust me, someone with an education such as Raito MUST have dough), and of course, the cookbook for his mother. Misa? Um… she wasn't getting a present. As for L? What was he going to do for L? What would someone like L even want? What was L gonna do for him? Now, they were sitting together in a food court, eating some hamburgers from the Wendy's there.

"Huh?" uttered Raito, snapping out of it.

"I don't like this."

"Don't like what?"

"This. I don't really like food without sugar," L stated, referring to his hamburger.

"You're really picky," the dirty blonde sighed. "Can't you just eat it? I was nice and paid for it for you."

"That depends. Is there dessert?"

"That would waste even more money!"

"Not exactly, because I'd eat it."


Uh.. Hmm. I have no idea where this is going. Big surprise. Nothing really happens here except Raito and L spending a little quality time. Don't worry, the story will pick up eventually, just sit tight. Also, I'm not really expecting a lot of feedback from this seeing as how the Death Note doesn't have too much feedback at all. This is kind of starting off like my sasunaru (Naruto) fic except it's not going to focus around Christmas. I suppose the idea was kind of dumb, but... deal. It wasn't even gonna include Christmas at first but since Christmas is near I figured I'd put that in. OH WELL!